Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.


Erste Stunde- Room40 Label-Spezial:

01. NASTURTIUM- i remember everything...
v.A. "Please Us" (2021)
02. ZANE TROW- phase shift
v.A. "Why Echoes?" (2021)
03. LAWRENCE ENGLISH- the jungle
v.A. "A Mirror Holds The Sky" (2021)
04. YANN NOVAK- the ecstasy of annihilation
v.A. "Lifeblood Of Light And Rapture" (2021)
05. SCANNER- comus
06. SCANNER- drones places 02
beide v.A. "Earthbound Transmission" (2021)

07. MEGAN ALICE CLUNE- the worst coffee in the best cup
08. MEGAN ALICE CLUNE- the chance of a thunderstorm
beide v.A. "If You Do" (2021)
09. LAWRENCE ENGLISH- a binding
v.A. "Observation Of Breath" (Hallow Ground 2021)
10. HEXA- hallucination liturgy
v.A. "Material Interstices"

---Ende Room40-Spezial---

11. LIARS- slow and turn inward
12. LIARS- sekwar
13. LIARS- big appetite
v.A. "The Apple Drop" (Mute 2021)
14. SPRINGTIME- will to power
15. SPRINGTIME- the viaduct love suicide
beide v.A. "s/t" (Joyful Noise 2021)

16. MESS ESQUE- wake up to yesterday
17. MESS ESQUE- jupiter
beide v.A. "s/t" (Drag City 2021)
18. DEERHOOF- be unbarred, o ye gates of hell
19. DEERHOOF- department of corrections
20. DEERHOOF- divine comedy
alle v.A. "Actually, You Can" (Joyful Noise 2021)