Jet Set, die Radio Escobar mit Herr Ebu 06.10.20

h1. Flowmusic mit Herr Ebu & Farewell to Ron Graves 

1. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprises Berlin, 1998)
2. RUPERT HINE another stranger (CD "Immunity", Misplaced, 1981 / 2001)
3. ANYONE'S DAUGHTER sonne (CD "In Blau", Music Is Intelligence, 1982 / 1993)
4. DOLLY MIXTURE you and me on the sea shore (7"-Single, Respond Records, 1982)
5. REIDGRAVES gone (CD "Lovely As Suspicion", selfreleased, 2015)
6. REIDGRAVES rise up (CD "Slacking On Pain", Secret Shark Records, 2017)
7. REIDGRAVES flagrante delicto (CD "Two Flies", Secret Shark Records, 2020)
8. TOM WAITS flower's grave (CD "Alice", Anti, Epitaph, 2002)
9. POPSICLE hey princess (CD "Lacquer", Telegram Records Stockholm, 1992)
10. DANGER NOODLE it sounded better in my head (CD "Happy Ghost Day Surprise", Reptile House Records, 2020)
11. REIDGRAVES biography (CD "Lovely As Suspicion", selfreleased, 2015)
12. JOHN SIMMS' LIGHT TRAILS the mystery of light (CD "Chromatology", 2020)
13. THE SCHRAMMS pet sounds (CD "Various Artists - Sample Some OKra", OKra, Normal, 1991)

h2. CASSETTE CULTURE with Herr Ebu

13. THE SCHRAMMS pet sounds (CD "Various Artists - Sample Some OKra", OKra, Normal, 1991)
14. BENE GESSERIT & M.A.L. gothic but chic (3xMC "Confined Vol. 1, 2 & 3", Insane Music, 2020)
15. PRACTICAL SENSES traces of squirrels on the snow (MC "Збірка Пісень Про Рішучого Короля (Songs Cycle About The Decisive King)", Aldi-Punk, 2014)
16. NEW 7TH MUSIC in a dream - violin phase (MC "In A Dream", ADN Tapes, 1985)
17. RASHID AL-TALIQ music of a nomad (extract) (C90 "Music Of A Nomad", selfreleased, 19??)
18. THE LAZILY SPUN the whole (MC "Aposting Dream To Gulliver Smith", 1997)
19. DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER klavier mit dir (C20 "Die Singende Sternlaterne (Remaster)", Das MonifLabel, 1983 / 1996)
20. D.S.I.P. cream cakes (C30 "Out Now", Ebus Music, 1991)
21. DOC WÖR MIRRAN loan, france (MC "The Music Of Blood", 1989)
22. VOLKSSCHULE do you believe (C45 "The One And Only", Schachtmeister Tapes, 1986)
23. BENE GESSERIT & M.A.L. trésor (hommage à S.G.) (3xMC "Confined Vol. 1, 2 & 3", Insane Music, 2020)
24. NO UNAUTHORIZED bouffer les mains (2xC60 "Various Artists - Durchschnittsanfall 1/2", Prion Tapes, 1987)
25. THE LAZILY SPUN prince valium (MC "Aposting Dream To Gulliver Smith", 1997)
26. AN BENE / PIERRE LAMBOW celestial (MC "Sustained Space", Calypso Now, 1985)

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