Aktuelle Hits und Remixes
1. Stunde
01.) RifRaf: Philosphy (Alexkid RMX). (“Philosphy EP”, 2011) Tonkind
02.) The Streets: Withour Thinking. (“Computers And Blues”, 2011) Warner
03.) Komet: Clap 05. (“P.S.T”, 2010) False Industries
04.) Shackleton: Deadman. (“Deadman EP”, 2011) Honest Jon’s
05.) Shackleton: Deadman (The Bug’s Crackle Mix). (“Deadman EP”, 2011) Honest Jon’s
06.) Pale Sketcher: Wash it all away (King Midas Sound RMX). (“Seventh Heaven EP”, 2011) Ghostly International
07.) Gold Panda: Marriage (Baths RMX). (“Marriage Remixes EP”, 2011) Notown
08.) Amon Tobin: Kokubo Sosho Stealth (Daedelus Remix). (“Chaos Theory Remixed”, 2011) Ninja Tune
09.) Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX: The Crutch. (“We’re New Here”, 2011) XL Recordings
10.) Badawi: The Axiom (Vaccine RMX). (“The Axiom EP, 2011) The Agriculture
11.) Barbara Morgenstern: The Operator (Schneider TM Operation RMX). (“Fan No.3 EP”, 2011) Monika
12.) Barbara Morgenstern: Sign o’ the Times. (“Fan No.3 EP”, 2011) Monika
13.) Tom Thiel: Sabado. (“Tom Thiel”, 2011) Shitkatapult
14.) Kreidler: Gas Giants. (“Tank”, 2011) BureauB
2. Stunde
15.) Morris Cowan: Flutterby. (Circa”, 2011) Zaubernuss
16.) Blawan: Kaz. (“Bohla EP”, 2011) R&S
17.) The Streets: Trust me. (“Computers And Blues”, 2011) Warner
18.) Spoek Mathambo: Don’t mean to be rude (ft Zaki Ibrahim) (Don Rimini Doo Doo Remix). (“Don’t Mean To Be Rude EP”, 2010/11) BBE
19.) Talib Kweli: Ain’t waiting (ft Qutasight). (“Gutter Rainbows”, 2011) Blacksmith 3D
20.) Dynas: It’s my Turn. (“The Apartment”-Single, 2011) BBE
21.) Space Invadas: Super Sweet (ft Fantine). (“Soul:Fi”, 2010/11) BBE
22.) Space Invadas: Closer. (“Soul:Fi”, 2010/11) BBE
23.) Gil Scott-Heron ft Mos Def: New York is killing me. (digital, 2010) Import
24.) Jay Dee: Pause (ft Phat Kat). (Single von Comp “The Beat Generation 10th Anniversary Singles Collection”, 2010/11) BBE
25.) Lucy: Torul. (“Wordplay For The Working Bees”, 2011) Stoboscopic Artefacts
26.) Emanuele Errante: Counterclockwise. (“Time Elapsing Handheld”, 2011) Karaoke Kalk
27.) Agaric: Ebisu Interlude. (“Who Made Up The Rules”, 2011) Ovum
28.) Orphan101: Barraca. (“Into You EP”, 2011) Saigon Recordings
29.) Lucy: Bein. (“Wordplay For The Working Bees”, 2011) Stoboscopic Artefacts
30.) Emmanuel Top: Addiction. (“Addiction”, 2011) Planete Ro