Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

& special guest:

Stefan Conrad


Billie Holiday * Cheek To Cheek

The Cannibals * New Years Eve
Curtis Baker & The Bravehearts * Is Vic There?
Van Preston & The Nite Rockers * Baby You Got Soul
IJustin * Right now
The New Picadillys * If You Don't Come Back
Buck Owens * Tall Dark Stranger

Lolitas * Touche Moi
The Beach Boys * Add Some Music To Your Day
Tito Ramirez y el combo Los Malinches * Last train
Gene Clark * In The Pines
El Greco - Jackson
Link Wray * Deuces Wild

The Hondas * Twelve feet high
The Tams * Be young, be foolish, be happy
Joe Haywood * I Cross My Heart
Pat & Lolly Vegas * Robot Walk
The Bunch * You Can't Do This
The Young Hold Trio * Ain't there something that money can't buy

The Plugz * La Bamba
Das Ebbelwoi–Trio * Wie kann nur e Mensch net von Frankfort sei
The Coastliners * Alright
Bing Day * I Can't Help It
Sonic Chicken 4 * Sexiest
The Premonitions * My love ain't a lie

Ice–T * Fried Chicken
Q–Tip * Vivrant Thing
Village People * Food Fight
Golden Earrings * Chunk Of Steel
Paul Martin * It Happened
The Baytovens * My house

The Chartbusters * She's the one
Bo Diddley * Bo Diddley Is Loose
Merle Haggard * Swinging Doors
Chuck Rio & The Originals * Margaritha
The Coasters * Three cool cats
Trojans * Auld Lang Syne

*** end of show

Wir wünschen euch einen guten Rutsch und ein phantastisches neues Jahr!

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone * Casiotone For The Painfully Alone In A Green Sweater

Don Marco & die kleine Freiheit * Fahrscheinkontrolleur
South Filthy * Old Brush Abors
The Hollies * Long cool woman (in a black dress)
Lee Moses * Bad Girl pt. 1 & 2
Johnny Hallyday * Cheveux longs et idees courtes
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle * Liebe im Hotel

John Phillips * Black Girl
The Everly Brothers * Lonely Island
Sunny & the Sunsets * Green Blood
Human Toys * Don't you piss me off
Sexual Harrassment * I need a freak
DM Bob * Only sad songs

Moonrite * The same old show
Child of Panoptes * Walk with me
Elvis Presley * Any day now
Alberto Anelli * Ottovolante
Jerry Reed * East bound and down
Jeannie C. Riley * The price I pay to stay

Lassie Singers * Es ist so schade
Jack Cades * Once before
Glamour Ghouls * Rollercoaster
Black Lips * Family tree
Programme * N'importe quoi pour n'importe qui
Les Robespierres * Joaquim

Willie Nelson * The Highway
Rhonda Brewer * Mama's C.B. song
Johnny River * Brother, where are you
The Royal Flares * Mrs Sarah Lee
Benito Urgo * Sexy Fonni
Pino Donnagio * Non ne ho colpa

Crimson shadows * It's cold
The Staple Singers * Let's do it again

*** end of show

Veranstaltungshinweise: (Corona-bedingt unter Vorbehalt)

  • Don Marco & die kleine Freiheit * 26.11.21 * Feinstaub, Frankfurt
  • Soundflat Records last minute Bash * 09.-12.12.21 * Mongogo & Tsunami, Köln
  • Black Lips * 04.12.21 * Reflektor, Liège, Belgien

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

The Stems * Tears me in two

Warsaw * No love lost
Perry & the Harmonics * Do the monkey with James
The Sultans * Don't you just know it
George Jones * Settin' the woods on fire
Hank Williams * Hey good lookin'
Groundhog * Take it of

Barbara Morgenstern * Nichts muss
The Beasts * Wild child
Twisted Nerve * Vertigo
Hollywood Sinners * Meda Igual
Louisiana Red * Little girl take your time
The Young Holt Trio * Ain't their something money can't buy

Oktober Folk Club * I want some money Baby
Daniel Johnston with Jad Fair * It's spooky
Reigning Sound * On and on
Carl Hall * You know nothing about love
The Troggs * Evil woman
Wanda Jackson * Divorce

