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The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

New York Dolls – Who Are The Mystery Girls?

The Troggs – From Home

The Muffs – You Can Cry If You Want To

The Grabbeltones – Make Love

Allah-Las – Catamaran

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Smell Of Incense

The Sadies – The Trial

Allah-Las – Busman´s Holiday

The Troggs – Night Of The Long Grass

The Haunted – 1-2-5

Rock & Roll Bitches – Someone Could Loose an Eye

The Viletones – Screaming Fist

Hot Nasties – I´m A Confused Teenager

The Maggots – (Let´s Get) Tammy Wynette

Simon Stokes & The Blackwhip Thrill Band – The Devil Just Called My Name

Orchester Luiz Enrique – Django

Thee Headcoats – I Want You To Come Into my Life

The Nips – Gabrielle

The Times – Cloud Over Liverpool

The Troggs – You Can´t Beat It

The Nazz – Open My Eyes

King Automatic – There Is No Truth In The Night

Ben Vaughn – Too Much Sorrow

Kim Fowley – The Trip

Ben Vaughn & Kim Fowley – Living On The Edge (Of The Underworld)

The Renowns – The Wild One

Lincoln Chase – Miss Orangatang

Big "T" Tyler – King Kong

Barrence Whitfield & The Savages – Sadie Green

The Odds – Give It To Me

Tino & The Revlons – Lotta Lotta Loving

Tommy Scott – I Can Only Give You Everything

The Sonics – Like No Other Man

The Blue Aces – That´s Alright

The Countdown 5 – Shaka Shaka Na Na

Allah-Las – Don´t You Forget It

The Box Tops – Rollin´ In My Sleep

von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

The Skeletons - Sour Snow

Unnatural Axe - Summertime

Los Kifers - El Sol Es Una Droga

Bro Robert - Alcohol Pt.1

Dave Bartholomew - Who Drank My Beer While I Was In the Rear

The Barracudas - God Bless The 45

Helen Love - Punk Boy

Thought Criminals - Fun

Brett Smiley - VaVaVaVoom

Jet - Nothing To Do With Us

Dr. Feelgood - Paradise

The Hellcats - The Wall Of Death

Tav Falco´s Panther Burns - Cuban Rebel Girl

Tav Falco´s Panther Burns - Tram

Allen Page - She´s The One That´s Got It

Tav Falco´s Panther Burns - Tina The Go Go Queen

Gibson Bros - Caught in A Dream

David Blue - If Your Monkey Don´t Get It

Bob Lind - Hey Nellie Nellie

Bill Fay - Maxine´s Parlour

Bill Fay - There´s A Valley

Katja Epstein - Der Draht In Der Sonne

Sonic Youth - Death Valley 69

Terry Snider And The All Stars - Rocka Bongo Boogie

Thee Spivs - Bullet Train

Barry Gray - Fireball XL-5

The Rezillos - Thunderbirds Are Go

Gary Miller - Stingray

The Rip-Offs - She Said Yeah

The Squires - The Original

The Bees - Voices Green And Purple

Ken & The Four Dimensions - See If I Care

Randy Newman - Last Night I Had A Dream

The Hangmen - What A Girl Can´t Do

Dickee Doo & The Don´ts - Wild Party

von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

The Hives – Go Right Ahead

The Yobs – Silver Bells

The Untamed Youth – Santa´s Gonna Shut Em Down

The Breadmakers – Brand New Souped Up Lovin´ Machine

The Lyres – Don´t Give It Up Now

The Camel Drivers – The Grass Looks Greener

The Tempos – Two Timer

Spirit – I Got A Line

Hopscotch – Look At The Lights Go Up

Ananda Shankar – Streets Of Calcutta

New York Wannabees – Headin´ South

R.L. Burnside – Goin´ Down South

New York Wannabees – No Sir

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Wipers – Doomtown

Poison 13 – First You Dream

The Dicks – Hate The Police

The Skunks – Earthquake Shake

The Flaming Stars – The Day The Earth Caught Fire

Blue Öyster Cult – Don´t Fear The Reaper

Thin Lizzy – Trouble Boys

Hustler – Get Outta Ma House

The Clash – Somebody Got Murdered

Gentleman Jesse – What Did I Do

King Tuff – Bad Thing

The Left – Fuck It

The Hives – Midnight Shifter

The Humpers – Apocalypse Girl

The Mistaken – Eve Of Destruction

The Multicoloured Shades – Brain Police

Skeeter Davis – The End Of The World

Javier Escovedo – Our Last Goodbye

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  – Death Is Not The End

von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Hunx & His Punx – If You´re Not Here (I Don´t Know Where You Are)

Radiop Stars – The Real Me

Fleshtones – Screaming Skull

King Tuff – Screaming Skull

Jerry Naylor – City Lights

Javier Escovedo – Our Last Goodbye

The Zeros – Beat Your Heart Out

Redd Kross – Researching The Blues

The Carrie Nations – Look On Up At The Bottom

Redd Kross – Standing In Front Of Poseur

Orchester Gert Wilden – I Told You Not To Cry

The Gants – Smoke Rings

Billy Hambric – Flaming Mamie

Billy Bragg & Wilco – At My Windows Sad And Lonely

Sera Cahoone – One To Blame

Tex Perkins & Dark Horses – Word To Come

Young Fresh Fellows – The Say Goodbye Center

Young Fresh Fellows – Death Of An Embalmer

Eddie & The Showmen – Squad Car

The A-Bones – That Jim

The Untamed Youth – Long Green

The Motions - Land Beyond The Moon

Flat Duo Jets – Lover

Dave „Diddle" Day – Blue Moon Baby

Wayne Cochran – No Return

Dossie Terry – Railroad Section Man

Billy Hamlin – If You Ain´t Got No Bread (You Might As Well Stay In Bed)

