Wasteland 2010- Die Lieblinge mit
Peter, Martin u. Reiner Bös
Unterlegmusik: Dustin Wong- infinite love (Thrill Jockey)
01. THE SOFT PACK- answer to yourself (Lieblingslied von Reiner)
02. HEAD OF WANTASTIQUET- dead seas (Song v.Top5-Album von Martin)
03. JULIAN LYNCH- travellers (Top5-Album von Peter)
04. RICHARD SKELTON- remaindered (Top5-Album von Reiner)
05. ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE- in 0 (Top4 v. Martin)
06. GONJASUFI- klouds (Top4 v. Peter)
07. BARDO POND- don´t know about you (Top4 v. Reiner)
08. MV&EE- streams (Top3 v. Martin)
09. MOUNT KIMBIE- would know (Top3 v. Peter)
10. TAPE & BILL WELLS- fugue 1 (Top3 v. Reiner)
11. DEERHUNTER- don´t cry (Top2 v. Peter)
10. BELFI/GRUBBS/PILIA- onrushing cloud (Top2 v. Martin + Reiner)
11. BELFI/GRUBBS/PILIA- (Top2 v. Martin + Reiner)
12. KIM SALMON & THE SURREALISTS- kneel down... (Top1 v. Martin)
13. WOODS- death rattles (Top1 v. Peter)
14. SUN CITY GIRLS- holy ground (Top1 v. Reiner)
15. REAL ESTATE- out of tune (Lieblingslied v. Peter)
16. ULTRALYD- street sex (Lieblingslied v. Martin)
Peters Lieblingsplatten aus 2010:
01. WOODS- Echo lake (Woodsist)
02. DEERHUNTER- Halcyon digest (4AD)
03. MOUNT KIMBIE- crooks & lovers (Hot flush records)
04. GONJASUFI- A sufi and a killer (Warp)
05. JULIAN LYNCH- Mare (Old english spelling-bee)
06. WHITE DENIM- last day of summer (Self released)
07. BEST COAST- Crazy for you (Wichita)
08. WILD NOTHING- Golden haze EP (Captured Tracks)
09. PANTHA DU PRINCE- Black noise (Rough Trade)
10. SUN ARAW- On patrol (Not Not Fun)
01. KIM SALMON & THE SURREALISTS- Grand unifying theory (Low Transit)
02. BELFI/GRUBBS/PILIA- Onrushing cloud (Blue Chopsticks)
03. MV&EE- Liberty rose (Arbitrary Signs)
04. ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE- In 0 to infinity (Important)
05. HEAD OF WANTASTIQUET- dead seas (Conspiracy)
06. ULTRALYD- Inertiadrome (Rune Grammophon)
07. JEFRE CANTU-LESDESMA- Love is a stream (Type)
08. SUPERSILENT- 10 (Rune Grammophon)
09. BARDO POND- s/t (Fire)
10. SWANS- My father will guide me... (Young God)
01. SUN CITY GIRLS- Funeral mariarchi (Abduction)
02. BELFI/GRUBBS/PILIA- Onrushing cloud (Blue Chopsticks)
03. TAPE & BILL WELLS- Fugue (Immune)
04. BARDO POND- s/t (Fire)
05. RICHARD SKELTON- alles: A Broken Consort, Landings, Clouwbeck
06. THE BOATS- Sleepy insect music (Home Normal)
07. GONJASUFI- A sufi and a killer (Warp)
08. THE SOFT PACK- s/t (Heavenly)
09. MARNIE STERN- s/t (Souterrain Transmissions)
10. EVAN CAMINITI- West winds (3Lobed)
11. THE BOOKS- The way out (Temporary Residence)
12. NICOLAS BERNIER- String.Lines (Cronicá)
13. THE EX- Catch my shoe (Ex Records)
14. SUN KIL MOON- Admiral fell promises (Cobra Verde)
15. ULAAN KHOL- III (Soft Abuse)
16. DUSTIN WONG- Infinite love (Thrill Jockey)
17. SCOTT TUMA- Dandelion (Digitalis)
18. MUTTER- Singen, trinken, schiessen (DEG)
19. THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH- The wild hunt (Dead Oceans)
20. WHITE DENIM- the last day of summer (www.whitedenimmusic.com)
21. SUN ARAW- On patrol (Not Not Fun)
22. FENNESZ/DANIELL/BUCK- Knoxville (Thrill Jockey)
23. FERN KNIGHT- Castings (VHF)
24. DAVID PAUL GRODY- Fountain (Root Strata)
25. RIVULETS- Stray songs (www.rivulets.net)