h1: Netlabel: Hippocamp

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. BRENT MOTTLEY pagan summer peach juice (Album "Circabrae", Hippocamp, hc046, England)
03. MAROUFLEUR the circus sings its seven songs (only with molten throat) (Album "Fireworks And Watershows (Depending On The Weather)", hc027)
04. THE SUNSHINE FAMILY hello (Album "Hippocamp Summer Compilation Part1", hc138 Part1, 2005)
05. BILLY THE KID san francisco (Album "Hippocamp Covers Compilation", hc091)
06. MIKROSOPHT AND JEROHME SPYE jump (Album "Hippocamp Covers Compilation", hc091)
07. 8BIT BETTY was that away message for me? (Album "Too Bleep To Blop", hc152) 
08. IERMOC ladctsfaw v02 (Album "H2", hc058)
09. JONATHAN FISHER firth of tay (extended) (Album "Thin Places", hc106)
10. THE SUNSHINE FAMILY little dinosaur (Album "It's Hot Hot Hot", hc119)
11. BATFINKS peppercorn (Album "The One Towards The Garrick From The Bird", hc042)
All releases (except of MINA-rotes plastik) by Hippocamp, UK, www.hippocamp.net)

h2: Cassette-Culture

12. SOMETIMES IT SNOWS IN APRIL ich schrei dir meine liebe ins gesicht (MC-45 "Solaria", 1989, Eigenproduktion, DDR)
13. THOMAS SYSTEM heute oder morgen (MC "Die Göttliche", 1982, Wartungsfrei, DDR)
14. KNUT BALTZ FORMATION für wackenroeder (MC "Die 2.", 1988, DDR)
15. SYMPATHY NERVOUS spirit of the bomb (MC-46 "No More Expo", 1980, NE-1002T, Japan)
16. SYMPATHY NERVOUS khahi cloud (MC-46 "No More Expo", 1980, NE-1002T, Japan)
17. BRANDSTIFTER & INOX cdu (no information so far, Germany)
18. CHARLES RICE GOFF III and HAL McGEE magnetic fields forever (MC "Lobhia Aur Khumbi", 1998, HalTapes, USA)
19. ALMOST HUMAN tunesia 90 (MC-46 "No Style Music", 199x, IRRE-Tapes, IT037, Germany)
20. ALMOST HUMAN the account (MC-46 "No Style Music", 199x, IRRE-Tapes, IT037, Germany)
21. CHEAPO CARD COMPANY mrs moppitup moves out (MC "Am Ess", 199x, Cheap Prod 006, UK)
22. CROINERS untitled 4 (MC-35 "Music To Listen To Other Tapes By", 198x, USA)
23. COUNCIL ANDERSON the darkness song (part 1) (very little extract) (MC-60 "Crystals", 1991, Germany)

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