Musik von heute:
Die kratzigen Komplexen, die milden Ausgereiften und die ewigen Sonderlinge.

(Konzerttipp: 25.10.: The/Das, Zoom, FFM)

1. Stunde

01.) Kalimist: Tha Shit Remix (ft The D.O.C. & MC Ren). ("Kalimist K Boog", 2014) RawTapesRecords
02.) James Moor: The Spirits. (Comp "Spirits EP", 2014) MusicForDreams
03.) Kode9 & The Spaceape: Devil is a Liar. ("Killing Season EP", 2014) Hyperdub
04.) Sun Ra And His Astro Infinity Arkestra: Somebody Else's World. (Comp "Marshall Allen presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra - In The Orbit Of Ra", 2014) Strut
05.) Flying Lotus: Coronus, the Terminator. ("You're Dead", 2014) Warp
06.) Bernholz: The Modernist. ("How Things Are Made", 2014) AntiGhostMoonRayRecords
07.) Peaking Lights: New Grrrls. ("Cosmic Lights", 2014) WeirdWorld/Domino
08.) The 2 Bears: Run Run Run. ("The Night Is Young", 2014) SouthernFried
09.) The 2 Bears: Not This Time. ("The Night Is Young", 2014) SouthernFried
10.) Erlend Oye: Lies become part of who you are. ("Legao", 2014) BubblesRecords
11.) Caribou: Second Chance (ft Jessy Lanza). ("Our Love", 2014) CitySlang
12.) Baba Stiltz: Sun Dance. ("Total", 2014) StudioBarnhus
13.) Graze: Thundare. ("Coax EP", 2014) NewKanada

2. Stunde

14.) Timoka: Mrs Carpenter. ("Tulgey", 2014) Holger
15.) Lukid: La Cucaracha. ("Crawlers EP", 2014) LiberationTechnologies
16.) Spurz: Black Locks. ("Urban Deity", 2014) TessierAshpool
17.) Prince: Breakfast can wait. ("Art Official Age", 2014) Warner
18.) Paul White: Numbers of Change. ("Shaker Notes", 2014) R&S
19.) Egokind & Ozean: Everytime you smile. ("Transition", 2014) Traum
20.) Flying Lotus: Dead Man's Tetris (ft Captain Murphy & Snoop Dogg). ("You're Dead", 2014) Warp
21.) Wiley: On a Level. (Single, 2014) BigDada
22.) Kalimist: Mo Bounce to Westward Ho. ("Kalimist K Boog", 2014) RawTapesRecords
23.) Sun Ra And His Myth Science Orchestra: Interplanetary Music. (Comp "Marshall Allen presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra - In The Orbit Of Ra", 2014) Strut
24.) Raudive: Last (Al Tourettes & Appleblim RMX). (Comp "Universal Quantifier", 2014) Halocyan
25.) Second Storey: Combustion Hallmark. ("Double Divide", 2014) Houndstooth
26.) Seph: File Search. ("Cinética", 2014) AulaMagnaRecords
27.) Darren Keen: Booty N Ca$h. (Comp "Darren Keen + Machine Girl Split EP", 2014) ThemFlavors
28.) The Micronaut: Two Lovers. (Comp "Dougles Creed - Fenou Bouquet Vol. 3", 2014) Fenou
29.) (Konzerttipp) The/Das: Miami Waters. ("Freezer", 2014) Sinnbus