Jet Set, die Radio Escobar mit Herr Ebu 03.11.20

h1. Studioguest: Stefan Becker - The Swipes

1. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprises Berlin, 1998)
2. THE SWIPES coming home (CD "World Gone Mad", Mad Butcher Records, 2020)
3. MOVING TARGETS world gone mad (CD "World Gone Mad", Mad Butcher Records, 2020)
4. THE SWIPES germicide suicide (CD "World Gone Mad", Mad Butcher Records, 2020)
5. SWOONS awake (CD "Klein und faul", Hulk Räckordz, 1996)
6. THE SWIPES generation slave (CD "Generation Slave", No Balls Records, 2019)
7. THE SWIPES silent alarm (unplugged) (2020)
8. THE POPZILLAS timebomb (CD "The Incredible Adventures Of Pandora Pop", Wolverine Records, 2006)
9. THE SWIPES agents from outer space (CD "Destroy Your World", Kamikaze Records, 2010)
10. THE SWIPES never accept (unplugged) (2020)

h2. CASSETTE CULTURE with Herr Ebu & Stefan Becker

11. THE SWIPES communication log-out (CD-EP "Communication Log-Out", Mad Butcher Records / Punk mit Abitur Records, 2014)
12. BRANDY CORPSE bad education (MC "Same", 199x)
13. M.D.W. viel zu weit weg (MC "Der Himmel ist offen", Huf Records, 1991)
14. MARKUS SCHWILL the advantage of tape-music (CD-2 "Cassette Culture", Vinyl-on-demand, 2020)
15. DON CAMPAU i am not satisfied (CD-1 "Cassette Culture", Vinyl-on-demand, 2020)
16. KAPOTTE MUZIEK audio plagio 2 (CD-1 "Cassette Culture", Vinyl-on-demand, 2020)
17. MUSLIMGAUZE cyst (CD-1 "Cassette Culture", Vinyl-on-demand, 2020)
18. GIRLS ON FIRE in my blood (CD-1 "Cassette Culture", Vinyl-on-demand, 2020)
21. TASTE OF STOOL (CD-2 "Cassette Culture", Vinyl-on-demand, 2020)

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