Zombie Zombie * Halloween
Fleur * Monsieur Dracula
Arthur Alexander * I want to marry you
The Arbors * The letter
Billie Elish * No time to die
The Dead Brothers * mean blue spirit

Les Synapses * Bombe
Sam Hawkins * Hold on baby
Antoine * Un elephant me regarde
Charlie Feathers * That certain female
Ray Collins * Kellerbar
Johnny Rivera & Ray Sepulveda * No vale la Peña

The Maharajas * What we had

*** end of show


Fleur - Mini-Tour
26.01.22 * Gleis 22 * Münster
27.01.22 * Blau * Mannheim
28.01.22 * Wild at Heart * Berlin
29.01.22 * Sonic Ballroom * Köln

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

The Jazz Butcher * Partytime - R.I.P.

The Jazz Butcher * La mer
The Jazz Butcher * Soul Happy Hour
The Jazz Butcher * She's on drugs
The Jazz Butcher * Grey Flanelette
The Jazz Butcher * Southern Mark Smith (big return)
The Jazz Butcher * Sister Death

The 5 Royales * Catch that Teardrop
The Hondas * Twelve feet high
The Saints * I'm stranded
The Beasts * Mies & gemein
Sonny Mayes * One hundred proof
The Vietnam Veterans * That's love - R.I.P.

The Vietnam Veterans * Gary Cooper's trip
The Vietnam Veterans * Right Track Now
Brian Diamond * See if I care
Dean Parrish * Skate (Parts 1 &2)
Eddie Bo * Dinky Doo
Mono/45 Upm * Romance Adieu

Daniel Johnston * Feels Good
Manny Bowsmund with the chicken shakers * Another woman (waits for me)
Ray Agee * The Monkey on my back
Paul Revere & the raiders * Sharon
Lone Cowboys * You light up my life
Little Richard * Lucille

Oktober Folk Club * Headin South
Nina Simone * Be my husband (live in Antibes)
Curly Lee * They call me a Hobo
Biz Markie * Just a Friend – R.I.P.
Les Classels * Je m'eveille
Willie Bobo * Spanish Grease

Biz Markie * Make the Music where your Mouth is

We 4 * Jane

** end of show

  • Veranstaltungshinweis:
    Oktober Folk Club * Sa. 23.10.21 * Lucille, Frankfurt * DJ's von der Heydt Dynamite & Weller

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Sugar Billy * Super Duper Love

Undertones * Here comes summer
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers * Modern Word (alternative version)
The Breadmakers * Take the lot
Wanda Jackson * You know I'm no good
Ray Collins * It ain't what is is
Loretta Lynn * Don't come home a drinking (with loving on your mind)

Gino Paoli * I'll chielo in una stanza
$ 1.000.000 Dollar Boys * Hey, little Boy
Sister Gertrude Morgan * Take the lord along with you
the dad horse eXPerience * Will I be someone
Station 17 * Computer
375 C.E.G. * All I wanna do is having fun

Montesas * Igor's Party
Fred Bridges * Baby don't you weep
The Seeds * Can't seem to make you mine
Otto Sander ließt Wolf Wondratscheck * Schluss damit
Cock Sparrer * Gotta get out
Barracudas * Summer fun
Buck Owens * Under the influence of love

Lee Hazlewood * Girl on death row
The Dead Brothers * I am all I got (R.I.P. Alain Croubalian)
Ernie Hines * Electrified Love
Paper Lips * Up & down
RP Boo * The Opponent
The Rolling Stones * Get off of my cloud

The Carnaby * Jump and dance
Public Enemy * See something, say something
Thee Watzloves * Trouble with my heart
Johnny Cash * Any old wind that blows
Arthur Godfrey * Dig, Dig, Dig
Homeboy * Adorable

Trio * Kummer

** end of show



von*der*heydt dynamite * Leonor Carrionettes * Stephan Umbach eröffnen Wochenende 2 des Frankfurter Sport und Kunst Kasinos * 04.09.21 * Sommerwiese Jahrhunderthalle * 15 Uhr!!! * Bands: 375 C.E.G. * Bad Ass Ballerinas * Thee Watzloves * Montesas * Reverend Beat Man

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

The Commodores * Easy (live)

