h1: Neue Online-Compilation: Rise 2014 M&E Showcase / Joachim Witt - Neues Album Neumond + Tournee / Bagband CDr + mehr...
h2: Cassette Culture

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. CENSUS OF HALLUCINATIONS the forest stars signature (Online-Compilation "V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase", 2014-05-04, Music & Elsewhere, Soundcloud)
03. WALT THISNEY selling the sky (..."V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
04. META GEORGIA early bird (..."V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
05. THE PURPLE BETTER ONE one minute wonder (..."V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
06. LORD LITTER barego (..."V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
07. WATERCOLOURED WELL careless wisper ^^!!^^ flanger than paradise (...V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
08. JOACHIM WITT mein herz (2-CD "Neumond", 2014, Oblivion, SPV, Germany)
09. JOACHIM WITT spät (2-CD "Neumond", 2014, Oblivion, SPV, Germany)
10. WARNING why can the bodies fly (MCD "Why Can The Bodies Fly", 1988, Fontana, Germany)
11. JOACHIM WITT hoping (2-CD "Neumond", 2014, Oblivion, SPV, Germany)
12. BAGBAND staiger (extract I) (CDr "Staiger CDr", 2014, VEB Freie Brandstiftung, BB01, Germany)

13. WET TAXIS miniamata (MC "Taxidermy", 1980, Terse Tapes, Australia)
14. BAGBAND staiger (extract II) (CDr "Staiger CDr"...)
15. WET TAXIS FP219 (MC "Taxidermy", 1980, Terse Tapes, Australia)
16. THE TAPES low gear (C50 "Partitura Incompiuta Per Pianola Meccanica", Minus Habens, Italia)
17. ATTACKE pop-song (MC, Germany)
18. WILD GIFT strahlenkrankheit (C50 "Unite We Fight", PunkID, April 2010, Germany)
19. RAUSCHANGRIFF BILDbeschreibung (MC, Germany)
20. HACKE PETERS feucht & fröhlich (CDr "Die CD die erst komplett fertig wurde als der Sänger bereits die Band verlassen hatte und daher in dieser Form nicht in den Handel kommt, 2009, Germany)
21. YELWORC c.o.m.a. (MC, tanata$, Danse Macabre Records, krok 30, 1991, Germany)
22. LEFDUP & LEFDUP folio furieuse
23. M. NOMIZED quand le sexe passe (C60 "Sample 8", Red Neon Tapes, RN15, Belgium)
24. NANO-NANO ma buse (MC, Germany)

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Cassette-Culture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cassette_culture
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h1: Joachim Witt (neue Single), Classwar Karaoke (Nachtrag) etc...
h2: Cassette-Culture with "V.A. - One Two Three Four Vol. I + II" + more.
(A few more details soon...)

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. REUTOFF mardhong (CD "The Walls Are Whispering Vol. II", EE-Tapes)
03. TOM DISSEVELT + KID BALTAN syncopation
04. THE MICHAEL ATONAL VVVICK TRIP orikekeOcouu (Online Compilation "Classwar Karaoke 0025 Survey", 2014-02-28, Classwar Karaoke, USA)
05. SEAN DERRICK COOPER MARQUARDT january radio silence ("Classwar Karaoke"...)
06. DRONE MESSIAH self inflicted wounds (Soundcloud)
07. WARNING dark crystal (12"-LP "Electric Eyes", 1983, Phonogram, Germany)
08. JOACHIM WITT tragedy (Download-Single "Mein Herz", 2014-03-28, Oblivion, Germany)
09. JOACHIM WITT mein herz (Download-Single "Mein Herz", 2014-03-28, Oblivion, Germany)
10. GREEN WITCH greenyEscape (Youtube)
11. PBK impulsion (CD "The Walls Are Whispering", EE-Tapes)
12. EXTRABREIT eye of the snake (CD "LP der Woche", 1984, Phonogram, Germany)

