Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.


01. PAN AMERICAN- just a story
02. PAN AMERICAN- outskirts, dreamlit
beide v. A. "The Patience Finder" (Kranky 2022)
03. THOMAS BEDNARCZYK- underwater kalimba
04. THOMAS BEDNARCZYK- a man with a bagpipe
beide v.A. "Windy Weather Always Make Me Think Of You" (12K 2022)

05. PARK JIHA- sunrise: a song of two humans
06. PARK JIHA- light way
07. PARK JIHA- restlessly towards
alle v.A. "The Gleam" (Glitterbeat 2022)

08. AGATE ROLLINGS- standing on the railway bridge...
09. AGATE ROLLINGS- motionless in meadows of ruin...
10. AGATE ROLLINGS- wandering through the city desert...
alle v.A. "Meantime/Elsewhere" (Midira 2022)

11. SAINT ABDULLAH- chiasmatic relations
12. SAINT ABDULLAH- glamour factory
beide v.A. "Inshallahlaland" (Room40 2022)
13. STEVE RODEN- stars of ice
v.A. "Stars of Ice" (Room40)
14. OLIVIA BLOCK- axiolite
15. OLIVIA BLOCK- laika
16. OLIVIA BLOCK- great northern, 34428
alle v.A. "Passage in the Territorial Sea" (Room40)

Nächste Wasteland-Sendung am 15.04.22