Thomas Dutronc (en Duo avec Jacques Dutronc) * Je n’suis personne
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy * I took a trip on a Gemini Spaceship
San Antonio Kid * I saw
Little Johnny Taylor * Somewhere Down The Line
Mack Rice * Baby I’m coming home
Chuck E. Weiss * Fake Dance

D. Charles Speer & the Helix & Jack Rose * In the Pines
The Seeds * Fallin’ off the edge of my mind
Thee Mighty Caesars * I've Got Everything Indeed
The Low Spirits * Gonna make you cry
Robert Görl * Mit Dir (Extended)
Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen * Die Welt braucht mehr Leute so wie dich

Barstool Kings * Feat and Loathing 83
Social Distortion * Ball and Chain
Black Lips * Modern Art
Ahmet Kaya * Bir Veda Havasi
Reymour * Je te tiens, Tu me tiens
Grys Grys * Watching my Idols die

Santford Clark * It ain’t nothing to me
Shirley Faye * Hard working woman
Willie J. Charles * Fellin’ kinda lonesome
Tito Ramírez * Last train
Jason Joshua & the Penrose Scholars * La Vida Es Fría
Norma Lee * Hurt

Montesas * Last summerdays
Richard Hell & the Voidoids * Ignore that door (Demo)
The Nocturnals * Because you’re gone

Grossstadtgeflüster * f***t-euch-allee

*** end of show



  • Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen, Revolte Tanzbein, Talco Maskerade, Frau Doktor * Frankfurt, insfreie! Open Air auf der Jahrhunderthalle Sommerwiese * Sa. 28.08.21 - 16 Uhr

  • Reverend Beat-Man & The Drunks, The Montesas, Thee Watzloves, 375 C.E.G., The Bad Ass Ballerinas, DJ’s VON*DER*HEYDT DYNAMITE & Leonor Carrionettes & Stephan Umbach * Frankfurt, insfreie! Open Air auf der Jahrhunderthalle Sommerwiese * Sa. 04.09.21 - 16 Uhr

  • The Alan Baker Band, The Barstool Kings, DJ Conni Thunders * Frankfurt, insfreie! Open Air auf der Jahrhunderthalle Sommerwiese * Sa. 11.09.21 - 15 Uhr

  • Frankfurter Sport und Kunst Kasino * Frankfurt, insfreie! Open Air auf der Jahrhunderthalle Sommerwiese * 28.08. - 25.09.21 * parallel zu den Konzerten & Veranstaltungen

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Little Johnny Taylor * Somewhere Down The Line

Elsa Capella * Good Woman
The Handsome Family * Far from any road
Billy Dixon & the Topics * The Trance
Bobby 'Boris' Pickett * Monster Mash
Lattie Moore * Drunk again
Tyrone Davis * Turn back the hands of time

The Soul Vendors * Swing easy
Ted Taylor * Ollie Mae
Cozy Cole * Ol' Man Mose
Noël Colombier * La chanson qui marche
Cráneo * Droga
Fehlfarben * Kontakt

Reigning Sound * I'll be your man
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers * When Harpo plays his harp
Alex the Astronaut * Happy song
The Chosen Few * Birth of a playboy
The Ar-Kaics * To be free
Webb Pierce * There stands the glass

Jack Kerouac * The Beat Generation
Clark Terry Quartet & Thelonious Monk * Let's cool one
Remotes * Do the die
Johnny Cash * Honky—Tonk Girl
Jimmy Dee * You for me
Junior Kimbrough * Feels so bad

The Recalls * She's coming around
The Premonitions * Grind my gears
The Milkshakes * Jaguar and the Thunderbird
The Royal Pendletons * Hanging on a string
Stevie Dinner * Trash Can
Chet Faker * Into you

The Maharajas * What we had
The Emperors * Karate
Ty Terrell * The Scratch Part 1
Carl Dawkins * Baby I love you

Huey Piano Smith * Everybody's Whalin'
Kathy * La Moto

Graham Bond * Love is the law

*** end of show


  • The Recalls * 11.07.21 * Dreikönigskeller, Fankfurt
    + DJ's vonderheydt dynamite & Leonor Carrionettes
  • The Recalls * 10.07.21 * Alter, Mannheim + DJ Stejero
  • The Recalls * 09.07.21 * Quasimodo, Berlin + DJ Suzy Creamcheese