Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

Dean Carter - Black Boots

Screaming Lord Sutch - Monster In Black Tights

The Troggs - Gonna Make You

The Who - Instant Party

The Bunch - You Can´t Do This

Rocky Roberts & I Pyranas - Don´t Come Back To Me

The Gisha Brothers - Prisoner Of The Beat

German Bonds - We Are Out Of Sight

The Lyres - How Do You Know

The Stomach Mouths - Don´t Put Me Down

Bob Dilling - Sein großer Traum

The Shindogs - Station Break

The Beefeaters - It Won´t Be Long

Joe Clay - Ducktails

Ron Haydock & The Boppers - Running Wild

Soupy Sales - White Fang

The Motions - Land Beyond The Moon

B. Brock & The Sultans - Do The Beetle

The Weavils - We´re The Weavils

Frosted Flaykes - Waste Your Time

The Mystery Girls - Autunm Turns To Fall

Space Raft - Mountain

Camper Van Beethoven - The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon

Randy & The Goats - Broken

Bobby Cole - I´m Growing Old

O.P.M.C. - Firechild

The Lizard Train - Beauty Underground

Young Fresh Fellows - Sitting On A Pitchfork

The Angels - Am I Ever Gonna See Her Face Again

The Business - Suburban Rebels

Neil - Hole In My Shoe

Camper van Beethoven - Take The Skinheads Bowling

Jenny Don´t & The Spurs - Ladybird

Gene Pitney - The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance

NORTON RECORDS SPECIAL in memoriam Billy Miller (RIP)

von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

The Saxons - Camel Walk

The Dictators - Who Will Save R&R?

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Kicks

Florian Monday & His Mondos - Rip It Up

Esquerita - Getting Plenty Loving

Gino Washington - Out Of This World

The Real Kids - Hot Dog

The Prodigal - You Got Me

The Bottumless Pit - 13 Stories High

The Untamed Youth - Long Green

The Sonics - Strychnine

The Wailers - Out Of Our Tree

Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers - Bip Bop Boom

Roy Loney & The A-Bones - Smoke Rings

The A-Bones - The World´s Greatest Sinner

The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die

The Shades Of Knight - Fluctuation

Kay Ray - I Want Some Of That

Charlie Feathers - Jungle Fever

Benny Joy - Button Nose

Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Cat Man

Jeanie, Jim, Tom, Bill - Silly Whim

Del Shannon - Keep Searching (Follow The Sun)

Miriam - So You Say You Lost Your Baby

The Royal Coachmen - Killer Of Men

The Pretty Things - Can´t Stand The Pain

Gene Maltais - Gang War

Flat Duo Jets - Lover

Daddy Longlegs - Heart To Heart

Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads - Goo Goo Muck

Reigning Sound - Black Sheep

Rudi „Tutti“ Grayzell & The A-Bones - Wooly Bully

Mary Weiss - Stop And Think It Over

The Sparkles - Hipsville 21 B.C. (I Need Help)

The Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls

Thee Midniters - I Found A Peanut

King Uszniewicz & The Uszniewicztones - Surfin´School

Bunker Hill - Lil´Red Riding Hood

The Saucers - Cha Wiley Routa

The Bobby Fuller 4 - Never To Be Forgotten

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

Howlin Wolf - Smokestack Lightning

The Baroques - Iowa A Girls Name

The Rolling Stones - 2120 South Michigan Avenue

Etta James - Security

Ramsey Lewis Trio - Uptight

Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure - Don´t Mess Up A Good Thing

Bo Diddley - Do The Frog

Chuck Berry - You Can´t Catch Me

The Cramps - I Wanna Get In Your Pants

The Hellcats - Get Off The The Road

The Blasters - Dark Night

X - Real Child Of Hell

Flesh Eaters - Divine Horsemen

Bob Dylan - If You See Her Say Hello

Peter Laughner - Cinderella Backstreet

Terry Reid - May Fly

Ian Dury - Dandy

Mott The Hoople - Roll Away The Stone

Hobnail - She´s Just A Friend Of Mine

T.U.S.H. - No, No,No

Apache - Bloody Knuckles

Don Fardon - I´m Alive

Jack Hammer - Down In The Subway

Simon & Garfunkel - We´ve Got A Groovy Thing Going

The Grass Roots - Bad Times

The Poppy Family - Endless Sleep

Chuck Berry - Downbound Train

The Everly Brothers - I´m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

The Del Lords - The Cool & The Crazy

Eric Ambel - The Girl That I Ain´t Got

The Skeletons - Trans Am

The Cousins - Kili-Watch

Ersel Hickey - Going Down That Road

Vince Taylor Et Ses Play-Boys - Twenty Flight Rock

Little Richard - She Knows How To Tock

Bunker Hill - You Can´t Make Me Doubt My Baby

Aaron Neville - Why Worry

The Meters - Hand Clapping Song

Joe Bataan - Shaft

Price Buster - One Step Beyond

Madness - One Step Beyond

The Specials - Enjoy Yourself

Price Buster - Trip To Mars

The Invaders - Stop Teasing

Althia & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - The Smell Of Incense

Love - You Set The Scene

Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children - Backdrop People

The Thanes - Hey Girl

The Sparklings - Now It´s Your Turn To Cry

Bob Lind - How Dare You Love Me

Bob Lind - What Colour Are You?

