von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter


26 Jahre radio x

Swell * (It's Time To) Move On

Uschi Glas * Mein Wochenende
Slim Harpo * I'm Your Bread Maker Baby
Mighty Sam * Good humor man
Buck Owens * Hangin' On To What I Got
The "New" Scorpions * Tobacco Road
Daniel Johnston * God Only Knows

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone * I Should Have Kissed You When I Had The Chance
L'Oeil * Bernadette
Jackie Wilson * Soul Galore
The Cinders * Good lovin's hard to find
Gutterball * Motorcycle Boy
Michael and Lee * It's you I'm thinking of

The Footprints * Mama Rand's
Jürgen Paape * Mit Dir
The Liquorice Experiment * Mr. Scott
Mudhoney (Featuring Billy Childish) * You Make Me Die
The Cha Cha Chas * Rock'n' Roll till I'm dead
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup * Mean Ol' Frisco Blues

Gram Parsons * Return of the Grievous Angel
The Reason Why * Johnny come home
Jay Dee (+ SlumVillage) * Fantastic
The Capellas * Take your chance
Bo Diddley * Ooh Baby
The Belmonts * Walk on boy

The Zombies * She's not there
The Live Five * Yes you're mine
Yo La Tengo * Speeding Motorcycle
The Confederate Music Corps * The God of Love
Cornelio Reyna * Botellitas
Mensch, Meier - Mannheim * Wasserturm Boogie

Sugar Billy * Super Duper Love
David and the boys next door * Land O' Love
Jimmy Swan * Honky Tonkin'
ItsCake * Baker's Man
Neil Sedaka * I go ape
Johnny Cash * Rose Of My Heart

The Jackets * Life's not like the movies

*** end of show

UpClub warm up * HEUTE * Feinstaub, Frankfurt
UpClub * Samstag, 23.09.23 * The Cave, Frankfurt

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

John Phillips * Down the Beach

Tell Tale Hearts * From Above
Wilson Pickett * Down By The Sea
Larry Williams * Bad Boy
Salo * Du trägst keine Liebe in Dir
Merricks * Ein warmer Sommerregen
Jane Birkin * Lolita Go Home / R.I.P.

Ernest Tubb * Walking The Floor Over You
Babe Miller * Pink, pink Elephants
Leftfield & Sleaford Mods * Head And Shoulders
Art Guy * Where you gonna go
Calvin Newborn * Buckwheat Cakes
Orlie and the Saints * King Kong

Gerald De Palmas * Sur la route
Camille Bazbaz * Sur le bout de la langue
Jay Electronica * Fruits Of The Spirit
The Dramatics * Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
The Plebeian Rebellion * What do you think about that
Sanford Clark * It Ain't Nothing to Me

Agent Orange * Too Young To Die
The Exploding Hearts * I'm a pretender (King Louie Mix)
Clifton Chenier * All Night Long
The Baron Four * She
Peter Fonda - The Wild Angels
Dave Kusworth * Princess Thousand Beauty
The Wrong Society * Leave it all behind

Rodriguez * Only good for conversation / R.I.P.
Rodriguez * Silver Words
Los Ignorantes * Huele a humedad
The Saints * Erotic Neurotic
Baby Shakes * Turn in up
Roger Miller * Nothing can stop my love

Uwe Adams * Come to Frankfurt
The Premonitions * Flight Number Unknown
Billy Hamlin * If You Ain't Got No Bread
Richard Anthony * Fiche le Camp, Jack
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone * I Like Common

 ***end of show

The Wrong Society * Berlin Beat Invasion * Fr. 08.09.23 * Berlin, Quasimodo

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Reymour * Je te tiens, Tu me tiens

Neoangin * Petersburger Hängung
Brogues * I Ain't No Miracle Worker
The Roves * Thelonious on Monk Street
Bo Diddley * You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover
Ricky Allen * Catch up with your crowd
Kinky Friedman * Sold American

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers * The Beach
Larry & the Loafers * Let's go to the beach
Stiff Richards * Glass
Human Toys * Don't bury your dead
Seven Seas * Super Jaws
Betty Wright * Shoorah! Shoorah!

