Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Thomas S. und Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: RICHARD SKELTON- Border Ballads (Corbel Stone Press 2019)


01. MOVING TARGETS- less than gravity
v.A. "Burning in water" (Taang! 1986)
02. MOVING TARGETS- fear of god
04. MOVING TARGETS- turn it on
alle v.A. "Wires" (Boss Tuneage 2019)

05. THE GOTOBEDS- calquer the hound
06. THE GOTOBEDS- 2:15
07. THE GOTOBEDS- debt begins at 30
08. THE GOTOBEDS-on loan
alle v.A. "Debt begins at 30" (Sub Pop 2019)
09. VERSING- offering
10. VERSING- tethered
11. VERSING- in mind
alle v.A. "10000" (Hardly Art 2019)

12. BODEGA- how did this happen?
v.A. "Endless Scroll" (What´s Your Rupture? 2018)
13. BODEGA- shiny new model
von der EP "Shny new model" (What´s Your Rupture? 2019)
14. B BOYS- cognitive dissonance
15. B BOYS- automation
beide v.A. "Dudu" (Captured Tracks 2019)
17. TROPICAL FUCK STORM- the planet of straw men
18. TROPICAL FUCK STORM- braindrops
alle v. A. "Braindrops" (Joyful Noise 2019)

19. TRUPA TRUPA- dream about
20. TRUPA TRUPA- another day
beide v.A. "Of the sun" (Glitterbeat 2019)
21. THE FLAMING LIPS- the sparrow
22. THE FLAMING LIPS- electric fire
23. THE FLAMING LIPS- all for the life of the city
alle v.A. "King´s Mouth" (Bella Union 2019)
24. MAJOR STARS- spun around
v.A. "Roots of confusion seeds of joy" (Drag City 2019)