Velvet Crush - Time Wraps Around You

The Jayhawks - Take Me With You When You Go

Guy Clark - Magnolia Wind

Tex Perkins & The Band Of Gold - Anyhow I Love You

Guy Clark - Stuff That Works

Sanford Clark - Still as The Night

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

Pink Fairies - City Kids

The Pretty Things - Summer Time

The Neptunes - Summers Almost Gone

The Trilobites - I Can´t Wait For Summer To End

Big Star - September Gurls

The Rubinoos - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

The Speedies - Let Me Take Your Photo

TV Personalities - Smashing Time

Squire - The Place I Used To Live

Airbus - Back On The Street Again

Strawberry Children - Love Years Coming

Sagittarius - My World Fell Down

Sylvan - We Don´t Belong

Inga - The Beat Goes On

Bill Ramsey - Bin Nur Ein Tramp

Johnny Tame - Walking In My Sleep All Night

Steve Flannagan - I´ve Arrived

Tame Impala - I Don´t Really Mind

Big Tits - I Like It A Lot

Apache - The Riot

Big Tits - Animals In Motion

Left Side - Like A Locomotion

Catapult - Teeny Bopper Band

Chunky - Albatross Baby

The Corpse Grinders - Rites 4 Whites

The Black Albinos - Shish Kebab

Dream Syndicate - John Coltrane Stereo Blues

Curtis Harding - I Don´t Wanna Go Home

Cliff Richard - I´m Afraid To Go Home

Dan Price - Who´s Gonna Sleep With Me

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

The Screaming Dizbusters - This Ain´t The Summer Of Love

Rocket From The Crypt - Young Livers

Jimmy Silva & The Empty Set - Big House

The Loons - Cruel Grey Fog

Shakin Street - Solid As A Rock

The Dictators - Next Big Thing

Blue Öyster Cult - ME 262

The Clash - Stay Free

The Senior Service - Depth Charge

The Breadmakers - Brand New Souped Up Lovin´ Machine

Young Jaques - Jaques Cousteau

Cub - Go Fish

Candy Pants - Dishy

Talulah Gosh - Talulah Gosh

23rd Turnoff - Michelangelo

The Monkees - Circle Sky

Spacemen 3 - Suicide

Suicide - Rocket USA

Bruce Springsteen - State Trooper

Suicide - Diamonds, Fur Coat & Champagne

Bruce Springsteen - Dream Baby Dream

Bobby Cole - I´m Growing Old

Starry Eyed & Laughing - Forever Young

The Jayhawks - Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces

Gram Parsons & The Shilos - Bells Of Rhymney

Larry Steele - Little Jimmy

Little Richard - Lucille

The VKTMS - Midget

The Dwarves - Dairy Queen

The Skeletons - It´s The Little Things

Mean Jeans - Tears In My Beers

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

John Paul Young - Where The Action is

Serious Drinking - Love On The Terraces

The Loved Ones - Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)

Cassius Clay - I Am The Geatest

Barrence Whitfield & The Savages - Cornerman

Trio - Sunday You Need Love, Monday Be Alone

Mike Stuart Span - Children Of Tomorrow

Radio Birdman - The Ballad Of Dwight Frye

Masters Apprentices - War Or Hands Of Time

Modernettes - Suicide Club

Bum - Confidential

The Dahlmanns - One Way Street

The Yum Yums - Rush Hour

The Dahlmanns - Do You Want Crying

DM 3 - 1x 2x Devastated

Dee Dee Ramone - I Am Seeing UFO´s

Blind „Rage“ & Violence - UFO On Farm Road 318

Chuck Robbins - UFO Go Away

Hüsker Dü - Reading Books About UFO´s

Jim Sullivan - UFO

Rezillos - Flying Saucer Attack

The Fells - Space Girl

Billy Lee Riley - Flying Saucer R&R

So What - Why Can´t I See You Tonight

Trevor White - Crazy Kids

Equals - Bad Boy

The Members - Solitary Confinement

Pinpoint - Richmond

The Lurkers - Shadow

The Von Trapp Family - Brand New Thrill

The Vapors - Prisoners