Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

Teenage Fanclub - December

The Lost Souls - Watcha Gonna Do

Pretty Thinhs - Rosaly<n

The Tell-Tale Hearts - Circus Mind

Pretty Things - Walking Through My Dreams

Andwellas Dream - The Days Grew Longer For Love

Orange Bicycles - Dropping Out

Yellow Balloon - Yellow Balloon

The Left Banke - Lazy Day

Sheila - L´Agent Secret

Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent man

Nancy Sinatra - Last Of The Secret Agents

Miriam Linna & Nobodys Babies - Get The Message

Zipps - Kicks & Chicks

Fred Neil - Bleeker & McDougal

Jackson C. Frank - My Name Is Carnival

Christopher & Michael - Wir Sind Am Ende

The Mistaken - Another Lost Heartache

Angry Samoans - Garbage Pit

Buzzcocks - You Say You Don´t Love Me

Pointed Sticks - Power Pop Santa

20/20 - Yellow Pills

Man Or Astroman? - Eisenhower & The Hippies

Payolas - Jukebox

Modernettes - Confidential

The Yobs - C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

The Nips - All The Time In The World

Eddie & The Hot Rods - All I Need Is Money

So What - Creepy Joe

The Rock & Roll Dubble Bubble Trading Card Co. Of Philadephia 19141 - Bubble Gum Music

Crazy Elephant - Dark Side Of My Mind

Tim Rose - Dimlight

The Blues Magoos - One By One

Baby Huey & The Babysitters - Monkey Man