von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Ralf Barthelmes
"Zwei Stunden Love & Liebe zur Kreuzigung"

Trevor Dandy * Is There Any Love

Slum Village * Look Of_Love (Suff Daddy RMX)
Bobby Womack * The Look Of Love
Stevie Wonder * Thank You Love
Johnny Cash * A thing called love
Al Green * Love & Happiness
Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rythm Band * I got love

Beatle Barkers * She Loves You
Billie Holiday * Comes love
Sun Ra * Love in Outer Space
Sugar Billy * Super Duper Love
Hawkshaw Hawkins * KO KO MO (I Love You So)

The OhOhOs * My Love Avenue
Flug 8 * Liebeslied
Klaus Wunderlich * Dieses Kleine Liebeslied
Deon Jackson * Love Makes the World Go Round
Buck Owens * Under The Influence Of Love
Darrell Banks * I'm The One Who Loves You

Stereo Total * Kappa in Love
Daniel Johnston * Museum of Love
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone * Love Connection
Brecht Berthold (gelesen von Blixa Bargeld) * Liebeslied (1918)
Bobby "Blue" Bland * Turn On Your Lovelight
Carl Dawkins * Baby I Love You

Bobby Patterson * What a Wonderful Night for Love
Bo Diddley * Who Do You Love
J.Period, John Legend & The Roots * Hey Love (Interlude)
Ernest Tubb * I Know My Baby Loves Me In Her Own Peculiar Way
Diana Ross & The Supremes * Your Wonderful, Sweet, Seet Love

Lassie Singers * Liebe Wird Oft Überbewertet
Eddie Spaghetti * Without Love
Aretha Franklin * More

von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt und Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

Jimmy Lewis * That Won't Stop Me From Loving You

Garnet Mimms * A little bit of soap
Vernon Harrel * Slick Chick
Jo Ann Henderson * Baby please don't go
Jerry Gray and his Orchestra Vocal Chorus by Thurl Ravenscroft * And the Bull Walked Around "Olay"
The Jazz Butcher * Grey flanellette
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone * I Should Have Kissed You When I Had The Chance

herrjoergritter * MESZ
The Giant Fox & William Honda Group * The Dirt
Hank Williams * Baby, We're Really in Love
Scotty Baker * C'mon and fight me
The Hooterville Trolley * No Silver Bird
The Satelliters * Seeing is believing

The Asteroids * Satellite
Supersuckers * Pretty Fucked Up
Godfathers * Let your hair hang down
Ronnie Forte * That Was Whiskey Talkin'
Joe Tex * King of the road
Merle Haggard * Walking the Floor Over You

Rodriguez * Silver Words?
Stanley Brinks and the wave pictures * Not to kiss you
Mick Collins and Danny Kroha * Summer Storms
Holly Golightly * As you go down
Johnny Watson * I Say I Love You
Little Willie John * I'm shakin

Bill Pritchard * Mont St Michel
Isaac Hayes * Ike's Mood 1
Mary J. Blige * I Love You
Wreckless Eric * Boy Band
The Mokkers * Wild man
Adieu Gary Cooper * Gina

Osborne Brothers * Cuckoo Bird
Smokestack Lightnin' * You don't care

 *** end of show

The Asteroids * Sa. 4.3.16 * Feinstaub Frankfurt
Bill Pritchard * Do. 31.3.16 * Wakker Wiesbaden
Holly Golightly * Di. 26.4.16 * Zoom Frankfurt

von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt und Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

Rodriguez * Cause

Digger Barnes * What will we do
The Intruders * Cowboys To Girls
Bobby Bland * You're worth it all
O.C. Smith * Take Time To Know Her
Eilen Jewell * I'm gonna dress in black
Wynonie Harris * Don't Take My Whiskey Away From Me

CocoRosie * By Your Side
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone * When You Were Mine
Musik für leere Diskotheken * Was was was
The Durgas * Pick me up
The Just Brothers * Sliced Tomatoes
Sherri Taylor * He's the one that rings my bell

Smokestack Lightnin' * El camino real
Jonathan Richman * Since she started to ride
Robbie Fulks * Long I ride
Slim Harpo * I Got Love If You Want It
The Dad Horse Experience XL * Too close to heaven
Rocko Schamoni & Mirage * Was kostet die Welt