The Jack Cades * Tommy
Roscoe Holcomb * Swanno Mountain
Babe Miller * Little Ol Tear Droppin' Fool
Jim Gilstrap * Swing Your Daddy
Lee Dorsey * Can you hear me?
Doug Poindexter and Starlite Wranglers * My Kind of Carrying On

hci-krauskopf * diktatur des parfüms
The Three Degrees * When Will I See You Again
Helena Lemkovitch * Il n'est plus la
Vanusa * Mundo Colorido
Scott Moody * We've Got To Save It
The Seeds * Can't seem to make you mine

The Wrong Society * Decisions
ItsCake * Ice Cream Cake / Tiramisu
Ian Kay * Walk that road again
Bobby King * Thanks Mr Postman
Davey Jones * The Chase
Depeche Mode * World In My Eyes

The Liquorice Experiment * Novice Pretender
The Country Gentlemen * Fox On The Run
The Ultra Mates * The Huckle Buck

*** end of show


  • Hofflohmarkt * Sa. 15.07.23 * überall in Sachsenhausen
  • Sommerstraße * Sa. 15.07.23 * Kiesstraße, Frankfurt Bockenheim
  • Sommerstraße * Sa. 15.07.23 * Textorstraße, Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
  • Sommerstraße * So. 16.07.23 * Oeder Weg, Frankfurt Nordend
  • Todd Day Wait * So. 16.07.23 * Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt
  • The Wrong Societey * Fr. 08.09.23 * Berlin Beat Invasion, Quasimodo, Berlin

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Eddie Banks & The Five Dreamers * Sugar Diabetes

Standals * Reno Nevada
Saigon Soul Revival * Vỡ Mộng Ân Tình
Carol Kim * Tinh Ta Nhu Lua Dom Hoa
Slim Harpo * Shake Your Hips
Davey Jones * The Chase
Jimmie Rodgers * In The Jailhouse Now

El Michels Affair feat. Lady Wray * All I Need
Reverend Beat Man & The New Wave * Looking right through
Gerhard Müller * Am Ende werden alle Träume siegen
Sonic Chicken 4 * Sexiest
The Jackets * Pie in the sky
Roy Acuff Jr. * Turn That Frown Upside Down
The Missing Souls * Shake, Shout and Go

The Roves * I'm not the only one
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes * East Bound and Down
The Dinks * Penny a tear drop
Lord Tanamo * I'm In The Mood For Ska
Perry Como * Dream on little Dreamer
Valentino Vivace * L'equilibrio

DJ Patex & Knarf Relllöm * Little Big City
Neoangin * To share a memory
James Knight & The Butlers * There Goes My Baby
Ike & Tina Turner * I'm going back home
Cleophas Franklin (Maryville, TN, April 23, 1939) * Pretty Saro
Babe Miller * 100.000 Reasons to cheat

The Wrong Society * She's in love with herself
Gang Starr * Mass Appeal
Leo Sardo * La Sincerita`
Johnny Cash & June Carter * What a good thing we have
The Jack Cades * Something new
Triton Junior High Band (Massachusetts, 1984) * Beat it

Ian Kay * Tears never fade away

** end of show


  • Hof-Flohmarkt * überall im Nordend * 24.06.23 * Frankfurt-Nordend
  • The Jackets * Berlin Beat Invasion * 07. - 10.09.23 * Wiener Blut & Quasimodo, Berlin
  • The Wrong Societey * Berlin Beat Invasion * 07. - 10.09.23 * Wiener Blut & Quasimodo, Berlin
  • The Jack Cades * Yéyé Gijón * 27. - 30.07.23 * Gijón, Spain
  • Ian Kay * Yéyé Gijón * 27. - 30.07.23 * Gijón, Spain

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Kazuhiko Kato * Arther's Boutique

Paper Lips * What is there to see?
Timmy Thomas * Sweet brown sugar
Standals * Girl I never loved
Dillard & Clark * Don't Come Rollin'
The Tell-Tale Hearts * Circus Mind
Bobby Bland * Yield Not to Temptation

J Dilla * U-Love
Child of Panoptes * All seeing one
Jay Electronica * Letter to Falon
Six * You are cherry coke
Fred Banana Combo * Nowhere bei mir
The Shadracks * Barefoot on the Pavement

The Wrong Society * She destroyed me
Creedence Clearwater Revival * Lookin' Out My Back Door
Steve Train's Bad Habits * World on fire
Delroy Wilson * Dancing Mood
The Ultra Mates * The Huckle-Buck
Sun Ra * The All of Everything

Merle Haggard * Walking the Floor Over You
Screaming Lord Sutch * I'm a hog for you
Jonathan Richman * Give Paris one more chance
Ian Kay * Little Granadin
Joe Tex * Pneumonia
Rocky Roberts and the Airedales * So good

The Liquorice Experiment * The Devil
Intro (Do you remember) * London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984​-​1993
I 5 Monelli * Balbettando
Benny the Butcher * New Streets
East Coast Journeymen * Down, down, down
Porter Wagoner * Misery Loves Company

