Musik von heute:
In the Aftermath of WM-Moderationen: Wenig reden. Keine Emotionen.

1. Stunde

01.) Tuccinelli: Tempo Libre. ("Solo Un Delay EP", 2014) MusicForDreams
02.) Niobe: Spin the Ball. ("Child Of Paradise", 2014) Onglagoo
03.) Ricardo Tobar: Garden (Bass Clef RMX): ("Hundreds/GardenEP", 2014) Desire
04.) Zoltan: Pardon, what? (Pardon, What? EP", 2014) Hum+Buzz
05.) Cromie: Flan (Suzanne Kraft's Stopandgopercussivephase Mix). ("Inner Knows EP", 2014) Peach
06.) Efdemin: Some Kind of Up and Down Yes (Asusu RMX). ("Decay Versions Part 1 EP", 2014) Dial
07.) Fritz Wentink: Sauce (ft Loes Jongerling). ("Family Dinner EP", 2014) Heist
08.) Jungle: The Heat. ("Jungle", 2014) XL/Beggars
09.) Lone: Restless City. ("Reality Testing", 2014) R&S
10.) Bryan Kessler: New York, Baby. ("New York, Baby EP", 2014) GetPhysical
11.) Abe Duque: What happened? ("Body Of Work", 2004/2014) AbeDuque
12.) Nightmares On Wax: Gambia via Vagator Beach (Mr Scruff RMX). ("N.O.W. Is The Time - Deep Down Edition", 2014) Warp

2. Stunde

13.) Nightmares On Wax: 70s 80s. ("N.O.W. Is The Time - Nightmares By Night", 2003/2014) Warp
14.) DJ Vadim: Originate it (ft Dynamite MC). ("Dubcatcher", 2014) BBE
15.) Answer Code Request: Blue Russian. ("Code", 2014) OstgutTon
16.) Niobe: James. ("Child Of Paradise", 2014) Onglagoo
17.) Copeland: Advice to young Girls (ft Actress). ("Because I'm Worth It", 2014) Unknown
18.) Kode9 ft Copeland: Lies Lies Lies. (Comp "Hyperdub 10.2", 2014) Hyperdub
19.) Cooly G: Obsessed. (Comp "Hyperdub 10.2", 2014) Hyperdub
20.) Fhloston Paradigm: Never defeated (ft Rachel Claudio). ("The Phoenix", 2014) Hyperdub
21.) Martyn: Love of Pleasure (ft Copeland). ("The Air Between Words", 2014) NinjaTune
22.) Lone: Stuck. ("Reality Testing", 2014) R&S
23.) Venetian Snares: Amazon. ("My Love Is A Bulldozer", 2014) PlanetMu
24.) Sean Piñeiro: After Six Minutes. ("Saved Once Twice", 2014) Ki-Records
25.) Shanghai Den: Sun. ("RS1407 EP", 2014) R&S
26.) The Knife: Bird (Shaken Up Version). ("Shaken Up Versions", 2014) Rabid
27.) Jose M. & TacoMan ft. Markomas: Veces Algunas. ("Atravez EP") Trapez