Tributes und Neuveröffentlichungen mit Thomas S. und Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: 75 DOLLAR BILL- I Was Real (Tak:til 2019)

01.PURPLE MOUNTAINS- all my happiness ist gone***
02. PURPLE MOUNTAINS- darkness and cold
beide v.A. "s/t" (Drag City 2019)
03. SILVER JEWS- secret knowledge of backroads
von der EP "The Arizona Record" (Drag City 1993)
04. ROKY ERICKSON- you´re gonna miss me***
05. ROKY ERICKSON- stand for the fire demon
beide v.A. "Demon Angel: A Day And Evening with Roky Erickson" (Texas Records 1994)
06. 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS- earthquake
v.A. "Easter Everywhere" (International Artists 1967)

07. SEBADOH- celebrate the void
08. SEBADOH- follow the breath
beide v.A. "Act Surprised" (Dangerbird 2019)
09. SEBADOH- rebound
10. SEBADOH- not a friend
11. SEBADOH- careful
all von der "4 Song EP" (Domino 1994)

12. GIRL FRIDAY- headstones
13. GIRL FRIDAY- lullaby no.13
beide von der EP "Fashin Conman" (Hardly Art 2019)
14. HOLE- teenage whore
v.A. "Pretty On The Inside" (City Slang 1991)
14. BLEACHED- heartbeat away
15. BLEACHED- shitty ballet
beide v.A. "Doni t You Think You´ve Had Enough" (Dead Oceans 2019)

16. JULIA SHAPIRO- perfect version
17. JULIA SHAPIRO- i lied
beide v.A. "Perfect Version" (Hardly Art 2019)
18. MEGA BOG-for the old world
19. MEGA BOG- i hear you listening to the bug on the wall
20. MEGA BOG- spit in the eye of the fire king
alle v.A. "Dolphine" (Paradise of Bachelors 2019)

21. RENALDO & THE LOAF- lime jelly grass
22. RENALDO & THE LOAF- a medical man
23. RENALDO & THE LOAF- Bali whine
24. RENALDO & THE LOAF- Kimbolton gnome song
alle von der DoLP "Songs For Swinging Larvae & Songs From The Surgery" (Editions Mego 2019)
25. BUNTE TRUPPE- umbra gebrannt
26. BUNTE TRUPPE- krapplack
beide v.A. "Träumen ohne Dinge" (Play Loud! 2019)