Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Thomas S. und Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: RATTLE- Sequence Album

01. RATTLE- signals
v.A. "Sequence" (Up The Rhythm 2018)
02. PRIESTS- 68 screen
v.A. "The Seduction of Kansas" (Sister Polygon Records 2019)
03. EX HEX- diamond drive
v.A. "It´s Real" (Merge 2019)
04. THE STROPPIES- nothing at all
05. THE STROPPIES- first-hand favourites
06. THE STROPPIES- pen name
alle v.A. "Whoosh" (Tough Love 2019)

07. CHRIS COHEN- green eyes
08. CHRIS COHEN- sweet william
beide v.A. "s/t" (Captured Tracks 2019)
09. HELADO NEGRO- please won´t please
10. HELADO NEGRO- imagining what to do
11. HELADO NEGRO- pais nublado
alle v.A. "This Is How You Smile" (RVNG INTL. 2019)

12. ROMPERAYO- maquino landero
13. ROMPERAYO- ay que pulguita
beide v.A. "Que Jue?" (Souk Records 2019)
14. CHUPAME EL DEDO- metalero
15. CHUPAME EL DEDO- bolilo cafre
beide v.A. "No Te Metas Con Satan" (Souk Records 2019)
16. FAUSTY AMOA MABILA- nosonayine
18. LINDA AYUPUKA- ndaana e'era ymah
alle v. Compilation "This Is FraFra Power" (Makkum 2019)

19. GRUP SES (with Ethnique Punch)- katastrof
20. GRUP SES (with Ethnique Punch)- hayda
21. GRUP SES (with Ethnique Punch)- vesaireler
22. GRUP SES- kulustur (instrumental version)
23. GRUP SES- delidivane (instrumental version)
alle v.A. "Deli Divan" (Souk Records 2019)
24. RATTLE- disco
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