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds * The Carnival Is Over
Standals * How I got to Memphis
Eddie Spaghetti * Some people say
Gnats * The girl
Ray Connif * My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii

***end of show

The Wrong Society * 07.-10.09.23 * Berlin Beat Invasion, Quasimodo, Berlin

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

The Limiñanas - Belmondo

Kris Kristofferson * Jesse Younger
Jimmy Ford & The Luzers * Mr. Flying Saucer Man
Giles Strange * You're going up to the bottom
Wayne Hancock * Goin' To Texas When I'm Through
Porter Wagoner * Southern Bound
Yellow Magic Orchestra * Simoon / Ryuichi Sakamoto R.I.P.

A Tribe Called Knarf * Praxis of Love
Autoramas * Hom Em-Cliché
Oma Hans * Danke Wipers
Brigitte Bardot * Mister Sun
Bobby Reed * The time is right for love
Bud Harper * Whereever you were

Ian Kay * Lonely Heart
Lonnie Irving * Gooseball Brown
Jenny Don't & the Spurs * My love
J Dilla * Comiing back
Jill Scott * Exclusively
Bobby (Boris) Pickett * Monster Mash
John Lee Hooker * Keep Your Hands To Yourself (She's Mine)

Alva Noto / Ryuichi Sakamoto * Noon
Les Violet Mindfield * Evil Eye
The Jack Cades * Something New
Junior Parker * Feelin' bad
Shirley & Lee * I feel good
Bill Monroe * My Little Georgia Rose

Wyld Gooms * Doesn't matter to me
Reverend Beat-Man &The Underground * I want to fuck you baby
Wild Evel & the Trashbones * Outlaw
Bee Gees * How Deep Is Your Love
Graham Day * Memphis train
O.V. Wright * Ace of spades

El Michels Affair * C R E A M
Eddie Floyd * I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)
Die Aeronauten * Countrymusik

 ** end of show


Rosemarie Trockel * Ausstellung im MMK, Frankfurt * noch bis 18.06.23
Autoramas * Sao Paulo, Brasilien * heute
Jenny Don't & the Spurs * Nachtleben, Frankfurt * 26.04.23
Ian Kay * Yéyé, Gijón, Spanien * 27.- 30.07.23
The Jack Cades * Garageville, Hamburg * 20. -23.04.23
Wyld Gooms * Garageville, Hamburg * 20. - 23.04.23
Wyld Gooms * Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt * 28.04.23
Reverend Beat Man * Wild Weekend, Mallorca * 14.-16.04.23
Wild Evel & the Trashbones * Wild Weekend, Mallorca * 14.-16.04.23

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Mobylettes * Geh vorbei  (R.I.P. Burt Bacharach)

Robert Forster * Tender years
Tapes * Somebodies Baby
Jean-Louis Murat, Fred Jimenez & Jennifer Charles * MIrabelle Mirabeau
Freddie King * Now I've Got A Woman
John Roberts * Sockin' 1-2-3-4
Jessie Mae Hemphill * Lord, Help The Poor And Needy

Harry Johnson * t's Nothing To Me
The Tambles * Wild wild river
Sleaford Mods ft. Florence Shaw * Force 10 From Navarone
The Shadracks * Pray
The Briefs * Orange Alert
The Royal Pendletons * Sheep Suit

A Subtle Plague * Cheyenne's Lullaby (R.I.P.)
Dusty Springfield * The look of love (→ Burt Bacharach)
Mickey Murray * Shout Bamalama
Chuck Jackson * Any day now (→ Burt Bacharach)
Orlie and the Saints * Twist and freeze- U.S.A.
The Chambers Brothers * What The World Needs Now Is Love (→ Burt Bacharach)

375 CEG * baby
Tito Ramirez * Do Don't
Medhane * Dolomeals
Electric Wire Hustle * Again (Scratch 22 Remix)
Jimmy Norman * I don't love you no more
Toussaint McCall * The Toussaint Shuffle

The Royal Flares * Stay
Gary Paxton * Mother in law
Jack Barlow * Baby, ain't that love
The Soul Shakers * You Ain't My Brother
Lola Lola * Baby please don't go
The Romantics * What I like about you

Linda Martell * Colour Him Father
No Fits * Make me understand

*** end of show


  • Rick'n'Rills * 10.03.23 (JETZT) * Little Suzy's Smoke Shack BBQ, Frankfurt
  • 375 C.E.G. & DOUBLE DIAMOND * 11.03.23 * Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt
  • The Royal Flares & The Carrionettes * 24.03.23 * Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt