Jet Set, die Radio Escobar mit Herr Ebu 06.11.18


1. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprises Berlin, 2000)
2. W. HANRATH & S. GRUNDMANN - DUO shadowplay (CD "Something In Your Sleep", 2018)
3. W. HANRATH UND S. GRUNDMANN little toy (CD "Something In Your Sleep", 2018)
4. DQE psychic dream (CD "But Me, I Fell Down", Hoppel Di Hoy, 1995)
5. LENE LOVICH you can't kill me (LP "Flex", 1979, Stiff Records)
6. WIRE a question of degree (7"-Single "A Question Of Degree", Harvest, 1979)
7. RENE MORENO sommer kann kommen (extract) (CD "Cinco", Rockwerk, 2016)
8. RENE MORENO mujer divina (CD "Cinco", Rockwerk, 2016)
9. BORRACHOS cowboysong (CD "Hauptgewinn", 2006)
10. BORRACHOS rock-arzt (CD "Punkrock für Lau", 2008)
11. HACKE PETERS als ich mich in die wanne setzte (extract) (CDr "Gott B-Ware", 2018)
12. ABCESS GRENK track 08 (MP3-Album "Object Is Past", 2018)
13. TWO HEADED EMPEROR duplicity and complicity (CD "The Happy Medium and a Depressed Conjurer", Falling A Records, 2018)
14. ALEX ICON jetzt wieder neu (MP3, 2018)

h2: "Cassette Culture mit Herr Ebu"

15. ANTITOX anders (MC "Ohne Filter", Oma Ekop Records)
16. PUPSI BAHLSENKEKS wo kommt der dreck im nabel her (MC "Same", Oma Ekop Records)
17. FIT+LIMO don't fall down (MC "Various Artists" - The Pop-Side Of IRRE TAPES", Ebus Music, 1990)
18. M.A.L. in search of a clue (MC "Outlaw", 1986, Schachtmeister Tapes)
19. BOBO FEAT. SWANTJE saufbefehl (C60 "Various Artists - Atombombe Vs. Baseballschläger", Lebensgefahr, 2006)
20. YXIMALLOO wo matsuri#6 (MC)
21. CHEAPO CARD COMPANY dancing in dusseldorf (MC "Am Ess", Cheapo Prod., 199x, England)
22. CHEAPO CARD COMPANY miss muppitop moves out (MC "Am Ess", Cheapo Prod., 199x, England)
23. CHEAPO CARD COMPANY life can be cold (MC "Am Ess", Cheapo Prod., 199x, England)
24. KRYPTOGRAFIMA (MC "Antonios PYR", 1988)
25. GAGE'S DUNGEON track 1 (MC, 1993)
26. GAGE'S DUNGEON track 2 (MC, 1993)
27. CARRIAGE RETURN nearside (MC)
28. THE OFF BAND all the planets (extract) (MC, 198x)

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