Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

The Boys - Terminal Love

The Crazy Squeeze - Outta My Head

Jetz - Find Another Way

Jetz - Catch Me

The Gears - Runaround Sue

The Gun Club - House On Highland Ave

Los Chicos Del Pantano - Hasta El Fin

Chris Spedding - The Only Lick I Know

Townes Van Zandt - Rake

Neil Diamond - Solitary Man

The Kitchen Cinq - Determination

The Y´alls - Please Come Back

Suzi Jane Hokum - Need All The Help I Can Get

Lee Hazelwood - I Move Around

Hamilton Streetcar - Invisible People

International Submarine Band - Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonely

Gram Parsons - November Nights

Starry Eyed & Laughing - Going Down

Gospelbeach - California Steamer

The Sadies - Strange Birds

The Louvin Brothers - Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar

The Whiskey Daredevils - Don´t Talk To Connie

Wire - 12xU

The Last Words - Animal World

The Necessaries - Runaway Child (Minors Beware)

Angry Samoans - Death Of Beewak

The Slickee Boys - When We Were Kids

The Dictators - Stay With Me

Suicide - Rocket USA

Jacco Gardner - Find Yourself

Donovan - Legend Of Girl Child Linda

Jimmy Bryant - Hah-So

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

Barbi & The Kens - Uptown-Downtown Cruising

Lucky Tucky & The Screen Wipers - Zahnweh Shake

The Cousins - Dang Dang

The Electric Mess - She Has A Funny Walk

Exploding Hearts - Rumors In Town

King Louie & The Loose Diamonds - Looking For A Heart

Muck & The Mires - Hipnotic

The Voodoo Dolls - This Town Makes Me Feel So Lonely

Hamburg Ramönes - Little Red Star

Ramones - Commando

The Dahlmanns - Girl Band

The Cayman Kings - Yard Of Junkies

The Avengers - Caveman

Terry Fell - Caveman

David Seville - The Witch Doctor

Kenny & The Fiends - House On Haunted Hill

Misfits - Skulls

3D-Invisibles - Robot Monster

John Zacherle - Let´s Twist Again (Mummy Time Is Here)

The Mummies - Planet Of The Apes

The Lonely Teardrops / Deadly Lo-Fi / Dexter Romweber - Muchacho

Benny Joy - Crash The Party

The Bellfuries - Beaumont Blues

Link Wray - Deuces Wild

Al Henderson - She says „Crazy“

Danny Boy - Don´t Go Pretty Baby

John Lee Hooker - Shake It Up And Go

T. Tex Edwards & The Big „D“ Ramblers - It´s Gravity

The Turtles - Almost There

The Sonics - Sugaree

The Wailers - Mashi

Adolphe Sex Et Ses Machines - Bunker Beat

Cock Sparrer - I Need A Witness

The Shakers - Carfull O´Girls

Teenage Head - Picture My Face

The Groovie Ghouls - Be Passionate

Hamburg Ramönes - Going Down In History

The Dahlmanns - He´s A Drag

Exploding Hearts - I´m A Pretender

Cock Sparrer - Running Riot

von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Squire – September Gurls

Jerry Naylor – I´m Tired

Jimmie Rodgers – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Troy Mars – My Babys Got Me

We The People – My Brother The Man

Kenny & The Kasuals - Revelations

Head West – Changes

Jim Ford – I Wanta Make Her Love Me

John Randolph Marr – Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham

The Replacements - Skyway

Glen Campbell – Ghost On The Canvas

Glen Campbell – Galveston

The Soft Boys – Tonight

Moon Duo – Night Beat

Wooden Shjips – Losin´ Time

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Wooden Ships

Beachwood Sparks – This It What It Feels Like

Turbonegro – Are You Ready For Some Darkness?

Giuda – Number 10

Lee Christian - Sexmaschine

Shandy – Beards & Banjos

Red Dons – Pariah

Lyres – What A Girl Can´t Do

Barrence Whitfield & The Savages – Willow

Mike Hudson & The Pagans – I Want A Date

Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs – Here Comes Trouble

Dead Boys – Detention Home

Tex & The Horseheads – I´ll Quit Tomorrow

Mickey Newburry – Got Down On Saturday

Beau Brummels – Gentle Wanderin Ways

R. Dean Taylor – Fire & Rain

Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman

The Dragons – Elephant Stomp

Jimmie Haskell & His Orchestra – Asteroid Hop

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

TheShangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Alice Cooper Band – Sun Arise

The Diodes – Red Rubber Ball

The Twiliters – Spellbound

Opal – Supernova

Kaleidoscope – (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion

Pink Floyd – See Emily Play

Ariel Pink – Plastic Raincoats In The Big Parade

The Direct Hits – She Really Didn´t Care

The Dentists – Flowers Around Me

The Miracle Workers – Already Gone

The Music Machine – The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly

Hamilton Streetcar – Invisible People

The Allah-Las – I Had It All

Faine Jade – It Ain´t True

Half Pint & The Fifths – Loving On Borrowed Time

The Rising Storm – Bright Lit Blue Skies

Nils – Der Drummer mit dem Holzbein

Angel – Little Boy Blue

So What - What You Do To Me

The Boys – She´s The Reason

Afterpartees – Power Animal

New Hearts – Just Another Teenage Anthem

The Speedometors – Tonight Tonight

The Talkies – In My Life

Chuzpe – Nervengas

PVC 2 – Put You In The Picture

Rich Kids – Rich Kids

Claus Ogerman - Nightmares

Trade Martin – Moanin

Eddie Carr & The Navajos – Evil Evil Knievel

Linda Carr & The Impossibles – I´m In Love With The Garbage Man

The Cramps – Garbage Man

Mickey Hawks _ Bip Bop Boom

Pretty Boy -  Bip Bop Bip

The Barracudas – Shades Of Today

J. J. Jackson – I Dig Girls



Samstag 4.4. LET IT ALL HANG OUT @ Dreikönigskeller mit den Deejays Kristen Aul (Disc-A-Go-Go) + Conni Thunders (Sophisticated Boom Boom/ radio x)

