Ice Blue Orchestra, Bye Bye Andrea & Cassette-Culture mit Herr Ebu: 06.08.2013

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA between destinations 1 (CD "Between Destinations", 2011, Eigenverlag, Germany)
03. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA camina de santiago (siehe oben)
04. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA between destinations 2 (siehe oben)
05. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA der karpaten schlager (siehe oben)
06. JETHRO TULL hunting girl (LP "Songs From The Wood", 1977, Chrysalis, Germany)
07. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA summer-ouverture (siehe oben)
08. MEKONG DELTA gnomus (orchestral version) (CD "Pictures At An Exhibition", 1996, Bullet Proof Records, Europe)
09. ANYONE'S DAUGHTER sonne (CD "In Blau", 1982/1993, Music Is Intelligence, Germany)
10. JOACHIM WITT beben (CD "DOM", 2012, Columbia Seven One, Germany)
11. QNTAL entre moi et mon amin (CD "III - Tristan Und Isolde", 2003, Stars In The Dark, Germany) -- dedicated to my soulmate Andrea (21. Jan 1968 - 22. July 2013)
12. JETHRO TULL pibroch (cap in hand) (extract) (LP "Songs From The Wood", 1977, Chrysalis, Germany)


13. FICTION silence and beats (MC "Some Arts Of Political Education", 198x, Germany)
14. M.A.L. welcome to the land of dream (C60 "Outlaw", 1986, Insane Music, Belgium)
15. HUMAN FLESH second day (C60 "Life In Reverse / Meditation And Fears", 1989, Insane Music, Belgium)
16. LIQUID SOUND SYSTEM move this image (C46 "Corinna's Dream", 1992, Eigenverlag, Germany)
17. DANIEL TRIANA kinetic image (a musical film) (C60 "Selections", 1990, IRRE-Tapes, IT047, Germany)
18. MAEROR TRI blowing sounds from a dome (extract) (C60 "Archaic States", 1993, G.R.O.S.S., Japan)

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Nächste Sendung mit mir: 03.09.2013, 20-22h (Phlegmatix, Cassette-Culture & mehr)

h1: Musik & Beiträge

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA between destinations I (CD "Between Destinations", 2011, Larks Tongues Music, Germany)
03. IVAN SPIELT AKKUSTISCH VORWIEGEND DEUTSCHES LIEDGUT tausend kleine tode (CDr "Fingerspritze", 2012, Cash for Trash Music, Germany)
04. LENE LOVICH you can' kill me (LP "Flex", 1979, Stiff Records, Germany)
05. FIS ...wandert durch den wald (5"-CD "Emmi, das Klavier", 1990, Tom Produkt, Schweiz)
06. BOXHAMSTERS farben (CD "Prinz Albert", Bad Moon Records, BAD 020, 1993, Germany)
07. ORGIA PRAVEDNIKOV Скименъ (Крепко Яко Смерть Любы) (Skimen) (CD "For These Who See Dreams", 2010, Electroshock Records, Russia)
08. FRANZ RISK ewige liebe (unpublished live recording Song Slam KOHI, Karlsruhe, 2012-02-01)
09. TRIO danger is (LP "Trio", 1982, Mercury, Germany)
10. CARMEN mit dem auto durch die welt (LP "Puppe aus Glas", 1982, Schallmauer, SCHALL 017, Germany)
11. FIS ...rechnet ab (5"-CD "Emmi, das Klavier", 1990, Tom Produkt, Schweiz)
12. GO-BETWEENS the house jack kerouac built (CD "1978 - 1990" 1990, Beggars Banquet, Germany)
13. JOACHIM WITT strenges mädchen (CD "Edelweiss", 1982, WEA, Germany)
14. ORGIA PRAVEDNIKOV across thin ice (CD "For These Who See Dreams", 2010, Electroshock Records, Russia)

(die letzte halbe Stunde mit Gast-Moderatorin Ulrike)

15. WET TAXIES miniamata (MC "Taxidermi", Terse Tapes, Australia, 1980)
16. VISCERA silent friend (MC "Hot And Cold", Cause And Effect, USA - Link:
17. HARALD SACK ZIEGLER gross genug (toy version) (V.A. - V - 5. MonifLabelCompilation, Das MonifLabel, Schweiz)
18. STEVE MOORE hermetic discourse (MC "The Treashold Of Liberty", 1985,
19. HERR EBU toastbrot (MC "Unite We Fight", PunkID, Germany)
20. DER ÄSTHETISCHE EINZELKÄMPFER das chaotische prinzip (MC "Resig-Nation", 1990, Germany)
21. XX (MC "UU", 1981, Funafuti Tapes, T03, Germany)
22. NO UNAUTHORIZED bouffer les mains (MC "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 2", Prion Tapes, Pr6, Germany)
23. ZDL (MC "Im Planetarium", Germany)

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h1: Musik & Beiträge -- Rödelheimer Musiknacht, Retro Kult One, Daniel Grinsted, Ivan etc...

