h1: "Just good music" (for Cassette-Culture please watch h2)

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER mira aus dem nordkristall I (CD "Vivinas Garten", 2004, Die Sideria Werkstätten, Switzerland)
03. YELLO pinball cha cha (CD "Claro Que Si", 1981/1984, Vertigo, Germany)
04. BATFINKS peppercorn (Download, Hippocamp, USA)
05. EGO-N r ist der anfangsbuchstabe einer wunderschönen frau (CD "Here I Am", 2000, Bong Entertainment, Switzerlans)
06. IVAN OPIUM ene ma beono (LP "Made In Hong Kong", 1984, JaRo Medien, Germany)
07. MOISTEN BEFORE USE fanfare for djay (CRr "Awkwardnisity", 2000, Fragment Music, UK)
08. MY BLOODY VALENTINE lose my breath (LP "Isn't Anything", 1988, Creation Records/Rough Trade, Germany)
09. HOLGER CZUKAY music in the air (CD "Rome Remains Rome And Excerpts From Der Osten Ist Rot", 1987, Virgin, Germany)
10. JOACHIM WITT shut the fuck up (2CD "DOM", 2012, Columbia Seven One, Germany)
11. ETTA STREICHER & CHRISTOF WAIBEL augenlieder (CD "Augenlieder", 2004, Boomslang Records, Germany)
12. WATERCOLOURED WELL backdrift gallow (CD "Arsonist's Rebirthday Audition", 2012, Monochrome Vision, Russia)

h2: Cassette-Culture

13. CONTEXT changed music side a (extract) (MC-90 "Changed Music - Product 38", 1989, Prion Tapes, Germany)
14. DARK STAR hello cleveland!! (MC-45 "States Of Mind", 1990, Failsafe Productions, Germany)
15. SABOTAGE Q.C.Q.C.? who am i (instr.) (MC-75 "Les Danses Sauvages", 1995, self-released, Germany)
16. SOMETIMES IT SNOWS IN APRIL mama (MC-45 "Solaria", 1989, Eigenproduktion, German Democratic Republic)
17. GLEICHLAUFSCHWANKUNG devotschka (MC-50 "Various Artists - Unite We Fight", 2010, PunkID, Germany)
18. L'EDARPS A MOTH in der sonne (MC "Flakkerlicht", 1985, Büro für Akute Planung, Germany)
19. SOSUMI the girl with the bleach blonde hair (MC "Psyched Out Sounds From 7 Countries", 1995, Music & Elsewhere, UK)
20. BENE GESSERIT AND USWARD it is known (MC-60 "Secret Mind Postal Project", 1989, Insane Music, Belgium)
21. SYMPATHY NERVOUS my favourite patch (MC-46 "No More Expo", 1980, NE-1002T, Japan)
22. E-ALDI ich will nicht werden (CDr "Alle Gegen Alle (Elektroversion)", 20xx, Lebensgefahr, Germany)

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