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Snapshots – Hip Hip Hurray

The Art Collection – Kick Me

The Illusion – Did You See Her Eyes

Bo Gentry & Ritchie Cordell – Stone Go-Getter

Chris Stamey – Summer Sun

The Mock Turtles – Wicker Man

Doris Troy – Kill Em All

Cem Karaca – Suya Gidem Alli Gelin

The Explosives – I Won´t Go Back To Work

Modern Pets – Necessities

Dog Food Five – Boredom

Johnny & The Selfabusers – Saints & Sinners

The Wasps – Teenage Treats

The Crickets – I Fought The Law

The Bobby Fuller Four – Thunder Reef

The Bobby Fuller Four – Love´s Made A Fool Of You

The Customs - Bertha Lou

The Victims – I Understand

Kim Fowley – Bubblegum

The Renegades – Geronimo

The Bush – To Die Alone

Hollywood Starz – King Of The Night Time World

The Runaways – Cherry Bomb

Kim Fowley – Underground Lady

The Belfast Gypsies – People Let´s Freak Out

The Maharajas – Family Provider

The Stomachmouths – Hold Me Now

Mouse & The Traps – Cryin´Inside

Dead Moon – 54/40 Or Fight

The Vibrators – We Vibrate

Elton Motello – Get The Guy

The Wave Pictures – I Could Hear The Telephone (3 Floors Above Me)

Calexico – Tulsa Telephone Book

Mark Lanegan Band – Death Trip To Tulsa

Psychic TV – Just Drifting

Aphrodites Child – The Four Horsemen



20.2.15 Heaven Hill DJ´s @ Dreikönigskeller

21.2.15 Kinky Friedman @ Brotfabrik

22.2.15 Modern Pets @ Klapperfeld (early show!!!)

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Roman & The Rosarys – 15 Days, 15 Nights

Roman & The Rosarys – I´m Going Home

Redondo Beat – Full Moon Child

The Kinks – Father Christmas

The High Learys – Clear My Mind

The New Picadillys – Complete Control

The Small Faces – Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire

The Star Spangles – Tear It To Pieces Girl

The Yobs – C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.

Pointed Sticks – Power Pop Santa

The Dahlmanns – He´s A Drag

The Almighty Defenders – Bow Down And Die

Miriam – So You Say You Lost Your Baby

New Christs - Unless

Radio Birdman – I-94

X – Delinquent Cars

Purple Hearts – Early In The Morning

James Bond & The Agents – Wild Angels

The Raevins – The Edge Of Time

It´s Them – Baby (I Still Need Your Loving)

The Lyres – She Pays The Rent

Martin Rev – Baby, Oh Baby

Morton Stevens – Call For Danger

The Prisoners – I Am The Fisherman

The Small Faces – Eddie´s Dreaming

The Pied Pipers - Stay In My Live

Jack Dreese - Je Suis Une Elephant

Starry Eyed & Laughing – Forever Young

Udo Jürgens – Der Große Abschied

Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Giorgio – Today´s A Tomorrow

The Dentists – Strawberrys Are Growing In My Garden (And It´s Wintertime)

The Poets – Now We´re Thru

The Equals – The Skies Above

The Coral – Pass It On

Starry Eyed & Laughing – One Foot In The Boat

Nick Lowe – Rollers Show

Thirteen – Girls Aren´t The Same

The Wimple Winch – Save My Soul

The Wildebeests – That Man

Alternative TV – Action Time Vision

13th Floor Elevators – She Lives In A Time Of Her Own

Devo – Mongoloid

The Thanes – Buzz Buzz Yeh Yeh

Thor´s Hammer – My Life

The Roughnecks – You´re Driving Me Insane

Black Angels – Snipers At The Gates Of Heaven

Howlin Wolf - Evil

Lucille Boga – Shave Em Dry

Wild Billy Childish & CMTF – Punk Rock Enough For Me

The No-Talents – London Bouncers

New Bomb Turks – Professional Againster

Barrence Whitfield & The Savages – Willie Meehan

The Shadows Of Knight – Gospel Zone

Girl Trouble – My Hometown

Ben Vaughn – Growing A Beard

The Peels – Scrooey Mooey

The Banana Splits – I´m Gonna Find Me A Cave

Melvyn & The Smartys – The Ali Baba Song

Joe 90

Demics – Talk´s Cheap

The Reds – What´cha Doing To Me

Knots – Heartbreaker

Ames Brothers – Destination Moon



19.12. Manne & Die Maulhelden (Berlin) @ Dreikönigskeller

Mod-Beat-Punk mit deutschen Texten a la Stunde X

+ Heaven Hill DJ´s DownerDaniel & Superconni (SBB, radio x)