Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: REFREE- El Espacio Entre (Glitterbeat 2023)


01. THE DECLINING WINTER- the darkening way
02. THE DECLINING WINTER- song of the moor fire
03. THE DECLINING WINTER- project row houses
alle v.A. "Really Early, Really Late" (Home Assembly Music 2023)
04. DEATHCRASH- pirouette
05. DEATHCRASH- empty heavy
06. DEATHCRASH- turn
alle v.A. "Less" (Untitled 2023)

07. CODEINE- barely real
v. EP "Barely Real" (Sub Pop 1992)
08. SEAM- sweet pea
v. EP "Kernel" (City Slang 1993)

09. WEDNESDAY- bath county
10. WEDNESDAY- TV in the gas pump
11. WEDNESDAY- hot rotten grass smell
12. WEDNESDAY- formula one
alle v. A. "Rat Saw God" (Dead Oceans 2023)**

13. LOW- monkey***
v.A. "The Great Destroyer" (Rough Trade 2004)

14. DEERHOOF- my lovely cat!
15. DEERHOOF- the poignant melody
16. DEERHOOF- everybody, marvel
alle v.A. "Miracle-Level" (Joyful Noise 2023)

17. AROOJ AFTAB- to remain/to return
v.A. "Love In Exile" (Verve 2023)**
18. OGIVES- patience I-II
19. OGIVES- mighty pumpkin
beide v.A. "La Mémoire Des Orages" (Sub Rosa 2023)

**ausgewählt von Thomas
***R.I.P. Mimi Parker

Nächste Wasteland-Sendung am 12.05.23