Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: TAYLOR DEUPREE- Harbor (12k 2022)

01. GLENN JONES- forsythia
02. GLENN JONES- bass harbor head
03. GLENN JONES- each crystal pane of glass
04. GLENN JONES- away
alle v.A. "Vade Mecum" (Thrill Jockey 2022)
05. DANIEL BACHMAN- rappahannock river rag
06. DANIEL BACHMAN- amazing grace
beide v.A. "Lonesome Weary Blues" (3Lobed Recordings 2022)

07. JULIA REIDY- loom
08. JULIA REIDY- ajar
09. JULIA REIDY- world in world
alle v.A. "World in World" (Black Truffle 2022)
10. IMARHAN- achinkad
11. IMARHAN- assossam
12. IMARHAN- adar newlan
alle v.A. "Aboogi" (City Slang 2022)
13. AL-QASAR- awal
v.A. "Who are we?" (Glitterbeat 2022)

14. MICE PARADE- crystalline
15. MICE PARADE- bushwick & knoll
16. MICE PARADE- could this be anywhere
alle v.A. "Lapopa" (Bubblecore 2022)
17. PET FOX- settle even
18. PET FOX- only warning
beide v.A. "A face in your life" (Exploding in Sound 2022)
19. OVLOV- eat more
20. OVLOV- the wishing well
beide v.A. "Buds" (Exploding in Sound 2021)

21. WORST PARTY EVER- prism on a window
22. WORST PARTY EVER- provenance
23. WORTS PARTY EVER- beautiful out
alle v.A. "Dartland" (No Sleep 2021)
24. THE PROMISE RING- is this thing on?
v.A. "Nothing feels good" (Jade Tree 1997)