Ice Blue Orchestra, Bye Bye Andrea & Cassette-Culture mit Herr Ebu: 06.08.2013

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA between destinations 1 (CD "Between Destinations", 2011, Eigenverlag, Germany)
03. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA camina de santiago (siehe oben)
04. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA between destinations 2 (siehe oben)
05. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA der karpaten schlager (siehe oben)
06. JETHRO TULL hunting girl (LP "Songs From The Wood", 1977, Chrysalis, Germany)
07. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA summer-ouverture (siehe oben)
08. MEKONG DELTA gnomus (orchestral version) (CD "Pictures At An Exhibition", 1996, Bullet Proof Records, Europe)
09. ANYONE'S DAUGHTER sonne (CD "In Blau", 1982/1993, Music Is Intelligence, Germany)
10. JOACHIM WITT beben (CD "DOM", 2012, Columbia Seven One, Germany)
11. QNTAL entre moi et mon amin (CD "III - Tristan Und Isolde", 2003, Stars In The Dark, Germany) -- dedicated to my soulmate Andrea (21. Jan 1968 - 22. July 2013)
12. JETHRO TULL pibroch (cap in hand) (extract) (LP "Songs From The Wood", 1977, Chrysalis, Germany)


13. FICTION silence and beats (MC "Some Arts Of Political Education", 198x, Germany)
14. M.A.L. welcome to the land of dream (C60 "Outlaw", 1986, Insane Music, Belgium)
15. HUMAN FLESH second day (C60 "Life In Reverse / Meditation And Fears", 1989, Insane Music, Belgium)
16. LIQUID SOUND SYSTEM move this image (C46 "Corinna's Dream", 1992, Eigenverlag, Germany)
17. DANIEL TRIANA kinetic image (a musical film) (C60 "Selections", 1990, IRRE-Tapes, IT047, Germany)
18. MAEROR TRI blowing sounds from a dome (extract) (C60 "Archaic States", 1993, G.R.O.S.S., Japan)

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