mit Jessesmaria Knauf und Smokey Swennigson


01 Weeping Willows- nothing or all

02 Hal- out tonight

03 Rod Thomas- your love is a tease

04 Rod Stewart- this old heart of mine

05 Jeff Perry- love don´t come no stronger

06 Brendon Wood- happy go lucky girl

07 James & Bobby Purify- let love come between us

08 The Tams- fall down go boom

09 Smokey Robinson- satisfaction

10 Bmx Bandits- and it´s you

11 The Railway Children- brighter

12 Orange Juice- flesh of my flesh

13 Sharon Jones- how long do I have to wait for you ( Ticklah Mix)

14 Young Jesse- Lula Belle

15 Frank Sinatra Jr.- nothing is more important than love

mit zwen


01. Yvonne Baker- you didn´t say a word

02. Night Trains- no more heroes

03. The Sweet Inspirations- at last I found love

04. The Ghetto Brothers- got this happy feeling

05. Quantic & Alice Rusell- Magdalena

06. Elvis- the girl next door went a walking

07. J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers- last kiss

08. The Dells- at the bandstand

09. The Brights- our teenage years

10. Jack Penate- we all spit at stars

11. Jens Lekman- I know what love isn´t

12. The Questions- tuesday sunshine

13. Moneybrother- we die only once (for such a long time)

14. Breakbot feat. Irfane- one out of two

15. The Blow Monkeys- digging your scene (original Pete Wilson mix)

16. The third Degree- can´t get you out of my head

17. Bobby Boyd- why are you crying

mit Andreas & Zwen


01 International Pony- wow!

02 Mover- move over

03 The Merton Parkas- plastic smile

04 Jack Penate- got my favourite

05 Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen- jeder auf Erden ist schön ( sogar du)

06 Tahiti 80- come around

07 Liza Minelli- dancing in the moonlight

08 Ouch- life goes on

09 Keith- you will come running back to me

10 Dee D. Jackson- didn´t think you do it

11 Serenade- maybe this time

12 Smokey Robinson- the family song

13 Patrick Gammon- when can I see you

14 Ben E. King- I betcha didn´t know that

15 Yello Magic Orchestra- thighten up


mit Andreas & Zwen

01 House Of Love- destroy the heart
02 Jack Penate- got my favourite
03 The Trash Can Sinatras- who´s he
04 Popundret- stab me
05 Television Personalities- Arthur the gardener
06 Jens Lekman- I don´t know what love is
07 Dexys Midnight Runners- the celtic soul brothers
08 Orange Juice- lean periode
09 Lou Rawls- I´ll never find a love like mine
10 Bobby Womack- home is where the heart is
11 Kenny Williams- (you´re) fabulous babe
12 Candace Love- wonderful night
13 Millionairs- you´ve got to love your baby
14 Tony Hestor- down in the dumps
15 Lost Generation- you only get out of love
16 Clarence Reid- masterpiece
17 Robert Parker- I caught you in a lie
18 Willie Bollinger- I won´t have to cry no more
19 Lovin´ Spoonful- you didn´t have to be so nice
20 The Association- snow queen
21 The Monkees- a little bit me, a little bit you
22 The Rubinoos- fallin´ in love
23 Nick Herrison- oi! rude boy
24 Kask- younger generation
25 Petula Clark- sign of the times
26 Edwin Starr- I can´t replace my old love
27 Arthur Adams- I can´t believe my eyes
28 The T.S.U. Tornados- got to get through to you
29 Wee Willie Walker- I don´t want to take a chance
30 Shawn Lee feat. Fanny Franklin- cruel woman
31 Wayne Warren- Sam, we will never forget you
32 The Bamboos feat. Bobby Flynn- midnight
33 Marys Mine- Marvin
34 The Blow Monkeys- checkin´ out
35 Cottonmouth- treat you kindly

mit EM- Eddy, DDR- Knauf & the Zwen in the street

01 Crusaders- street life
02 New Street Adventure- hangin´ on/ hangin´ up
03 Skint & Demoralised- this song is definitly not about you
04 Tahiti 80- Mr. & Mrs. Jones
05 Malcolm Middelton- beep beep, I love you
06 Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichwen Gentlemen- Die Gentlemen Spieler
07 Lilly Allen- smile
08 Manfred Krug- Sonntag
09 The Maisonettes- heartache avenue
10 Boz Scaggs- we were always sweethearts
11 Patrick Henry- my love
12 Richard Stepp- caught up in a whirlwind
13 Numonics- forever and a day
14 The three Degrees- people with feeling
15 The Catalinas- you haven´t the right
16 Andy Lewis- Barney´s Theme
17 Ballboy- all the records on the radio are shite
18 Tony Christie- workin´ overtime
19 Elvis Presley- the girl of my best friend
20 The Lovelites- you better stop it
21 The Isley Brothers- this old heart of mine
22 100 Proof Aged In Soul- 90 day freeze (on her love)
23 Cookin´ On Three BUrners- this girl
24 The Knight Bros.- temptation ´bout to get me
25 The Apple Moths- Fred Astaire
26 Tony & Tandy- two can make it together
27 Jerry Shane- new generation
28 Martha Star- no part time love for me
29 The New World Soul Choir- you better be goin´
30 Jackie Wilson- it only happens (when I look at you)
31 The Newcomers- the whole world´s  a picture show
32 Major Harris- after loving you
33 The Buckinhams- don´t you care
34 William Bell- the man in the street
mit Zwen, Oh Zwen!

01 Floyd Lawson & The Hearts Of Stone- k gee
02 The Style Council- a solid bond in your heart
03 Nigel Clark- don´t give up
04 Jack Adaptor- we can shout loudest
05 Sleeping Policemen- no secret
06 Cats On Fire- a different light
07 Hal- going to the city
08 Superpunk- neue Zähne für meinen Bruder und mich
09 Lord Large feat. Dean Parrish- left, right & center
10 Mel Britt- she´ll come running back
11 Fibes, Oh Fibes!- goodbye to love
12 Julian Velard- Jimmy Dean & Steve McQueen
13 Napoleon- red pullover
14 Ruby Andrews- just loving you
15 Tony Christie- I thank you
16 Bobby Paris- let me show you the way
17 The Sugar Bears- all of my life
18 Soil & "Pimp" Session feat. Maia Hirasawa- movin´
19 The Blow Monkeys- walking the blue beat
mit andreas & zwen

01. Edwyn Collins- you´ll never know my love
02. Keane- day will come
03. Friendes again- sunkissed
04. ABC- tears are not enough
05. Squeeze- cool for cats
06. Tony Christie- nobody in the world
07. Lucky Soul- one kiss don´t make a summer
08. Jasmine Kara- ordinary Joe
09. Madness- embarrasment
10. Floy Lawson & The Hearts Of Stone- only take sa minute
11. Rumble Strips- motorcycle
12. Junior Senior- rhythm bandits
13. The Decorators- tablet
14. Purple Mundi- stop hurting me baby
15. Unrest- yes, she si my skinhead girl
16. Fehlfarben- es geht voran
17. Dean Martin- the naughty lady of shady lane