h1: Joachim Witt (neue Single), Classwar Karaoke (Nachtrag) etc...
h2: Cassette-Culture with "V.A. - One Two Three Four Vol. I + II" + more.
(A few more details soon...)

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. REUTOFF mardhong (CD "The Walls Are Whispering Vol. II", EE-Tapes)
03. TOM DISSEVELT + KID BALTAN syncopation
04. THE MICHAEL ATONAL VVVICK TRIP orikekeOcouu (Online Compilation "Classwar Karaoke 0025 Survey", 2014-02-28, Classwar Karaoke, USA)
05. SEAN DERRICK COOPER MARQUARDT january radio silence ("Classwar Karaoke"...)
06. DRONE MESSIAH self inflicted wounds (Soundcloud)
07. WARNING dark crystal (12"-LP "Electric Eyes", 1983, Phonogram, Germany)
08. JOACHIM WITT tragedy (Download-Single "Mein Herz", 2014-03-28, Oblivion, Germany)
09. JOACHIM WITT mein herz (Download-Single "Mein Herz", 2014-03-28, Oblivion, Germany)
10. GREEN WITCH greenyEscape (Youtube)
11. PBK impulsion (CD "The Walls Are Whispering", EE-Tapes)
12. EXTRABREIT eye of the snake (CD "LP der Woche", 1984, Phonogram, Germany)

13. UNPLEASANT SURPRISE crime (C60 "V.A. - One - Two - Three - Four Vol. I", Ebus Music, Germany)
14. THE DEAD GOLDFISH ENSEMBLE second scene (C60 "V.A. - One - Two - Three - Four Vol. II", Ebus Music, Germany)
15. M.NOMIZED tu es triste ("...Vol. I"...)
17. VULTURE CULTURE vulture culture in concert
18. DAS FRÖHLICHE WOHNZIMMER metallic monstrosity
19. FRAK dead man before life
20. TREYE one life in some seconds
21. L'EDARPS A MOTH ich bin ein gewitter (extract) - ...sonne... (MC "Flakkerlicht", Büro für Akute Planung, Germany)
22. WATERCOLOURED WELL pipes of duun (Online Compilation "Classwar Karaoke 0025 Survey", 2014-02-28, Classwar Karaoke, USA)

Classwar Karaoke: http://freemusicarchive.org/label/classwar_karaoke/ 
Joachim Witt: http://www.joachimwitt.de 
One - Two - Three - Four Vol. I + II: http://1000flights.blogspot.de/2014/02/va-one-two-three-fourvol-iebus-music.html
Watercoloured Well: https://www.facebook.com/watercolouredwell 
Cassette-Culture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cassette_culture  

Qntqt: carsten (at) ebusmusic (dot) com

Näxt show: Tuesday, 6th May 2014, 20-22h / 8-10pm (GMT+2=UTC+2)