Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Gast Martin S.

Unterlegmusik: BENJAMIN FINGER- Auditory Colors (KrysaliSound 2021)

01. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY- cracks in my smile
02. ELVENTH DREAM DAY- a case to carry on
beide v.A. "Since Grazed" (Comedy Minus One 2021)
03. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY & MATT SWEENEY- make worry for me***
beide v.A. "Superwolves" (Drag City 2021)
05. FACS- general public***
06. FACS- present tense***
beide v.A. "Present Tense" (Trouble in Mind 2021)

07. ADULKT LIFE- taking hits
08. ADULKT LIFE- flipper
09. ADULKT LIFE- new curfew
alle v.A. "Book of Curses" (What´s Your Rupture? 2020)
10. BODY METTA- bullitt***
v.A. "The Work is slow" (Hausu Mountain 2021)
11. TROJAN PANDA- sylvie coiffure
12. TROJAN PANDA- christus der uns selig macht
beide v.A. "Peau" (Carton Records 2021)

13. ROSE CITY BAND- silver roses***
v.A. "Earth Trip" (Drag City 2021)
14. LEWSBERG- left turn
15. LEWSBERG- cold light of day
beide v.A. "In This House" (12XU 2020)
16. THE REDS, PINKS AND PURPLES- don´t ever pray in the church...***
17. THE REDS, PINKS AND PURPLES- the record player and the damage done***
beide v.A. "Uncommon Weather" (Tough Love 2021)

18. LOS PIRANAS- lambada de ocean
19. LOS PIRANAS- todos tenemos
beide v.A. "Infame Golpazo En Keroxen!" (Discrepant 2021)
20. BIRDS OF MAYA- please come in***
v.A. "Valdez" (Drag City 2021)
21. KARKHANA- nafas
v.A. "Al Azrayqayn" (Karl Records 2021)
22. CERAMIC DOG- they met in the middle***
v.A. "Hope" (Enja & Yellowbirds 2021)

*** ausgewählt von Martin

nächstes Wasteland am 13.08.21