1. MINA rotes plastik (CD "V.A. - Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprise, 1998)
2. DAS FREIE ORCHESTER falsche versprechen (98xMP3 "High Risk Of Rainbows & Hair Ribbons (I Got The Corona Virus - 19 Blues)", Harsh Reality Music, 2020)
3. LORD LITTER the modern show (10xMP3 "A Bad Case Of True Love", Alternate Media Tapes, 2020)
4. LORD LITTER robertism (16xMP3 "Litter's Reel All Itty", Harsh Reality Music, 2019)
5. THE LORD LITTER BAND the sun shines in new york city tonight (CD "VA - Outbreakers I - Guitar Compilation, Ebus Music, 1993)
6. JOHN LENNON instant karma (7"-Single, Apple Records, 1970)
7. DAUERFISCH (Lord Litter's Radio On Show - In Berlin Again - Radio On Magazine #4, December 2020)
8. LORD LITTER something different (12xMP3 "The Birmingham Basher", Alternate Media Tapes, 2020)
9. LORD LITTER factor x (16xMP3 "Litter's Reel All Itty", Harsh Reality Music, 2019)
10. MICHAEL ATHERTON after the rain (12"-LP "Windshift", Infinite Expanse, 2023)

11. LORD LITTER leaving reality behind me (C60 "Torn Between Temptations", Kentucky Fried Royalty", 1991)
12. LORD LITTER i know what we could do (C60 "VA - The Pop Side Of IRRE-Tapes", Alternate Media Tapes, 1990)
13. LORD LITTER well it's all over now (MC "Woosh (Then The Hammer Comes Down)", Music Factory, Out Of The Blue, 1987)
14. DIETER MAUSON & LORD LITTER a. untitled (C15 "El Tiro Solitario, One Last Dream, Out Of The Blue, 1989)
15. LORD LITTER & RATTUS REXX it's always the same (Cassingle, Out Of The Blue, Weed, Common Production, 1988)
16. LORD LITTER handicap and equality (Peter Hammill Cover) (MC "In The Afterglow", Litter Music, 1994)
17. DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER down (C60 "VA - Discover The Cover (Die Covercassette)", Das MonifLabel, 1990)
18. LORD LITTER down (C60 "VA - Discover The Cover (Die Covercassette)", Das MonifLabel, 1990)
19. SISTER SINISTER (Lord Litter's Magic Music Box International, KOWS, 2023_50)
20. DAS FREIE ORCHESTER the game (MC "Now", Kroeten Kassetten, KK11, 1990)


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