Von und mit Stefan Conrad

TheShangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Alice Cooper Band – Sun Arise

The Diodes – Red Rubber Ball

The Twiliters – Spellbound

Opal – Supernova

Kaleidoscope – (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion

Pink Floyd – See Emily Play

Ariel Pink – Plastic Raincoats In The Big Parade

The Direct Hits – She Really Didn´t Care

The Dentists – Flowers Around Me

The Miracle Workers – Already Gone

The Music Machine – The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly

Hamilton Streetcar – Invisible People

The Allah-Las – I Had It All

Faine Jade – It Ain´t True

Half Pint & The Fifths – Loving On Borrowed Time

The Rising Storm – Bright Lit Blue Skies

Nils – Der Drummer mit dem Holzbein

Angel – Little Boy Blue

So What - What You Do To Me

The Boys – She´s The Reason

Afterpartees – Power Animal

New Hearts – Just Another Teenage Anthem

The Speedometors – Tonight Tonight

The Talkies – In My Life

Chuzpe – Nervengas

PVC 2 – Put You In The Picture

Rich Kids – Rich Kids

Claus Ogerman - Nightmares

Trade Martin – Moanin

Eddie Carr & The Navajos – Evil Evil Knievel

Linda Carr & The Impossibles – I´m In Love With The Garbage Man

The Cramps – Garbage Man

Mickey Hawks _ Bip Bop Boom

Pretty Boy -  Bip Bop Bip

The Barracudas – Shades Of Today

J. J. Jackson – I Dig Girls



Samstag 4.4. LET IT ALL HANG OUT @ Dreikönigskeller mit den Deejays Kristen Aul (Disc-A-Go-Go) + Conni Thunders (Sophisticated Boom Boom/ radio x)