h1: My individual annual-review 2013
h2: Cassette-Culture also with annual-review....

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "V.A. - Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. BATFINKS peppercorn (Album "The One Towards The Garrick From The Bird", hc042, England)
03. WHITE NOISE love without sound (12"-LP "An Electric Storm", 1969, Island Records, England)
04. HELLS BELLES rock'n'roll all day (CD, Germany)
05. FIS ...wandert durch den wald (5"-CD "Emmi das Klavier", 1990, Tom Produkt, Schweiz)
06. FIS ...segelt über den see (5"-CD "Emmi...)
07. FIS ...wandert nach hause (5"-CD "Emmi...)
08. EVA CROISSANT gib auf dich acht (live) (2012, Germany)
09. QNTAL entre moi et mon amin (CD "Qntal III - Tristan und Isolde", 2003, Stars In The Dark, Germany)
10. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA between destinations 1 (CD "Between Destinations", 2011, Eigenverlag, Germany)
11. GENETIKS keine neue heimat (CD "Schwarzbuch Deutscher Postpunks", 2010, Genoton, Danse Macabre Records, Al!ve, Germany)
12. MONO INC. & JOACHIM WITT kein weg zu weit (CD "Nimmermehr" No Cut, Germany)
13. CHAPELLE SONIQUE the real me inside me (Online-Only-For-Now, 2013, Belgium)

14. DIRK HUELSTRUNK aga ong (Live @ Radio X 5 February 2013)
15. LEO PINKERTON & ARAFEL (Live @ Radio X 5 February 2013)
16. COUNCIL ANDERSON the darkness song part 1 (C60 "Crystals", Eigenverlag, 1991, Germany)
17. DIE LEBENDE DOSIS im rabenland (CDr "Nachspiel", Papayans Productions, Germany)
18. YELWORc data control (MC "Tanata$", 1991, Danse Macabre, krok 30, Germany)
19. NO UNAUTHORIZED bouffer les mains (C60 "V.A. - Durchschnittsanfall", Nov 1987, Prion Tapes, Germany)
20. LIQUID SOUNDS SYSTEM move this image (C40 "Corinnas Dream", 1992, LSS01/92, Germany)
22. SOLANACEAE TAU everything is bleeding (DVDr "V.A. - Decadion 2", 2013-08-10, Music & Elsewhere, England)
23. DIE TRAKTOR party pals (DVDr "V.A. - Decadion 2"...)
24. MAGIC MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME blitzkrieg! (DVDr "V.A. - Decadion 2"...)

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