Jet Set, die Radio Escobar mit Herr Ebu 05.05.20

------- h1. Jet Set, die Radio Escobar - just music with backgroundinfos and Herr Ebu ------
1. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprises Berlin, 1998)
2. SERIOUS SOLID SWINEHEARD IS BETTER THAN HOMECOOKED terry in the bass (CD "Clapham Junktion", amf music, 1996)
3. SECTION 25 sweet forgiveness ( (LP "Love and Hate", Rough Trade, 1988)
4. SINT untitled track #6 (CD "Untitled", Nautilus, 2000)
5. ORCHESTRE MURPHY number 4 (CD "Frankincense", Out Of Depression, 1991)
6. YELLO no more roger (LP "Claro Que Si", Vertigo, 1981)
7. WALT THISNEY dual (CDr "This Continuum", Klappstuhl Records, 2015)
8. RASALASAD physicks (10xMP3 "Thisappeareance", Klappstuhl Records, 2017)
9. MR. CONCEPT time (CDr "Time", Klappstuhl Records, 2020)
10. SLASH ORCHESTRA thank you, sweetie (CD "Hypothetical World", Bean Creek Recordings, 1990)
11. SEFUBA tramp (CD "Songs and Jives", VIA Jazz, 1999)

- h2. CASSETTE CULTURE Synth-Pop, Elektro, Industrial, EBM and beyond with Herr Ebu -
12. SOR ZOR SYA groundes es as (C33 "Same", Transfixional Entertainment, 1998)
13. WELLE ERDBALL ein teil von gott (MC "4-Track-Demo" selbstveröffentlicht, 1993)
14. TRANSFORM AT ZERO system overload (C60 "VA - Travel Agency Tape Nr. 2", Travel Agency, 1993)
15. NOIRPHESIA impact (MC "Same" (3-Track-Demo), selbstveröffentlicht, 199x) 
16. KRONSTADT weiter (C60 "Kronstadt / Toshiyuki Hiraoka - Split", IRRE-Tapes, 1988)
17. TRICERATOPS SEX track 2 (MC, 199x)
18. KOBAYASHI MANU brot für die jugend (MC "Kabelbrand im Herzschrittmacher", Senseless Gebollah, 1992)
19. SNTHETIC PIRATE öppna luckan (C60 "VA - Unlucky For Them Vol. B", 1992)
20. OPTOKOPP SYNTHETICS INCLUDED GMBH (Gesellschaft mit bescheidener Hoffnung) dreams of nothing (MC "Same", selbstveröffentlicht, 1990)
21. PLANOFORCE planoforce (MC "Remount", Psyquil Records, 1991)
22. M.NOMIZED octopuce (MC "Ne Jamais Partir", Tonspur Tapes, 1992)
23. ALIMENTAIRE mutation (C60 "VA - Mutant Disco", Turnabout Tapes, 1990)
24. BIOPULS ja - nein - doch (C46 "Liebeslieder", Mare Enterprises, Edition Z9A, 1999)
25. LLOYDT AND ME she's gone (MC "Labyrinth", Psyquil Records, 199x)
26. FROM NURSERY TO MISERY the momentum of dance (C46 "Equilibrium", selbstveröffentlicht, 1990)
27. SONNENBRANDT radio (C120 "Pisse am Elektrozaun", Aldi Punk, 2006)

Thankx to Nils for cutting many musictracks out of my tape-digitalisations !! :)

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