Jet Set, die Radio Escobar mit Herr Ebu 02.04.19

--------------------- h1 Musik, Knall, Robert Forster, New Zero God & more with HERR EBU ---------------------

1. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprises Berlin, 2000)
2. ROBERT FORSTER no fame (CD "Inferno", Tapete Records, 2019)
3. THE GO-BETWEENS the clarke sisters (CD "Tallulah", Rebel Rec, 1987)
4. ROBERT FORSTER i'll look after you (CD "Inferno", Tapete Records, 2019)
5. NEW ZERO GOD what'cha gonna do? (12"-LP "Circus Of Tortured Melodies", self released, 2019)
6. MAGIC MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME spirit electric (CD "Creavolution Reborn", TMR Records, 2018)
7. NEW ZERO GOD dirty little secret (12"-LP "Circus Of Tortured Melodies", self released, 2019)
8. COURTIS - MOORE lunoion = lu no lion (12"-LP "Brokebox Juke", 2009, No-Fi)
9. KNALL dieter-thomas heck (extract) (12"-LP "Kameraden", Spiegelei, 1981)
10. KNALL mir geht's gut (extracts) (12"-LP "Kameraden", Spiegelei, 1981)
11. KNALL lkh (MP3 "The Lost Tapes", 1981/2018)
12. KNALL macht (MP3 "The Lost Tapes", 1981/2018)
13. POOL X gentleman (CD-EP "Topview", ton und soweiter, 1998)

---------------------------------- h2 Cassette Culture with Herr Ebu ----------------------------------

14. ANTON BALSAM ormen lange (C90, "V.A. - Ooh! Ooh! Sound", 1993, Ooh Ooh Music)
15. AUDITHOR raud som blod (MP3 "V.A. - Balsamia", Balsamia)
16. BLAIZE JEMAN rythem (MC "Rythem", Unified Fields, 1995, USA)
18. COLLECTIONISM das gift (12"-LP "Cosmographia Vol. 1 - International Cassette Culture", 2018, Ex-Machina)
19. DAS PROBLEM mister kater (CDr "V.A. - Atombombe vs. Baseballschläger, Part 1", Lebensgefahr, 2006)
20. FLAGRANTS D'ELI from east to west (C60 "Welcome To The Space Asylum", ZNS Tapes)
21. SMERSH a murder of crows (MC "Blue Shorts", Atlas King, 1984)
22. t.b. OR NOT t.b. die dinge müssen sich ändern (MC + CDr "Rorschach", Unpop Media, 2015)

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