13. UNPLEASANT SURPRISE crime (C60 "V.A. - One - Two - Three - Four Vol. I", Ebus Music, Germany)
14. THE DEAD GOLDFISH ENSEMBLE second scene (C60 "V.A. - One - Two - Three - Four Vol. II", Ebus Music, Germany)
15. M.NOMIZED tu es triste ("...Vol. I"...)
17. VULTURE CULTURE vulture culture in concert
18. DAS FRÖHLICHE WOHNZIMMER metallic monstrosity
19. FRAK dead man before life
20. TREYE one life in some seconds
21. L'EDARPS A MOTH ich bin ein gewitter (extract) - ...sonne... (MC "Flakkerlicht", Büro für Akute Planung, Germany)
22. WATERCOLOURED WELL pipes of duun (Online Compilation "Classwar Karaoke 0025 Survey", 2014-02-28, Classwar Karaoke, USA)

Classwar Karaoke: http://freemusicarchive.org/label/classwar_karaoke/ 
Joachim Witt: http://www.joachimwitt.de 
One - Two - Three - Four Vol. I + II: http://1000flights.blogspot.de/2014/02/va-one-two-three-fourvol-iebus-music.html
Watercoloured Well: https://www.facebook.com/watercolouredwell 
Cassette-Culture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cassette_culture  

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h1: Classwar Karaoke (Online Compilation), early-electronic-music, minimal-music, Studioguest: Dirk HuelsTrunk
h2: Cassette Culture with "V.A. - New Hippies Volume 1, 2, 3"

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. TREVOR WATTS DRUM ORCHESTRA burundi monday (Online Compilation "Classwar Karaoke 0025 Survey", 2014-02-28, Classwar Karaoke, USA)
03. AGNIESZKA CLA NIENDAWIDZ tylko ("Classwar Karaoke"...)
04. THE BLUE MEN (JOE MEEK) love dance of the saroos (12xCD "The EP Collection - I Hear A New World Part 2", 2007, Castle Music, England)
05. WATERCOLOURED WELL pipes of duun ("Classwar Karaoke"...)
06. ELSE MARIE PADE faust - margarethes fordommelse (CD "Et Glasperlespil", 2001, Dacapo Records, Denmark)
07. PAS-MUSIQUE deconstructing vibrations ("Classwar Karaoke"...)
08. ANTONIO DE BRAGA disoriented again ("Classwar Karaoke"...)
09. HELYPTRONICS cartilage twist ("Classwar Karaoke"...)
10. WELTSCHMERTZ astronaut (LP "Same", 1982, Ahorn, Germany)
11. FIVE TO THE STARS keep you safe ("Classwar Karaoke"...)

12. M.NOMIZED cactus (C60 "New Hippies Volume 1", Red Neon Tapes, RN 7, Belgium)
13. SHRILLTOWER the antique shop (C60 "New Hippies Volume 3", Red Neon Tapes, RN 8, Belgium)
14. KLIMPEREI bille de chien (C60 "New Hippies Volume 2", Red Neon Tapes, RN 8, Belgium)
15. JOHNSON FIVER paradise (C60 "New Hippies Volume 2"...)
16. SCHMERTZ DER WELTEN nur für dich (C60 "New Hippies Volume 3"...)
17. GÜNTER SCHROTH - UWE ZAHN collaboration (C60 "New Hippies Volume 2"...)
18. MACHINE MAID MAN eating the past (C60 "New Hippies Volume 2"...)
19. FERNANDO CERQUEIRA croniamantal (C60 "New Hippies Volume 2"...)
20. NOIRPHESIA sigma tau (C60 "New Hippies Volume 1"...)
21. KING EBU just one more preview without a title (C60 "New Hippies Volume 3"...)
22. FROM NURSERY TO MISERY walking on fire (C60 "New Hippies Volume 3"...)
23. RACHID AL TALIQ music of a nomad (extract) (C60 "New Hippies Volume 2"...)
24. GERFRIED FEISTRITZER emotion up the sea (C60 "New Hippies Volume 1"...)

Classwar Karaoke 0025 Survey: http://freemusicarchive.org/label/classwar_karaoke/ 
Watercoloured Well: https://www.facebook.com/watercolouredwell
New Hippies Volume 1, 2, 3: http://1000flights.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/va-new-hippies-vol-1red-neon.html 
More playlists and some downloads on Ebus Music: http://www.ebusmusic.com
And: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cassette_culture

Näxt show: Tuesday, 1st April 2014, 20-22h / 8-10 pm (GMT=UTC+2)
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h1: Ein Radio X Kellerfund + sonstige Musik mit Anekdoten
h2: Cassette-Culture mit Music & Elsewhere und anderen Dingen

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. INOX KAPELL - Interviewausschnitte
03. PHILLIP BOA & THE VOODOOCLUB my sweet devil in the sky (CD "Aristocracie", 1986, Constrictor, Germany)
04. TOM WAITS fish & bird (CD "Alice", 2002, Anti-, Epitaph, Europe)
05. BUKI YAMAZ moonfighter (LP "Segundo", 1976, Stuk, Denmark)
06. STINA NORDENSTAM keen yellow planet (CD "This Is Stina Nordenstam", 2001, Independiente, England)
07. HANDSOME FAMILY winnebago skeletons (CD "Milk And Scissors", 1996, Scout Releases, Germany)
07. IVAN SPIELT AKKUSTISCH VORWIEGEND DEUTSCHES LIEDGUT tausend kleine tode (CDr "Fingerspritze", 2012, Cash For Trash Music, Germany)
08. TRAINS AND BOATS AND PLANES all my friends (CD "Engulfed", 1992, Cloudland, Denmark)
09. THE GO-BETWEENS twin layers of lightning (CD "Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express", 1986, Rebel Rec., Germany)
10. THE CHAIN RELEASE database of lost souls (MP3, 2013, Germany)

11. THE TUTSIS snake dance (DVD "Decadion 2", 2013, Music & Elsewhere, England)
12. KARDA ESTRA transference (DVD "Decadion 2"...)
13. KARDA ESTRA atom of warmth (Download-Compilation "Music & Elsewhere, Showcase - New Year 2014", England)
14. THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE big crime 89 (DVD "Decadion 2"...)
15. OPERA MULTI STEEL les douleurs de l'ennui (Download-Compilation "Music & Elsewhere Showcase...)
16. FEROX naked truth (Download-Compilation "Music & Elsewhere Showcase...)
17. MR. MOTO mr. monifmix (C60 "-V- 5.Moniflabelsampler", 1996, Das MonifLabel, Switzerland)
18. XX uu (C60 "UU", 1981, Funafuti Tapes, T-03, Germany)
19. ACID REST FUNKER juzzride (Self-recorded, 2013, Germany)


Näxt Show: Tuesday, 4th March 2014, 20-22h / 8-10pm
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h1: My individual annual-review 2013
h2: Cassette-Culture also with annual-review....

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "V.A. - Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. BATFINKS peppercorn (Album "The One Towards The Garrick From The Bird", hc042, England)
03. WHITE NOISE love without sound (12"-LP "An Electric Storm", 1969, Island Records, England)
04. HELLS BELLES rock'n'roll all day (CD, Germany)
05. FIS ...wandert durch den wald (5"-CD "Emmi das Klavier", 1990, Tom Produkt, Schweiz)
06. FIS ...segelt über den see (5"-CD "Emmi...)
07. FIS ...wandert nach hause (5"-CD "Emmi...)
08. EVA CROISSANT gib auf dich acht (live) (2012, Germany)
09. QNTAL entre moi et mon amin (CD "Qntal III - Tristan und Isolde", 2003, Stars In The Dark, Germany)
10. ICE BLUE ORCHESTRA between destinations 1 (CD "Between Destinations", 2011, Eigenverlag, Germany)
11. GENETIKS keine neue heimat (CD "Schwarzbuch Deutscher Postpunks", 2010, Genoton, Danse Macabre Records, Al!ve, Germany)
12. MONO INC. & JOACHIM WITT kein weg zu weit (CD "Nimmermehr" No Cut, Germany)
13. CHAPELLE SONIQUE the real me inside me (Online-Only-For-Now, 2013, Belgium)

14. DIRK HUELSTRUNK aga ong (Live @ Radio X 5 February 2013)
15. LEO PINKERTON & ARAFEL (Live @ Radio X 5 February 2013)
16. COUNCIL ANDERSON the darkness song part 1 (C60 "Crystals", Eigenverlag, 1991, Germany)
17. DIE LEBENDE DOSIS im rabenland (CDr "Nachspiel", Papayans Productions, Germany)
18. YELWORc data control (MC "Tanata$", 1991, Danse Macabre, krok 30, Germany)
19. NO UNAUTHORIZED bouffer les mains (C60 "V.A. - Durchschnittsanfall", Nov 1987, Prion Tapes, Germany)
20. LIQUID SOUNDS SYSTEM move this image (C40 "Corinnas Dream", 1992, LSS01/92, Germany)
22. SOLANACEAE TAU everything is bleeding (DVDr "V.A. - Decadion 2", 2013-08-10, Music & Elsewhere, England)
23. DIE TRAKTOR party pals (DVDr "V.A. - Decadion 2"...)
24. MAGIC MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME blitzkrieg! (DVDr "V.A. - Decadion 2"...)

Näxt Sendung: Di, der 4. Feb 2014, 20-22 Uhr
Kontakt: carsten (at) ebusmusic (dot) com

Just Music & Cassette Culture mit Herr Ebu: 03.12.2013

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "V.A. - Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. SCHLAUCH further research (CD "V.A. - Neue Gen-Erra-Tion III" "Güteklasse", N.B.U., 1995, Germany)
03. DO QUERMI RAN fuzzy wasabai (CD "Same", Miss Management, Germany)
04. ERIXMA two million (CD "Sphere Of Magnetick Virtue", Frament Music, March 2003, England)
05. JÖRG THOMASIUS sitarius afi II (5"-Vinyl+CD "V.A. - The Art Of Marginal Talent", 1997, Marginal Talent, Germany)
06. FRANK WIEHE bald (CDr "dalb", 2003, Self-released, Germany)
07. DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER in der taverne zur zauberlaterne (CD "Vivinas Garten", 2004, Die Sideria Werkstätten, Switzerland)
08. CHAPELLE SONIQUE the real me inside me (Online-only-for-now, 2013, Belgium)
09. EDWARD ARTEMIEV prints in tundra and the first tree (CD "So weit die Füsse tragen", 2001, Electro Shock Records, Russia)
10. HU CREIX the no soul man (minimal beat reworked)
11. ELLA GURU + ASSISTANT uccidere straker! (2CD "Snowdoniani Baccelloni Invadono Megaton 4, Snowdoniani Baccelloni Attaccano Megaton 4", Snowdonia, 1998, Italy)
12. RAFAEL FLORES sanzoot (CD "Nubes, Cometas, Rumores Y Orugas", 2005, Monochrome Vision, Russia)
13. IF, BWANA untitled #651 (CD "They Call Me Bwana", Sound Of Pig 1987, Forced Nostalgia 2013, USA)
14. DIE MASCHINE UND DAS DING 124603 (CD+Download "Virus-Adventskalender 2001", Virus Music, Germany)

h2: CASSETTE-CULTURE, Theme: X-Max-Tunes

15. INTRO (2xC63 "The X-Mas Compilation", Ebus Music, 1992, Germany)
16. XOmatic - Jingle Bells (C60 "X-Mas Tunes", Hypertonia World Enterprises, 1988, Norway)
17. XEROPHYTE jingle gabbage (2x63 "The X-Mas Compilation"...)
18. INJURIEN glaaaade (C60 "X-Mas Tunes"...)
19. TO TROTTE TYPER alle tidere (C60 "X-Mas Tunes"...)
20. TRIO ZUTER det lyser i stille grender (C60 "X-Mas Tunes"...)
21. LEISURE SISTERS here comes santa claus (C60 "X-Mas Tunes"...)
22. NO UNAUTHORIZED happy christmas (C60 "X-Mas Tunes"...)
23. KALTFRONT / FREUNDE DER ITALIENISCHEN OPER / TIERISCHER FRÜHLING / HEIKE & JULIA tannenbaum (C-26 "The Christmas Mini Tape", 1988, Zieh dich warm an Tapes, DDR)
24. NICOLE CAMPAU snowflakes (C60 "X-Mas Tunes"...)
25. CHRIS WIND god rest ye merry gentlemen (2x63 "The X-Mas Compilation"...)
26. RICHARD YOUNGS i saw three ships (2x63 "The X-Mas Compilation"...)
27. D.M.A.D.T. message '91 (2x63 "The X-Mas Compilation"...)
28. JAMES HILL & MICKEY STEIN xmas Song (Original Sound From Tape)(C60 "X-Mas Tunes"...)
29. JAMES HILL & MICKEY STEIN xmas Song (Original Sound From Tape but louder) (C60 "X-Mas Tunes"...)
30. JAMES HILL & MICKEY STEIN xmas Song (C60 "X-Mas Tunes"...)
31. KLIMPEREI pour un allmand meimei (2x63 "The X-Mas Compilation"...)
32. B.O.P. if you want an answer (2x63 "The X-Mas Compilation"...)

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Nächste Sendung mit Herr Ebu (me): Di, 7. Januar 2014, 20-22h
Nächste Sendung: Golfregion Di, 10, Dezember 2013 21-22h

Just Good Music & Cassette Culture mit Herr Ebu: 05.11.13

Buch-Neuerscheinung: PETER BEHRENS der clown mit der trommel
Meines Vaters Achims 83ster Geburtstag :D 

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "V.A. - Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. GENETIKS keine neue heimat (CD "Schwarzbuch Deutscher Postpunk", Genoton, Danse Macabre, 2010, Germany)
03. HARALD SACK ZIEGLER sie riecht so gut (CD "Punkt", Staubgold, 2005, Germany)
04. HERR EBU ohne parfüm (extract, live a capella), 2013, Radio X Studio 1, Germany)
05. COLUMN ONE electric voices (CD "Electric Pleasure", 2001, 90% Wasser (Records), Germany)
06. KLAATU little neutrino (LP "Same", 1976, Capitol Records, Germany)
07. DALIS CAR subhanallah (CD "InGladAloneless", 2012, MK, England)
08. ANNE DUDLEY communion (CD "Ancient and Modern", 1995, Echo, England)
09. DEMIS ROUSSOS follow me (full length version) (7"-Single, 1982, Polydor, England)
10. JOACHIM WITT leichtsinn (CD "DOM", 2012, Columbia Music SevenOne, Germany)
11. HU CREIX the no soul man (minimal beat reworked)
12. CARL ESCOBAR es war ein sanftes gefühl

(Backgroundmusic: DAVID BRITTEN whale song CD, 1997, Alfa Media, Germany)

SPECIAL!! Various Artists: DECADION 2
A MP3-compilation of 12 hours, 37 minutes and 30 seconds by 147 artists, released 2013-08-10 + Bonus CD "United World Underground" on Music & Elsewhere, England
Purchase: http://www.mickmagic.net

13. MIMETIC FIELD ouverture (the 1812) thema. carmina
15. THE TUTSIS snake dance
16. KEVYN DYMOND too drunk to land, over
17. SIELA salvadoro dali
18. SHAY the red earth
19. THE RORSCHACH GARDEN dangerous strangers
20. CRISTIAN VOGEL wooden fleet
22. DIE TRAKTOR party pals
23. SLEEPY PEOPLE soporific life
24. DAVE MUNKHOFF blue ridge
25. SOLANACEAE TAU everything is bleeding

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