h1: Studioguests: The Swipes
h2: Cassette Culture with Underground Punk & related

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprise Berlin, 2000, Germany
02. THE SWIPES destroy your world (CD "Destroy Your World", Kamikaze, 2010, Germany)
03. THE WHO leaving here (CD "Who's Missing", MCA Records, 1985, Canada)
04. THE SWIPES lost (CD "Lost", Mad Butcher Records, 2013, Germany)
05. PHOENIX CITY ALL STARS paint it black (CD "Skatisfaction", Hotshot & Scorcher, 2013, England)
06. THE SWIPES communication lock-out (MCD, pre-mix, previously unreleased, 2014, Germany)
07. THE SWIPES best tip - no TTIP (unplugged live Studio 1 @ Radio X)
08. THE SWIPES reclaim the culture (MCD, pre-mix, previously unreleased, 2014, Germany)
09. MC5 kick out the jams (CD "Kick Out The Jams", Elektra, 1992, Germany)

10. ABGAS die welt ist tod (MC "Proberaum und live", 198x, DDR)
11. HACKE PETERS irreversible schäden (MC "Der Klügere kippt nach", 1987, Germany)
12. BILLIG amerika (MC "Frisch gepresst", Aldi Punk, Germany)
13. ANGEKOTZT aus abschaum wird macht (MC, Götterwind Tapes, Germany)
14. HEADY HANGMEN dead end (C30 "BrutalHardcoreSpeedCrossoverMetalTrash", Oma Ekop Records, Germany)
15. MDM exi stance (MC "...and stupid", self-released, 1993, England)
16. DISSCIORDA enemy inside (C60, Split with Pastafrolla, Italy)
17. CHRISSY das ist punkrock (MC "V.A. - Ehret den Gott in der Höh'", Aldi Punk, Germany)
18. ROTZKOTZ müslibrei (C60 "Live Werkstatt Odeon Hannover, 26.12.82, Germany)
19. LE SOURS DEGLINGUEE ajourdhui et demain (MC, V.A. "World Unite")
20. FRAGILE licht & schatten (C60 "V.A. - Positive Noise", Germany)
21. DEADMOCRACY pacifist + peace among us (MC, Mexico)
22. THE ASTRONAUTS getting things done (MC "Restricted Hours", 1979)
23. JUST FUCKIN' HOFFI ketchup sucht (MC "V.A. - Ehret den Gott in der Höh'", Aldi Punk, Germany)
24. RAUSCHANGRIFF bild-beschreibung (MC, Germany)
25. PASTAFOLLA giu nel vuoto (C60, Split with Dissciorda, Italy)
26. DISORD3R die pommes von mc donalds (MC "V.A. - Ehret den Gott in der Höh'", Aldi Punk, Germany)
27. HACKE PETERS so schön (MC "Demo", 1987, Germany)


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