Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: RUSS YOUNG- Cloak (Audiobulb 2023)


01. NYTE SKYE- dream state
02. NYTE SKYE- guided by a hand
beide v.A. "Vanishing" (Sonic Ritual 2023)
03. AVEY TARE- lips at night
04. AVEY TARE- neurons
beide v.A. "7s" (Domino 2023)
05. THIS IMMORTAL COIL- where are you?
06. THIS IMMORTAL COIL- going up
beide v.A. "The World Ended A Long Time Ago" (Ici D´Ailleurs 2022)

07. THE DECLINING WINTER- really early, really late
v.A. "Really Early, Really Late" (Home Assembly Music 2023)
08. HOOD- home is where it hurts
v. EP "Home Is Where It Hurts" (Domino 2001)
09. BRACKEN- 4
10. BRACKEN- 6
beide v.A. "Raking Light" (


11. MEGAN ALICE CLUNE- a flash in the pan
12. MEGAN ALICE CLUNE- mountaineer
alle v.A. "Furtive Glances" (Room40 2023)
14. SIMON SCOTT- the black fens
15. SIMON SCOTT- whittlesea mere
beide v.A. "Long Drove" (Room40 2023)
16. MATT RÖSNER- ripples on time
17. MATT RÖSNER- pulled back together
beide v.A. "Empty, Expanding, Collapsing" (Room40 2023)
18. ojeRum- vagnende jeg ser de dode
19. SCANNER- sleeping, I´m blind to life (Drifting Variation)
beide v.A. "Vagnende Jeg Ser De Dode" (Room40)

Nächste Wasteland-Sendung am 28.04.23