Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke & Sasafrass

Ingfried Hoffmann - Robbi, Tobbi & das Fliewatüt

Ramones - Spiderman

The Traits - Nobody Loves The Hulk

Problem - Vitaminer

The Hijackers - My Little Girl

Tages - I´ll Be Doggone

The Dahlmanns - Tomorrow Came Today

Lucy & The Rats - Pills

Motorgirl - Oh Jacky Take A Ride

Nimbus - Lollipop

So What - Why Can´t I See You Tonight

The Equals - Michael And The Slipper Tree

The Equals - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys

Scientists - Braindead (Resuscitated)

The Swingin´ Neckbreakers - I Live For Buzz

The Fleshtones - BYOB

Neil Diamond - You Got To Me

Miriam Linna & Nobody´s Babies - Get The Message

Barstool Kings - Wrong Side Of The River

The Good Family - Life Passes (And Old Fires Die)

Shawn Phillips - Looking Up Looking Down

Donovan - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)

Faine Jade - It Ain´t True

The Thanes - Before I Go

The Poets - Wooden Spoon

The Downliner´s Sect - Glendora

The Rockin´ Ramrods - Don´t Fool With Fu Manchu

Jimmy Johnson - Lone Ranger´s Gonna Get Married

Kenny Ottey - Main Drag Saturday Night

Roy Clark - Spooky Movies

Manfred Mann - Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble)

Spirit - I Got A Line

The Swingin´ Neckbreakers - You´re Lying