Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: MEITEI- Kofu III (Kitchen Label 2023)


01. LEWSBERG- angle of reflection
02. LEWSBERG- communion
beide v.A. "Out And About" (12XU 2023)
03. YO LA TENGO- fallout
04. YO LA TENGO- aselestine
05. YO LA TENGO- brain capers
alle v.A. "This Stupid World" (Matador 2023)

07. THE SUNDAE PAINTERS- in came you
08. THE SUNDAE PAINTERS- serious eye
alle v.A. "Sundae Painters" (Leather Jacket Records 2023)
09. VINCENT H.L.- into the woods
10. VINCENT H.L.- golden sun
11. VINCENT H.L.- pile of dirt
alle v.A. "Golden Sun" ( 2023)

12. CUTICLES- mattress
13. CUTICLES- helping out my dad
14. CUTICLES- know not what
alle v.A. "Major Works" (Siltbreeze 2023)
15. JAZMINE MARY- dope
16. JAZMINE MARY- seagull
beide v.A. "Dog" ( 2023)

17. MEITEI- reimei
18. MEITEI- mange-kyo
19. MEITEI- yume-juya
20. MEITEI- heiwa
alle v.A. "Kofu III" (Kitchen Label 2023)
21. FOREST SWORDS- rubble
22. FOREST SWORDS- caged
23. FOREST SWORDS- the low
alle v.A. "Bolted" (Ninja Tune 2023)

24. ARTHUR CLEES- stay
25. ARTHUR CLEES- memoir
26. ARTHUR CLEES- solemn
alle v.A. "Stay, Temporary Home" (Macro 2023)
27. RIZOMAGIC- konimba
28. RIZOMAGIC- mas alla (ft. Montanera)
29. RIZOMAGIC- jobita (ft. Bejuco)
alle v.A. "Marimbitiaos" (Disasters By Choice 2023)