"Alte Helden richtig gut - Beinstellrock - Kosmisches - Concrète - Beautiful Indieambient - Schleppendes Geschäbber"

mit Reiner Bös

01. THE FEELIES- loveless love
v.A. "Crazy rhythms" (Stiff 1980)
02. THE FEELIES- nobody knows
03. THE FEELIES- time is right
04. THE FEELIES- when you know
alle v.A. "Here before" (Bar/None 2011)

05. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- arrowed pierced egg-man
06. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- beak holding letter-man
07. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- hammering castle bird-man
08. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- antlered-man
09. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- thisle headed-man
alle v.A. "Hyphenated-man" (Clenchedwrench 2011)

10. JOAN OF ARC- i saw the messed binds of...
v.A. "Life like" (Polyvinyl 2011)
11. PONYTAIL- easy peasy
12. PONYTAIL- honey touches
13. PONYTAIL- awayway
alle v.A. "Do whatever you want all the time" (We Are Free 2011)
14. PEAKING LIGHTS- birds of paradise dub version
v.A. "936" (Not Not Fun 2011)
15. MIST- mist house
v.A. "House" (Spectrum Spools 2011)

16. JOHANNES HELDEN- soft news
v.A. "Title sequence" (Ideal Recordings 2011)
17. NICOLAS BERNIER- les chambres de l´atelier
v.A. "Usure.payage" (Hrönir 2011)
18. M.OSTERMEIER- harp
v.A. "Chance reconstruction" (Tench 2010)

19. M.OSTERMEIER- streambed arrangement
20. M.OSTERMEIER- sunlight on my desk
21. M.OSTERMEIER- i took out your picture
alle v.A. "The rules of another small world" (Tench 2011)
22. LÜÜP- roots growth
v.A. "Meadow rituals" (Experimedia 2011)
23. JESU- brave new world
v.A. "Ascension" (Hydra Head/Cobra Verde 2011)