Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Thomas S. und Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: A Winged Victory For The Sullen- The Undivided Five (Album)


01. CRAVEN FAULTS- deipkier
02. CRAVEN FAULTS- slack sley & temple
beide v.A. "Erratics & Uncomformities" (Leaf Label 2020)
03. A WINGED VICTORY...- the undivided five
v.A. "The Undivided Five" (Ninja Tune 2019)
04. RICHARD SKELTON- kist and ark
05. RICHARD SKELTON- fair shining
beide v.A. "Border Ballads" (Corbel Stone Press 2019)

06. MARTINA BERTONI- impossible routines
v.A. "All The Ghosts Are Gone" (Falk 2020)
07. KALI MALONE- spectacle of ritual
v.A. "The Sacrifical Code" (IDEAL Recordings 2019)
08. ADAM CONEY- brute love
09. ADAM CONEY- pavilion
10. ADAM CONEY- siren
alle v.A. "Pavilion" (Trestle 2019)

11.RICHARD YOUNGS & RAUL REFREE- a time is an avalanche
v.A. "Hands Around The Moment" (Soft Abuse 2019)
12. OHIO- ohio
v.A. "Upward, Broken, Always" (12K 2019)
13. STEVEN R. SMITH- over the woods
14. STEVEN R. SMITH- theme 1
15. STEVEN R. SMITH- awake
alle v.A. "The Loss Of What We Keep" (Worstward 2019)

16. ULAAN KHOL- the great aviary
17. ULAAN KHOL- latrans
18. ULAAN KHOL- above the arbor
alle v.A. "Collapsing Hymns" (Worstward 2019)