Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: Album von MEITEI- Kofu (Kitchen Label 2020)


01. SNOW PALMS- atom dance
v.A. "Land Waves" (Village Green 2020)
02. BEN CHATWIN- snow crash
03. BEN CHATWIN- war of the ants
beide v.A. "The Hum" (Village Green 2020)
04. RUTGER HOEDERMAEKERS- the invention of the moon
v.A. "The Age of Oddities" (130701/FatCat 2021)
05. LJUDVÄGG- skeppsra
06. LJUDVÄGG- ackord
beide v.A. "Transformation" (Lamour Records 2020/21)

07. CHUCK JOHNSON- constellation
v.A. "The Cinder Grove" (Tak:til/Glitterbeat 2021)
08. MICHAEL SCOTT DAWSON- quality of hope
09. MICHAEL SCOTT DAWSON- the imperfectionist
v.A. "Nowhere, middle of" (We Are Busy Bodies 2020)
10. MARY LATTIMORE- silver ladders
11. MARY LATTIMORE- til a mermaid drags you under
beide v.A. "Silver Ladders" (Ghostly International 2020)

v.A. "Landwerk" (No Quarter 2020)
13. NATHAN SALSBURG- VII (No Quarter 2020)
14. THE NOTWIST- into love/stars
15. THE NOTWIST- exit strategy to myself
16. THE NOTWIST- loose ends
alle v.A. "Vertigo Days" (Alien Transistor/Morr Music 2021)

17. MIDNIGHT SISTER- elevator song
18. MIDNIGHT SISTER- dearly departed
19. MIDNIGHT SISTER- wednesday baby
alle v.A. "Paininting the roses" (Jagjaguwar 2021)

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