h1. X Maxx to the Maxxx

1. MINA rotes plastik (CD "V.A. - Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprise, 1998)
2. DANIEL JOHNSTON some people don't even know it's christmastime (CD "VA - Santa Monika", Monika Enterprise, 1999)
3. MEL TORMÉ the christmas song (CD "Christmas Songs", Telarc, 1992)
4. METALLICA merry fuckin' christmas from metallica (CD "Garage Days Pt. II", 1996)
5. PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION another lonely christmas (7"-Single "I Would Die 4U", Warner Bros. Records, 1984)
6. RUN DMC christmas in hollis (7"-Single "Christmas In Hollis", Metronome, 1987)
7. THERAPIE ZWECKLOS weihnachtsmarkt (CD "VA - Plastic Bomb CD-Beilage #66", Plastic Bomb Records, 2009)
8. ERIC LUGOSCH christmas time is here (CD "New Tradition", Acoustic Music Records, 2004)
9. ZUMPANO the mods of christmas town (CD "The Dawn Of A New Era", Ptolemaic Terrascope, 1998)
10. STEPHEN JANETZKO wer hat dem weihnachtsmann den mantel geklaut (CD "Der Winter ist da", Seebär)
11. TOM WAITS christmas card from a hooker in minneapolis (CD "Blue Valentine", Elektro, 1978, 1993)
12. AC/DC mistress for christmas (CD "The Razors Edge", ATCO Records, 1990)
13. STINA NORDENSTAM soon after christmas (CD "Memories Of A Color", EastWest, 1992)
14. SEAN DERRICK COOPER MARQUARDT prayer for the people of the sea (kosmik leprechaun remix ft. jaime munárriz (12xMP3 "I Met God - She's Black", Skull Dungeon, 2017)

h2: Xassette Xulture to the Maxxx

15. 1SBH snow (C60 "VA - Never No Time To Play", IRRE Tapes, 1993)
16. DEE JAY EMM 23 december 1991 (2xC62 "VA - The Christmas Compilation", Ebus Music, 1992)
17. MORE CHANGES only for one day (MC "May I Have A Christmas Contract 3", Demodum, 1982")
18. TO TROTTE TYPER alle tidere julebrygg - christmas elephants (C60 "VA - X-Mas Tunes", Hypertonia World Enterprises)
19. ZÖHRMANN tango atlantico (MC "Heavy-Folk-Pop", Edition Grundmann & Neubert, 1989)
20. MICKI MATSCHKOPF oh tannenbaum (MC "May I Have A Christmas Contract 3", Demodum, 1982")
21. MASHAKIRO TAKAHASHI touji (MC "VA - Christmas Compilation Vol. 3 - Icicle", 1982)
22. CHARLES RICE GOFF III statement to "new colors to the dawn" (self-released)
23. CHARLES RICE GOFF III new colors to the dawn", self-released)
24. GREIF - DIE SELTSAME SEKRETÄRIN the tree shouldn't burn (MC "May I Have A Christmas Contract 2", Demodum, 1982)
25. DYNAMO KIEW stille nacht in stalingrad (MC "May I Have A Christmas Contract 2", Demodum, 1982)
26. L'EDARPS A MOTH weihnacht 1990 (2xC62 "VA - The Christmas Compilation", Ebus Music, 1992)

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