Adriano Celentano * Azzuro

Cambridge Singers * If Ye Love Me
The Langley Schools Music Project * Space Oddity
Stereo Total * Heroes
David Bowie * Rebel rebel
Kim Weston * Helpless
Linda Lyndell * Bring Your Love Back To Me

Theee Psycho Jones Invasion * I told you (Rock'n' Roll is dead)
The Asteroids * I'm gone
Ice T * Warning
Ice T * Fried Chicken
Sleaford Mods * Routine Dean
The Shimmys * Danger boy
The Woggles * Abba

Merle Haggard * the longer you wait to leave me
The Animen * My pretty Ballerina

 *** end of show

• The Durgas & Musik für leere Diskotheken * Fr. 26.02.16 * Studio Bauform,
   Berner Str. 75, Frankfurt
• Bar Abend San Remo 2..0 (italienischer Abend) * Sa. 06.02.16 * grrr,
   Neebstr. 1, Frankfurt
• Up Club * Sa. 06.02.16 * Clubkeller, Frankfurt
• The Asteroids * Sa. 05.03.16 * Feinstaub, Frankfurt
• The Animen * Mi. 02.03.16 * Mohawk, Mannheim

von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt
Talkover Music: Lawrence Welk * Apples & Bananas

The Cannibals * New years eve song

The Flaming Stars * Don't need the sunshine
Supersuckers * End of an era    /    R.I.P. Dreikönigskeller :-(

The Specials * Dawning of a new era    /    R.I.P. John Bradbury
Theo Krieger & Christl Pullmann * Lino Ventura

Fuck Yeah * Fuck Yeah
Oh Lazarus * Single girl again
Reverse Cowgirls  Chickenstew
Kitty Wells * My big truck drivin' man
Yardbirds * Smokestack Lightening

Smokestack Lightnin * 7 Years
Yo la tengo * Friday I'm in love
Gram Parsons * Return of the grievous angel

Dr. Bontempi's Snake Oil Company * Pistol Boogie
TT Syndicate * Venom Dream Queen
Fats Domino * I'm ready
Paul Perryman * Satellite Fever Asiatic Flu
Gino Parks * Same thing
Elvis * Stranger in my hometown

Eli 'Paperboy' Reed * Ace of Spades
The Rockin' Vickers * Dandy    /    R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister
Los Rockets * Sola
The Moonstones * En mi colección
Les Playboys * Zen
Les Kitchenettes * Ne pense plus a lui

The Asteroids * Satellite
The Satelliters * You turned in my world
Jon and the Vons * We're pretty quick
Johnny Hallyday * Mais je reviens
Calum Bryce * Love maker
The Things * I don't believe it

The Vagoos * The devil & me
A Subtle Plague * My horizon

The Dogs * Shout

*** end of show


The Asteroids * 09.01.16 * Sonic Ballroom, Köln
Tighten Up * 16.01.16 * Tiefengrund, Frankfurt
Smokestack Lightnin' * 21.01.16 * Zoom, Frankfurt
Bumblebees * 30.01.16 * Tiefengrund, Frankfurt
The Durgas * 26.02.16 * Studio Bauform, Frankfurt
The Asteroids * 05.03.16 * Feinstaub, Frankfurt

von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

Bobby Womack * California dreamin

Robert Forster * Turn on the rain
Eugene Jefferson * Too Young
Tiny Topsy * Just a little bit
Charlie Rich * Midnight Blues
Detroit Cobras * Cha cha twist
Jean Shepard * He's my baby
Wanda Jackson * Tongue tied

The Alan Baker Band * Promised land
The Soul Shakers * You Ain't My Brother
Ruth Brown * You're a stone groovy thing
The Blind Shake * Go Go 78
The Boomerangs * Thunderbird E S Q
Princess Ramona * Then I Start to Yodel

Pigmeat Markham * Here Comes The Judge
Little Brenda Starr * Mix it up
Sleaford Mods * Face To Faces
Fleshtones * Dominique Laboubee
Red Simpson * Truck Drivin' Man
Johnny Dollar * Big big rollin' man

Les Playboys * J'ai toujours raison
Bo Diddley * You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
The what four * I'm gonna destroy that boy
Mrs. Miller * Memphis
The Grabbeltons * Make love
Charles Sheffield * It's Your Voodoo Working

Kinky Friedman * Sold American
John Phillips * Mississippi
Wiggles And Waggles * Rock and Roll Session
The Sixtyniners * Too drunk to truck
Tony Clarke * The Entertainer
The Sonics * Santa Claus