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. HU CREIX following the invisible (with bruno karnel on the SAZ) (Download Album "Just Words", 2012, France)
03. KRAFTWERK die mensch maschine (CD "Die Mensch Maschine", 1986, Kling Klang, Germany)
04. STUMP bone (CD "A Fierce Pancake", 1988, Chrysalis, USA)
05. DANIEL GRINSTED why believe (CDr "Same", 2013, self-release, Germany)
06. DANIEL GRINSTED love is stronger (CDr "Same", 2013, self-release, Germany)
07. DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER tierchen schlief (MC-60 "V.A. + Die Welttraumforscher - Discover The Cover - Die Covercassette", 1990, Das MonifLabel, PP015, Switzerland)
08. DOC TAHRI desperate moments (CD "Einstein was a Bullfighter", 1997, Musical Tragedies, MT-364, Germany)
09. TURN THE STONE no excuses (live recording, 2012, self-released, Germany)
10. TEXAS CORNFLAKE MASSACRE and the devil turns the light of (CD-EP "An Odyssey Through Mistakes...With A Handful Of Cornflakes", 2012, self-released, Germany)
11. HACKE PETERS der tag an dem die erde still stand (2013-03-09, rehearsal-room, Germany)
12. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA des kaisers schicke kleider (extract) (CD "Between Destinations", 2012, self-released, Germany)


13. MYER'S APPL. replaceable body parts (MC, USA)
14. GYPSY komm mal her (MC "Therefore I Am")
15. YELWORC data-control (MC "tanata$", 1991, Danse Macabre Records, Germany)
16. YELWORC last exit (MC "tanata$", 1991, Danse Macabre Records, Germany)
17. M.NOMIZED quand le sexe passe (MC-60 "Sample 8", Red Neon Tapes, RN15, Belgium)
18. BRANDY CORPSE bad education (MC, Germany)
19. RAUSCHANGRIFF BILD-Beschreibung (MC, Germany)
20. ATTACKE popsong (MC, Germany)
21. NANO-NANO ma buse (MC, Germany)
22. LEFDUP & LEFDUP folio furieuse
23. AUDITHOR sumarnatta (Balsamia, Norway)
24. MYERS APPL. a german requiem (MC, USA)

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h1: Gast STEFFI SKOLIK, Drummerin der All-Girl-AC/DC-Coverband HELLS BELLES

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. AC/DC rocker (LP "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", 1976, Atlantic)
03. HELLS BELLES whole lotta rosie (CD, Germany)
04. AC/DC it's a long way to the top (LP "High Voltage", 1976, Atlantic)
05. HELLS BELLES rock'n'roll all day (CD, Germany)
06. W.E.S.P. manimal (CDr "Live", Maniacs Of Rock, Germany)
07. HELLS BELLES t.n.t. (live) (CD, Germany)
08. AC/DC touch too much (LP "Highway To Hell", Atlantic, 1979)
09. W.E.S.P. blind in texas (CDr "Live", Maniacs Of Rock, Germany)
10. HELLS BELLES hell ain't a bad place to be (CD, Germany)


11. AUDITHOR raud som blod (Balsamia)
12. ENSTRUCTION before the suicide (C60 "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 2", Prion Tapes, Pr6, 1987, Germany)
13. RUDOLPHS RACHE wenn das bier verboten wird (MC "Wir rasieren uns", Trümmer Products, 010, Germany)
14. SILENT VOICES end zeit (C60 "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 1", Prion Tapes, Pr5, 1987, Germany)
15. NO UNAUTHORIZED bouffer le mains (C60 "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 2" Prion Tapes, Pr6, 1987, Germany)
16. BENE GESSERIT AND USWARD intelligent life (C60 "Secret Mind - Postal Project", Insane Music, INS 52, 1989, Belgium)
17. DAS PROBLEM vulkan (CDr "Leben am Fusse des Vulkans", Lebensgefahr, 2006, Germany)
18. OVERKNOX herz in deiner hand (MC, Germany)
19. DIE LEBENDE DOSIS set-zen sie sich rich-tig rum hin (MC, Germany)
20. DAJAT INJA point of view (MC "Just For You", Schachtmeister Tapes, Germany)
21. DOC WÖR MIRRAN twang (C60 "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 1", Prion Tapes, Pr5, 1987, Germany)
22. BIOPULS ja - nein - doch (C46 "Liebeslieder", Mare Enterprises, 1999, Germany)

