Jet Set, die Radio Escobar mit Herr Ebu 02.03.21

h1. Flowmusik mit Herr Ebu
1. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprises Berlin, 1998)
2. FIVER'S STEREO on the pun (EC-Split 17, 2020)
3. MONDO SANGUE laura is having drinks on alpha 3 (LP "VEGA-5 (Avventure Nel Cosmo)", All Score Media, 2020)
4. DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER transformation (CD "mumu", Das MonifLabel, 1998)
5. JOHN SIMMS' LIGHT TRAILS the mystery of light (CD "Chromatology", Stargaze International, 2020)
6. RAH BAND clouds across the moon (CD "Mystery", RCA, 1985)
7. SPECIES K uthea (5xMP3, AnalogMusiq, 2016)
8. PETE SWINTON & SIEGFRIED GRUNDMANN for an unknown friend (7xMP3 "Industrial Mysteries", Music-Edition Siegfried Grundmann, 2021) 
9. XOTOX dunkelheit (CD "Die Unruhe 2.0", Pro Noize, 2010)
10. ENEM-Y formedal (CDr "Ways, Part 1 (Demo)", 2021)
11. GYPSY & FEDERICO BALDUCCI where love reigns peace follows (7xFile "Iggy Pop Don't Live Here", 2020)
12. ZARA-THUSTRA widmung (CD "Best Of", Sireena Records, 2015)

h2. Flowmusik in Cassette Culture mit Herr Ebu
13. STORM BUGS hodge (MC "Same", 1980, Snatch Tapes)
14. ANOTHER GREEN WORLD (MC "My Dreams In Your Hands...", A Real Kavoom, 1984)
15. STEFANO BARBAN un abbaglio (MC "Chiaro Scuro", Old Europa Cafe, 1991)
16. CONTACT WITH A CURVE painting a wheel with a squeal and a spin (extract) (MC "A Future Full Of Holes", Direction Music, 1992)
17. THE LAND OF GUILT on shifting ground (MC)
18. BLACKLIGHT CHAMELEON pit of ghosts (MC "VA - Goldrausch - Der Wien Sampler", Goldgelb Records, 2020)
19. BRUME & DE FABRIEK untitled 1 (MC "Soulscape - Demo", 1992)
20. MAEROR TRI soma 2 (C46 "Sensuum Mendacia", Direction Music, 1991)
21. 10 DUNKLE TAGE hobbitbrutaltrupp (MC "Same", 1995)
22. ROB PRESTON allegianee (C60 "Insect Mechanics", Direction Music, 1996)


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