Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

Ricky Shayne - Uno Dei Mods

Little Bob Story - Hot & Sweaty

Phil Lynott - Ode To A Black Man

Mike Hudson & The Pagans - I Want A Date

Tits - Daddy Is My Pusher

Milk´n'Cookies - Not Enough Girls In The World

Starjets - Any Danger Love

The Reruns - So So Alone

The Last Words - Todays Kids

Eric Hysteric & The Esoterics - Dance & Sing

Der Durstige Mann - Sachsenhausen

The Simpletones - California

Cocks In Stained Satin - Cpt. Hebe And His Rubbercock Army

Eric Hysteric - Song aus Hawaii

Ronnie Spector - You Can´t Put Your Arms Around A Memory

Tim Buckley - Phantasmagoria In Two

The Monkees - As We Go

Gene Clark - The American Dreamer

Tucker Zimmerman - Children Of Fear

People - September´s Son

Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg - 69 Année Erotique

Francoise Hardy - Comment Tu Dire Adieu

Delphine - Les Prisons De Sa Majesté

Holy Wave - Do You Feel It

The American Four - Lucy Baines

Brunetta - Baluba Shake

Chubby Checker - Karate Monkey

The Cousins - Kana Kapila

The Moon Riders - Moon Beat

Lou Van Burg - Lumpi

The Utopias - Sally Bad

Miriam - You´ve Got A Habit Of Leaving

Johnny Noble - Lonely City