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h1: Netlabel: Hippocamp

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. BRENT MOTTLEY pagan summer peach juice (Album "Circabrae", Hippocamp, hc046, England)
03. MAROUFLEUR the circus sings its seven songs (only with molten throat) (Album "Fireworks And Watershows (Depending On The Weather)", hc027)
04. THE SUNSHINE FAMILY hello (Album "Hippocamp Summer Compilation Part1", hc138 Part1, 2005)
05. BILLY THE KID san francisco (Album "Hippocamp Covers Compilation", hc091)
06. MIKROSOPHT AND JEROHME SPYE jump (Album "Hippocamp Covers Compilation", hc091)
07. 8BIT BETTY was that away message for me? (Album "Too Bleep To Blop", hc152) 
08. IERMOC ladctsfaw v02 (Album "H2", hc058)
09. JONATHAN FISHER firth of tay (extended) (Album "Thin Places", hc106)
10. THE SUNSHINE FAMILY little dinosaur (Album "It's Hot Hot Hot", hc119)
11. BATFINKS peppercorn (Album "The One Towards The Garrick From The Bird", hc042)
All releases (except of MINA-rotes plastik) by Hippocamp, UK,

h2: Cassette-Culture

12. SOMETIMES IT SNOWS IN APRIL ich schrei dir meine liebe ins gesicht (MC-45 "Solaria", 1989, Eigenproduktion, DDR)
13. THOMAS SYSTEM heute oder morgen (MC "Die Göttliche", 1982, Wartungsfrei, DDR)
14. KNUT BALTZ FORMATION für wackenroeder (MC "Die 2.", 1988, DDR)
15. SYMPATHY NERVOUS spirit of the bomb (MC-46 "No More Expo", 1980, NE-1002T, Japan)
16. SYMPATHY NERVOUS khahi cloud (MC-46 "No More Expo", 1980, NE-1002T, Japan)
17. BRANDSTIFTER & INOX cdu (no information so far, Germany)
18. CHARLES RICE GOFF III and HAL McGEE magnetic fields forever (MC "Lobhia Aur Khumbi", 1998, HalTapes, USA)
19. ALMOST HUMAN tunesia 90 (MC-46 "No Style Music", 199x, IRRE-Tapes, IT037, Germany)
20. ALMOST HUMAN the account (MC-46 "No Style Music", 199x, IRRE-Tapes, IT037, Germany)
21. CHEAPO CARD COMPANY mrs moppitup moves out (MC "Am Ess", 199x, Cheap Prod 006, UK)
22. CROINERS untitled 4 (MC-35 "Music To Listen To Other Tapes By", 198x, USA)
23. COUNCIL ANDERSON the darkness song (part 1) (very little extract) (MC-60 "Crystals", 1991, Germany)

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h1: Meine Geburtstagssendung mit Studiogästen

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
03. LEO PINKERTON & ARAFEL interview + trommeln&obertongesang + interview
04. JOACHIM WITT rose-marie (2CD "DOM", 2012, Columbia Seven One, Germany)
05. BARBARA interview zum tauschring
06. TINA NUR interview + are you afraid + interview
07. ANJA & RALPH interview
08. SONG SLAM IM KOHI/KARLSRUHE 1.FEB 2013 rückblick 1 (mit Liveaufnahmen)
09. TOM BOLLER uhrensohn (Live vom Song Slam)

h2: Meine Geburtstagssendung mit Studiogästen und dem Thema "Cassette Culture"

