VENUS LOUNGE – The Soundtrack of our Lives Vol. 11:

Dancing with Myself

Very Special Guest: Christina Mohr                             4. Dezember 2021


Nylon – Karaoke Bar

Sveta Kolibaba – Hey DJ

Vivi Bach & Dietmar Schönherr – Molotow Cocktail Party

Velocette – Strip Polka

The Whitest Boy Alive – Don’t Give Up

Die Zukunft – Zukunft als Party

Kissogram – I’m The Night Before

Those Dancing Days – Those Dancing Days

The Maytals – Christmas Feeling Ska

Coconami – White Christmas

Tanja Berg & Mr. Martins Combo – Besonders in der Nacht

Peggy King – Make Yourself Comfortable

Chinawoman – Friday Night

Helen Love – Saturday Nite

Boney M. – Dancing In The Streets

Scream Club – Party Time

Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping

Erdmöbel feat. Suzie Kerstgens – Vergnügungslokal mit Weinzwang

Animal Collective – The Purple Bottle

William Shatner feat. Henry Rollins – Jingle Bells

Rosemary Clooney & Duke Ellington – Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'

Fritzi Ernst – Ich flirte mit allen

Peepshow – Charlotte’s Party

Primal Scream – We’re Gonna Boogie

Bang The Party – Bang Bang Your Mind

Jens Friebe – Nackte Angst zieh dich an wir gehen aus

B-52s – Keep The Party Going

Jeremy Jay – Will You Dance With Me