h1: Musik und Information
h2: Cassette Culture

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprise Berlin, 2000, Germany)
02. ECSTASPHERE the fallen (CD "Feed Your Head", 2014, Raumklang Music, Germany)
03. WITHOUT TALENT birthday (CDr "Without Talent '05", 2005, Self-Released, Germany)
04. THE CONGREGATION softly whispering i love you (7"-Single, 1972, Columbia, Germany)
05. DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER kip eulenmeister (7"-Single, Das MonifLabel, 1991, Switzerland)
06. ZERO ZERO irrenanstalt (LP "Herzklopfen", 1982, Reflektor, Germany)
07. GENETIKS paradies (USB-Stick-Box "Mit Gewalt Gutes tun", 2014, Germany)
08. SUPERSTOLK die armee der Gutdraufen (Picture-12"-EP "Super war super E.P.", 2014, Rustikal Records, Germany)
09. LENE LOVICH you can't kill me (12"-LP "Flex", 1979, Stiff Records, Germany)
10. WIRE a question of degree (7"-Single, 1997, Harvest, England)
11. CENSUS OF HALLUCINATIONS riding the war (CD "Spirit Of Yellow", 2013, Stone Premonitions, England)
12. RADIO X JINGLE zum Tag der offenen Tür
13. WHITE NOISE love without sound (CD "An Electric Storm", 1969/2005, Island Records, England)
14. STUMP bone (CD "A Fierce Pancake", 1988, Chrysalis, England)

15. M.A.L. welcome to the land of dream (C60 "Outlaw", Insane Music, Belgium)
16. DAS PROBLEM vulkan (C90 "V.A. - Geisteskrank - The Compilation #2", 2006, Germany)
17. NO UNAUTHORIZED bouffer les mains (2x-C90 "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 1+2", 1987, Prion Tapes, Germany)
18. DANIEL TRIANA kinetic image (a musical film) (C60 "Selections", IRRE-Tapes, Germany)
19. MAEROR TRI blowing sounds from a dome (C60 "Archaic States", 1993 G.R.O.S.S., Japan)
20. CONTEXT (C90 "Changed Music", Tonspur Tapes, Germany)
21. VOLKSSCHULE go to school (C45 "The One And Only", 1986, Schachtmeister Tapes, Germany)
22. ANKLANG im treppenhaus (C60 "V.A. - V-Moniflabelsampler", 1996, Switzerland)
23. VRISCHIKA amoureux de sa mort (C60 "Sempertinels/Vrischika - Split", 1990, Exart, The Netherlands)
24. AN BENE & PIERRE LAMBOW robot jungle (MC "Sustained Space", 1983, USA)
25. THE TAPES banhof (MC "Partitura Incompiuta Per Pianola Meccanica", 19xx, Minus Habens, Italy)
26. THE TAPES hilliness of hell (MC "Partitura Incompiuta Per Pianola Meccanica", 19xx, Mnus Habens, Italy)