Jet Set, die Radio Escobar: 06.06.17

Mit: Carsten Olbrich abuua Herr- und Mr. Ebu

------- h1: A MUSICFLOW OF PROG, INDUS, ETHERAL, METAL and more  -------

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Various Artists - Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprises Berlin, 2000, Germany)
02. KLAATU little neutrino (LP "Same", Capitol Records, 1976)
03. ORGIA PRAVEDNIKOV across thin ice (CD "For Those Who See Dreams Vol. 1", Electroshock Records, 2010)
04. DREAM THEATER a mind beside itself - erotomania (CD "Awake", EastWest, 1993)
05. SECRET CHIEFS 3 the owl in daylight (CD "Book Of Horizons", Web Of Mimicry, 2004)
06. EBONY LAKE on the eve of the grimly inventive (CD "On The Eve Of The Grimly Inventive", Cacophonous Records, 1999)
07. MEKONG DELTA gnomus (CD "Pictures At An Exhibition", Bullet Proof Records, 1996)
08. JEAN-PHILLIPE RAMEAU - LA PETITE BANDE - SIGISWALD KUIJKEN prologue - air en randeau pour les amours (LP "Orchestersuite aus "Hippolyte Et Aricie 1733"", Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, 1979)
09. ECSTASPHERE the fallen (CD "Feed Your Head", Raumklang Music, 2014)
10. DECREE the last day (CD "Wake Of Devastation", Off Beat, 1999)
11. SECRET CHIEFS 3 exterminating angel (CD "Book Of Horizons", Web Of Mimicry, 2004)
12. ANNE DUDLEY communion (CD "Ancient And Modern", Echo, 1995)
13. CENSUS OF HALLUCINATIONS he who can manage camels (CD "Nothing Is As It Seems", 2015, Stone Premonitions, England) Census Of Hallucinations @ Facebook:

--------------------------------------- h2: CASSETTE CULTURE --------------------------------------

14. MAEROR TRI archaic sensations (C60 "Archaic States", G.R.O.S.S., 1993)
15. KING EBU motorracing (C30 "Instrumentals", Ebus Music, 1990)
16. WILD ROSES the dream of a robot (C30 "The Exit", Ebus Music, 1988)
17. FRONTEC FORMATIC new york '89 (C60 "Electronic Minds", Ebus Music, 1990)
18. M.NOMIZED landru (MC "Landru-Demo", Fraction Studio, 199x)
19. HALO SVEVO greetings to the moscow pope (C30 "Butho", Ebus Music, 1992)
20. KARL MARX STADT STUDIO BIG BAND karlsberg elegie (C60 "Schlimmer Finger", self-released, 1989)
21. KARL MARX STADT STUDIO BIG BAND katerle im wunderland (C60 "Schlimmer Finger", self-released, 1989)
22. GLEICHLAUFSCHWANKUNG devotschka (C60 "Various Artists - Unite We Fight", PUNKID.records, 2010)
23. DAS M neonlicht (C45 "Die Zeit im Irrtum", Ebus Music, 1993)
24. FEUER & FLAMME ich bin ein punk (C60 "Various Artists - Unite We Fight", PUNKID.records, 2010)
25. MAGIC MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME the eddie irwin song (C50 "Flashbax Vol. 10", Ebus Music, 1994)
26. IDLE STATE industrial environment (C60 "Northern Lights", Ebus Music, 1992) 

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