Jet Set, die Radio Escobar mit Herr Ebu 02.07.19

--------------------------------- h1. Herr Ebu alone at Radio X Studio 1 ---------------------------------

1. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprises Berlin, 2000)
2. THE PANDEMONIUM BUREAU delerium (MP3-EP "Exodus", self-released, 2019)
3. THE PANDEMONIUM BUREAU exodus (MP3-EP "Exodus", self-released, 2019)
4. DER MODERNE MAN nicht warten (CD "Unmodern - Plus", Sireena Records, 1982 / 2011)
5. DER MODERNE MAN das tier (CD "Unmodern - Plus", Sireena Records, 1982 / 2011)
6. JOACHIM WITT & ORCHESTER goldener reiter (live) (CD "Refugium", Meadow Lake Music, 2019)
7. STROMBLE FIX borderline (CD "Incomplete Stories ... it slowly comes to an end", PoiSonic, 2019)
8. STROMBLE FIX sir john peel (CD "Incomplete Stories ...")
9. STROMBLE FIX gloomy sunday morning (CD "Incomplete Stories ...")
10. ASTRO CAN CARAVAN message in a shuttle
11. SHELL left so far (extract)

--------------------------------------- h2. CASSETTE CULTURE --------------------------------------

11. SHELL left so far (extract)
12. SHELL if you love it let it go
13. DAJAT INJA another point of view (C30 "Just For You", Schachtmeister Tapes, 1987)
14. JONAS JINX good morning (MC, 1992)
15. HYPNOBEAT the walzwerk charts (C60 "Specials/Spatials", Monochrome Tapes, 1986)
16. BODYCOCKTAIL she knew (CDr "Sing Out" ZH27, 2005)
17. EREZIONI ASTRALI future vision (massacre again) (MC, Cuss Fetish, 2015)
18. TRAUMA SYNDROM kraft einer vision (C60 "Erstschlag", 1992)
19. DIE GOLDENEN ZITRONEN skinheadmädchen (C60 "Various Artists - Positive Noise")
20. GRAND MARCUS bandjambirika (MC "African Highlife Vol. I", Network)

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