"Stagnation - Tierische Klänge - Space u. Folk - Retroschein -
Früher war alles besser!?..."

01. EARTH- old black
v.A. "Angels of darkness, demons of light" (Southern Lord/USA´11)
02. GRAILS- all the colors of the dark
v.A. "Deep politics" (Temporary Residence/USA´11)
03. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- trempling hands
v.A. "Take care, take care, take care", Temp. Res./USA´11)
04. YOUNG WIDOWS- lean on the ghost
v.A. "In and out of youth and lightness (Temp. Res./USA´11)
05. MY DISCO- turn
v.A. "Little joy" (Temp. Res./USA´11)

06. AKRON/FAMILY- silly bears
07. AKRON/FAMILY- island
08. AKRON/FAMILY- another sky
09. AKRON/FAMILY- light emerges
alle v.A. "The cosmic birth and journey of Shinju TNT" (Dead Oceans/USA´11)
10. PANDA BEAR- you can count on me
v.A. "Tomboy" (Paw Tracks/USA´11)
11. JULIANNA BARWICK- prizewinning
v.A. "The magic place", Asthmatic Kitty/USA´11)

12. PJ HARVEY- written on the forehand
13. PJ HARVEY- the words that maketh murder
beide v.A. "Let england shake" (Island´11)
v.A. "Dorwytch" (Thrill Jockey/USA´11)
15. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- dawn, running home
v.A. "Asleep on the floodplain" (Drag City/USA´11)
16. IGNATZ- when the fall is all that is left
17. IGNATZ- streets & cars
beide v.A. "I hate this city" (Conspiracy/BEL´11)

18. METAL MOUNTAINS- the golden trees that shade us
v.A. "Golden Trees" (Amish/USA´11)
19. CRYSTAL STILTS- sycamore trees
20. CRYSTAL STILTS- prometheus at large
beide v.A. "In love with oblivion" (Fortuna Pop/UK´11)
21. DUM DUM GIRLS- there is a light that never goes out
v. CD-Single "He gets me hight" (Sub Pop/USA´11)
22. MOON DUO- when you cut
v.A. "Mazes" (Souterrain Transmissions/UK´11)