Musik von heute:
Von Aphex Twin bis Laurel Halo, von Fela Kuti bis Chance The Rapper

Konzerttipp: Mount Kimbie, 28.11.2013, Zoom, FFM
Konzerttipp: Tricky, 3.12.2013, Zoom, FFM

1. Stunde

01.) Blitz The Ambassador: Internationally Known (ft Sarkodie). ("The Warm Up EP", 2013) Jakarta
02.) Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts: Hard to describe. "Impossible Rendevous EP", 2013) Meander
03.) Halvtrak: A thousand Years. ("Dust Und der The Bridge EP", 2013) Don'tBeAfraid
04.) Just A Mood: Question. ("Sunday Morning Question", 2013) TrapezLTD
05.) Aphex Twin: Xtal. (Comp "30 Years Of R & S Records", 1985/2013) R&S
06.) Laurel Halo: "Oneiroi". ("Chance Of Rain", 2013) Hyperdub
07.) Jaydee: Plastic Dreams. (Comp "30 Years Of R & S Records", 1992/2013) R&S
08.) Tiga vs Audion: Let's go Dancing (Maya Jane Cole's Dancing In The Deep RMX). ("Let's Go Dancing EP". 2013) Turbo
09.) Hubie Davison: Haven. ("I Won't Be There EP", 2013) LeisureSystem
10.) Harmonius Thelonious: The Grasshopper was the Witness (Elmore Judd & Rowan Park RMX). +
11.) Tempel Rytmik: Anagrama. +
12.) John Talabot: Without you. (Passage aus "John Talabot - DJ Kicks", 2013) !K7
13.) La Caravane du Maghreb: Saadi Belouali Jani (Thomas Mahmou - Arab Disco Dub RMX). (Comp "New German Ethnic Music - Immigrant's Songs Reworked", 2013) KaraokeKalk
14.) Tweak & Tony Allen: Leroy. (Comp "Bloc Party Tapes Mixed By Kele", 2013) !K7
15.) Fela Aniulapo Kuti & Afrika 70: Shuffering & Shmiling. (Comp "Bloc Party Tapes Mixed By Kele", 2013) !K7
16.) Spoek Mathambo & Zaki Ibrahim: Yellow Fever. (Comp "Red Hot + Fela", 2013) KnittingFactory

2. Stunde

17.) James Blake: Life round here (ft Chance The Rapper). (Single, 2013) Polydor
18.) Just A Band, Bajah & Chance The Rapper: Gentleman. (Comp "Red Hot + Fela", 2013) KnittingFactory
19.) Chance The Rapper: Favorite Song (ft Childish Gambino). ("Acid Rap", 2013) chanceraps.com
20.) DJ Rashad: Show U How (ft Spinn). ("Double Cup", 2013) Hyperdub
21.) Betty Wright: Clean Up Woman. (Single, 1971) Atlantic
22.) Simba & Milton Gulli: Excursions. ("The Heroes - Tribute To A Tribe", 2013) BBE
23.) JGYB: Sun Soaked. ("Money/Sun Soaked EP", 2013) Container
24.) Ital Tek: Ultra. ("Control", 2013) PlanetMu
25.) Mount Kimbie: You Took Your Time (Oneman RMX ft Jeremiah Jae). ("CSFLY Remixes EP", 2013) Warp
26.) Tricky: Is that your Life (Remix). (Single, 2013) FalseIdols
27.) DAT Politics & The Soft Pink Truth: Hold that Pose (My Mother told me). ("Powermoon", 2013) Tigerbeat6
28.) M.I.A.: aTENTion. ("Matangi", 2013) Interscope
29.) Young Fathers: Low. (Single, 2013) BigDada
30.) Jonwayne: The Come Up Pt.1 (ft Scoop Deville). ("Rap Album One", 2013) Stones Throw
31.) Wiley: Numbers in Action (Sticky RMX). (Comp "Bloc Party Tapes Mixed By Kele", 2013) !K7
32.) Space Echo: Soul Power (Radio Edit). (Split-EP "Manhooker / Space Echo", 2013) LuvShack