10. SONG SLAM IM KOHI/KARLSRUHE 1. FEB 2013 rückblick 2 (mit Liveaufnahmen)
11. HERR EBU bingo publikum toll (Live vom Song Slam)
12. ULI aka DER ÄSTHETISCHE EINZELKÄMPFER interview + der Angriff der Killerkarnickel (CD "Schnelles Leben", 1993, OFFensive Offenbach)
13. ULI & ROZA interview über heidnische rituale + der ästhetische einzelkämpfer
15. ROZA interpretation zu "Toastbrot"
16. DIE LEBENDE DOSIS wassertod (MC "Wasserspiel", Attli Svensson Enterprises, Germany)
17. MICHAEL BLOECK aka BEPOET interview + krötenwanderung + interview + süßkartoffelpüree + interview + es kommt immer wieder
18. DELETED neue mench (MC "No Songs", 1988, Tonspur Tapes, tt23, Germany)
19. DIRK HÜLSTRUNK interview + aga ong + interview + gut + interview
20. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany) + VERABSCHIEDUNG MIT ALLEN STUDIOGÄSTEN


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h1: Jahresrückblick / Annual Review 2012 (for Cassette-Culture please watch h2)

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. ORGIA PRAVEDNIKOV the catcher in the rye (CD "For These Who See Dreams", 2010, Electroshock Records, Russia)
03. EDWARD ARTEMIEV credo (CD "Mood - Pictures", 2010, Electroshock Records, Russia)
04. BATFINKS peppercorn (MP3-Download, Hippocamp, USA)
05. JOACHIM WITT königreich (2-CD "DOM", 2012, Columbia Music Seven One, Germany)
06. CITY OF CARS the day lindsay lohan dies (12-MLP "You Know! It's Not Cool.", 2012, Subwix, Strictly Commercial, Nebula Fünf Enterprises Int., Kill All Human Rec., Aldi Punk, My Delight Rec., Fight The System Rec., Puke Music, Elfenart Rec., Pest & Cholera Rec., Kotzbrocken Rec., Qualitativus Recordicus, Mad Butcher Records, Germany)
07. LAFFTRAK das leben der languste (7"-EP "Das Ende der Welt", 2012, Qualitativus Recordicus, Tief in Marcellos Schuld, Aldi Punk, Kill All Human Records, Strictly Commercial Records, Sengaja Records, Germany)
08. DALIS CAR subhanallah (MP3-Download "In Glad Aloneless", 2012, MK)
09. HU CREIX just words (MP3-Download "Just Words", 2012, Sirona Records, France)
10. M.NOMIZED moon and earth (MP3-Download "Squares & Circles", 2012, Bandcamp)
11. UDO LINDENBERG good life city (7"-Single "Good Life City", 1972, Telefunken, Germany)
12. EVA CROISSANT deine worte (CD "Du bist nicht irgendwer", 2012, Regioactive, Germany)
13. ORGIA PRAVEDNIKOV skimen (CD "For These Who See Dreams", 2010, Electroshock Records, Russia)

h2: Cassette-Culture Jahresrückblick / Annual Review 2012

14. MARIANN KÄFER never 2.0.3 (C60 "The Man Who Saw The Man Who Drowned The Fish", 1993, Tonspur Tapes, Germany)
15. THOMAS SYSTEM egal wohin (MC "Die Göttliche", 1982, Wartungsfrei, GDR)
16. ANDROMEDA COMPLEX vessilifera mortifera (MC "Hypnotic Erotic Syndrome", 1995, Trümmer, Germany)
17. INOX KAPELL wie damals im märchen (C90 "Hirschkäfer & Köderdose", 1990, One Last Dream / Urknall, Germany)
18. DER ÄSTHETISCHE EINZELKÄMPFER isolation  (MC "ResigNation", 1990, self-released, Germany)
19. WATERCOLOURED WELL perfect bird (CD "Arsonist's Rebirthday Audition", 2012, Monochrome Vision, Russia)
20. POISON DWARFS cut (C60 "Various Artists - The Crazy-Side of IRRE Tapes", 1990, Ebus Music, Germany)
21. HACKE PETERS die einzig wahre (CD "Various Artists - EuropeanUndergroundRockFront Volume 1", 2009, Europeanundergroundpunkrockfront, Germany)
22. WITHOUT TALENT birthday (CD "Without Talent '05", 2005, self-released, Germany)
23. HÖREN & STAUNEN brüder zur sonne (C10 "Kampflieder der Arbeiterklasse", 1982, Zweckfei Kassetten, GDR)
24. KALTFRONT / FREUNDE DER ITALIENISCHEN OPER / TIERISCHER FRÜHLING / HEIKE & JULIA tannenbaum (C26 "Various Artists - The Christmas Mini Tape", 1988, Zieh dich warm an Tapes, GDR)

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