The Asteroids * Satellite
Billy Hamlin * If You Ain't Got No Bread
Redondo Beat * Can't wait until saturday night
Bobby "Blue" Bland * Honey Child

 ***end of show


• The Alan Baker Band & P Shacks & Double Diamond * 05 12 15 * Dreikönigskeller
• Robert Forster * 14 12 15 * Zoom Frankfurt
• The Asteroids * 25 12 15 * Dreikönigskeller
• Redondo Beat * 26 12 15 * Dreikönigskeller

von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

Edith Piaf * L'hymne à l'amour

Robert Forster * I'm so happy for you
Casiotone for the panfully alone * New year's kiss
The Golden Creek * A & Q
Chuck Jackson * Any day now
Hal Waters * St James Infirmary
Carl Perkins * Country Boy's dream

Alexeji Shulgin * California Dreaming
Michael Holm * Smog in Frankfurt
Candi Station * I'm just a prisoner (of your good lovin')
Tiny Topsy * Miss you so
Teenage Fanclub & De la soul * Fallin'
Wilson Pickett * Hey Joe

The Asteroids * Ride the electric wave
Black Lips * Cold hands
Les Playboys * Je revendique
Jackie Wilson * Soul Galore
Ernie K. Doe * Here come the girls
Jay Electronica * Dealing

Charley Pride * Kiss an angel good morning
Heavy Trash * Christmas in Konigstein
Agent Orange * Too young to die
Sixtyniners * Teardrops
Ralph Emery * I'll take good care of your baby
Vivi Bach * Voulez-vous Monsieur

Los Rockets * Voy a aceptar tu amor
The Satelliters * You turned in my world
Television Personalities * You kept me waiting too long
Millie Jackson * (If loving you is wrong) I don't wanna be right
Millie Jackson * The Rap
Millie Jackson * Reprise

Marcel Bontempi's Snake Oil Company * Who do you love
Frankie Ford * If you've got troubles

*** end of show


  • The haunted house of Gallus - Finissage mit Marcel Bontempi's Snake Oil Company * Sa. 28.11.15 * BePoet Galerie, Langenhainer Str. 26, Frankfurt
  • Salon Noir - an exotic night of Burlesque mit Grits and Gravy live, DJ's Stephan Umbach & Lucky Shooter * Sa. 28.11.15 * Orange Peel
  • Robert Forster * Mo. 14.12.15 * Zoom
  • The Asteroids * Fr. 25.12.15 * Dreikönigskeller

von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

The Jacobites * Where the Rivers End

Hurricane #1 * Think of the sunshine
Percy Mayfield * Louisiana
Gene Stridel * Let her go
Sleaford Mods * Giddy On The Ciggies
Knarf Rellöm with the Shi-Sha Shellöm * Change is gonna come
Phyllis Dillon * Make Me Yours

Tex Williams And His Western Caravan * I Got Texas In My Soul
Buck Owens and his Buckaroos * Act Naturally
Tyrone Davis * Can I Change My Mind
Ruth Brown * You're a stone groovy thing
The Strange Boys * Be Brave
The Wrong Society * She destroyed me
You'll never walk alone * Gerry & The Pacemakers + Anfield Road

The Crimes * I wanna see the stars
Barstool Kings * Fear and loathing 83
Walt Ribe * Hit The Road Jack
Das Orchester der Berliner Stadtreinigungs-Betriebe * Moskauer Nächte
Theo Krieger & Christl Pullmann * J. L. Trintingnant
Francoise Hardy * Dis lui non

Danny Boy * Kokomo Me Baby
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes * Straight Up
Gigolo Aunts * Why can't we live together
Delroy Wilson * Dancing Mood
Mama Rosin * Dancing Shoes
Hank Thompson * A Six Pack To Go

Musik für leere Diskotheken * Zweitverwerter
Poems (Fragments) + uni iso * Jack Kerouac + Alva Noto
Zombies * Stick and Stones
The Grabbeltons * Make love
The Arrogants * We're arrogant
Earl Gaines * You Are My Sunshine

 Dogs * Bird Doggin'

*** end of show

The Crimes & Barstool Kings & Double Diamond * 17.10.15 * Dreikönigskeller
Musik für leere Diskotheken * 25.10.15 * Dreikönigskeller
Knarf Rellöm * 24.11.15 * Mousonturm
The Alan Baker Band * 05.12.15 * Dreikönigskeller