Terry Timmons – Ain´t Got Nobody To Love

Butch Vaden & The Nite Sounds – Harem

Adriano Celentano – Prisencolinensinainscuisol

Saxie Russell – Psychedelic Soul Pt.1

Big Jack Reynolds - Made It Up In Your Mind

Celibate Rifles – Gimme Danger

Thought Criminals – More Suicides Please

The Saints – Do The Robot

Rocks – You´re So Boring

GG Allin – Beat Beat Beat

Hunx & His Punx – To Young To Be In Love

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The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Lalo Schifrin – Enter The Dragon (Title Theme)

T.Rex – Jupiter Liar

The Stomachmouths – Hold Me Now

The Kwyet Kings – Need You Baby

The Green Telescope – Make Me Stay

Karel Gott – Schwarz und rot

Adriano Celentano – Er kommt nie wieder

The Enchanted Forest – The Word Is Love

The Bar-Kays – Bar-Kays Boogaloo

Chain & The Gang – Trash Talk

Phil Lynott – Ode To A Black Man

Giuda – Wild Tiger Woman

The Gears – Baby Runaround

Adolescents – Kids Of The Black Hole

Frank Valdor Orchestra – Black Market

Earl Wilson – Cum Into My Mouth

Thee Headcoatees – Cum Into My Mouth

The Depressions – Screw You

Gert Wilden Orchester – Follow Me

Jeffrey Lee Pierce – Sex Killer

Badfinger – Baby Blue

Million Dollar Babies – Too Young

The Alice Cooper Band – I´m Eighteen

The Nomads – 16 Forever

The New York Wannabes – Soul Brother

Lorne Green – Destiny

Frankie Lane – Bowie Knife

Dixie Dee – Maxene

Paul Curry – Route 66

Guitar Red – Just You And I

Hank Swatley - Oakie Boogie

Johnny Tillotson – Make This Train

The Choir – If These Are Men

The Dentists – Flowers Around Me

Bill Fay – Be At Peace With Yourself

von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Beat Happening – Indian Summer

Flamin Groovies – Shake Some Action

Brimstone Howl – Mammon

Frowning Clouds – Bad Vibes

Dale Wright – That´s Showbiz

Floyd Dakil Four – Kitty Kitty

Subsonics – Disintegrate

Shannon & The Clams – The Cult Song

„Blind" Rage & Violence – UFO On Farm Road 318

Link Wray - Ace Of Spades

The Phantom Keys – Land O Beat

Gravedigger 5 – She´s Gone

The Gories – Rat´s Nest

The Ventures – Journey To The Stars

The Go-Nuts – Theme

The Go Nuts - A Day In The Life Of A Snackrock Superstar

Dickies – You Drive Me Ape

Giuda – Here Comes Saturday Night

The Move – Wild Tiger Woman

Giuda – Speak Louder

Cocksparrer – We Love You

Shannon & The Clams – Baby Don´t Do It

King Tuff – Swamp Of Love

The Shins – Girl Inform Me

The Beatles – I´m Only Sleeping

Beachwood Sparks – Tarnished Gold

Gram Parsons – Return Of The Grievous Angel

Neil Young – Thrasher

Gary Scruggs – Gentle When You Say The Word

Amanda Lear – La Bagarre

France Gall – Laisser Tomber Les Filles

Antoine & Les Problemes - Dodecaphonie

Soupy Sales – Do The Mouse

Duke Jenkins – Shake It

Benny Spellman – Fortune Teller

Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Throw It To The Universe

The Loons – Summer´s End

Chains Of Love - In Between

The Frowning Clouds - Propeller

Rivercity Tanlines - I Don´t Get It

Joey Ramone - I Couldn´t Sleep

The Paladins -  Let Her Roll

Jim Ford - I´m Gonna Make Her Love Me

Bobby Charles – Street People

Giant Giant Sand - Love Comes Over You

Beachwood Sparks - Sparks Fly Again

Beachwood Sparks - Earl Jean

Bill Fay – Warwick Town

Gene Pitney - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Marquees - Wyatt Earp

Pogues - Jesse James

New York Dolls - Showdown

The Upsetters - Return Of Django

Cyanide Pills - Where Did It Go?

Jackie Wilson - A Lovely Way To Die

Little Richard – I Don´t Want To Discuss It

Reigning Sound - Reptile Style

Compulsive Gamblers - Sour & Vicious Man

The Reg Guest Syndicate - Underworld

Godfathers - Lonely Man

The Flaming Stars – Spilled My Pint

Hector - Bye Bye Bad Days

Zappo – Rock & Roll Crazy

Beano – Rock &Roll Is Gonna Save Your Soul

Zappo - Right On

Lemming - Crazy Again

Cyanide Pills - Lock Up

Andy Williams - Music To Watch Girls By

Giant Giant Sand - Caralito